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December 30 2006

Remember When Willow Shot Xander? "Wigu" makes a Buffy reference when Wigu is faced with his zombified dog. Perhaps he wasn't watching it too closely . . .

Oh, man, that was a great episode! Right up there with the time Cordy was turned into a man-eating pumpkin.
Ooh, ooh ... Do you remember the one with Principal Snyder, the javelin and the armadillo? Don't remember the episode title, but pure television genius, that was.
I love the one where Spike and Buffy have sex lots and lots of times. Oh wait... that one really DID happen. Sigh... if only it COULD have been a made-up episode. *g*
Yeah, I love the part where Pumpkin!Cordy eats baby Connor. Best scene ever.

First post!
Remember when Giles and Buffy went rollerblading!
Remember when Willow went to band camp? Or am I slightly confused?
Oh oh! Remember the Christmas episode where everyone was broke, but Glory got Ben a fob for his watch and Ben got Glory combs for her hair, but Glory had sold her hair and Ben sold his watch... oh, wait a second...
Remember when Willow got engaged to that tall guy from Freaks & Geeks and then became a painter?... oh, wait!
Remember in Angel season 6 when the Angel gang went to Wolfram & Hart home office dimension and killed the Senior Partners. O wait, SCREW YOU WB.
I'm just assuming he's talking about a previously unheard of episode that took place roughly season 3, and upon hearing this, Joss is gonna go, "hey, what ever happened to that episode?" And then he'll go to FOX, and they'll dig it up, and release it... and then we'll have a new episode of Buffy to watch.

It's the most logical.
Wasn't that the one where Xander got rabies and Willow had to put him down even though she loved him and he had been there for her over the years? Man, that was sad. Poor Old Xander.

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Well...I would write something funny but I just woke up and brain not worky.
Also, I enjoyed Erellevent's post so much anything I say will be crud.
I'm just assuming he's talking about a previously unheard of episode that took place roughly season 3

It was season 7 and Xander was supposed to turn into a monster (according to Nick Brendon).
Remember the one where Jesus Christ came to Sunnydale to trick kids into drinking wine and talk to strangers, and Giles noticed that Jesus didn't have a reflection, so Willow had to stake him because Buffy was hypnotized into believing in the true meaning of Christmas? That one always confused me. What were they thinking, letting an infinite number of monkeys write an episode?
I seem to remember an episode where Adam climbs the Empire State Building, and the Initiative buzzing him with airplanes, finally shooting him with radioactive bullets until he fell down and went Splat! Oh wait... that was indigestion and nightmares.

Xander was an evil vampire in another reality and Willow was his evil squeeze and it was more than just a little bit disturbing, yet hot... Okay, stopping now.

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Every single one of these comments makes a world more sense than any single balloon in that comic. Or all of them. Or was that the point?
This is the episode of Buffy that Tim Minear wrote! Honest!
Every single one of these comments makes a world more sense than any single balloon in that comic. Or all of them. Or was that the point?

It all made sense to me. Uh oh.
It was that episode written entirely by manatees.
Also don't forget that one episode that was written and Acted by shrimp. Though I forget what dimension that episode took place in.
I do not wear the shrimp. The shrimp wears me.
You people are all very dangerous and have got to be stopped!

Clearly it was the episode where the scoobies had to pose as Reavers so as to sneak into the show right under Ricky Ricardo's nose.
Be afraid, dreamlogic. Be very afraid.
Note the rollover text:

"It was the same episode where Buffy and Angel switched bodies and Spike realized he was gay."

That was right before the episode where Andrew went skinny dipping with Miss Calendar.
Thanks for pointing that out, daylight - I saw it when I put my cursor over the balloon. Otherwise, I would have thought it was the episode where Spike rented out the bottom level of his crypt to Ben, thereby allowing Tara to start subletting from Glory.

And a question: Is everyone here very stoned? If so, I think I like it.
I think I had better watch BtVS again. I'm failing the trivia.
What the frak! That comic made no sense.

The random Kurt Cobain reference was just not needed as well....
Remember the ep when Willow asked, "Hey did ya just do a whole bunch of drugs?" I'm wondering that too, Willow.

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