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December 30 2006

Happy Birthday, Eliza. Today (December 30th) is Eliza Dushku's birthday.

How fitting that I started reading Go Ask Malice today. Big Happy B-day!
Wishing you much birthday awesomeness Eliza.
Here's for having a long and productive career! (Faith movie?)
Eliza, Happy Birthday! You and Harry Groener we're the best Big Bads (and later Big Good), in my opinion. Have fun!
Happy Birthday Eliza!

(somehow thought you were September; "yah vell" as my people say, I'm still too old for you either way :-):-))
Happy Happy, Miss Eliza. Come back to TV Land soon!
Happy B-Day Eliza!
Happy birthday, Eliza! :-D
Happy Birthday Eliza
And....going with tradition...

Happy Birthday Eliza.

p.s I wonder if we'll get a NYE post from Joss this year?
I always enjoy those.
I'm watching Tru Calling as I type this...I love this friggin show!

Ditto on the b'day messages :)
Bestest birthday wishes to the second official Spare Slayer. May 2007 be a great year for you.
Happy Birthday Eliza!! May God Bless You abundantly in the New Year!! I miss you on TV!!
Happy birthday to my favourite actress ^_^ Eagerly awaiting your upcoming movies, I hope one of them leads to big things.
Happy Birthday Eliza! Lot's of movies of yours coming out this year so we'll be seeing a lot more of you. Have a good one.
Happy birthday and New Year, Ms. Dushku! It's hard having a birthday near Christmas; everybody tries saying, "Oh, this gift is for Christmas and your birthday both." Gee, thanks, dude! Well, much success and happiness in 2007, Eliza, and many happy returns of your birthday! :-)
Happy Birthday, rockin' chica!
I'm 4 days older than her. Happy 26th Eliza!
Happy birthday sweetness E!
Hope its an awesome day for you :D
Hope your birthday is 5 by 5!
Happy Birthday Eliza!
Have a very happy birthday, Eliza!
Happy Birthday ED.

Whedonesque passing 5000 registered members, fantastic, isn't that a reason for some sort of celebration, or are you waiting for the # 10000 for that ?
Happy birthday Eliza! And happy birthday to me! Wonder if we can share a birthday party next year... Hmmmm...
Happy birthday ED and Djungelurban, and many many more.

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