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"Coming from you, that phrase strikes me as rather funny. Sorry to bother me."
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December 31 2006

Fan builds Firefly/Serenity inpired car. The 'Capissen 38' is an art car built by Phil Teller. "Chinese characters around the trunk key say: 'Off', 'Danger', 'Extreme Danger'"

Oh my goddess. That's fantastic, no pun intended.
-And I thought I was being eccentric when I started calling my Van a "Midbulk Transport", put palm trees and dinosaurs on the dash and named her Chi-jyu (Jade)! What a Shiny and creative vehicle. With a Capissen 38, though, she'll never get off the ground. :)
Frak, that's amazing!
I know you shouldn't get into anything with that engine, but gorram it if those dinosaurs don't just inspire trust.
Where does one find the time to build this?

I'm surprised they didn't even show how it combines with the car next to it, to transform into a 30 foot high Joss Whedon robot.

Edited to wish you all a very happy, safe and shinny new year!

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That's pretty incredible. And I'm sure everyone asks about its inspiration.
Wow! Just, WOW! :D
Although I have a little it-will-fall-right-out-of-the-sky (or road?) fear, this still rocks very hard! ;-)
Who else has dinosaurs on there dash? I do!
A Serenifly car!!!
Someone has a delightful sense of fun. :)
Oh. My. God. It's plain to see that my engine building talents are in dire need though I do like the headers mounted on the hood approach;)

Great find, Caroline, that one knocked me right out of my chair! I'm still laughing in tears!
Oh, that's awesome!

Wonder if they'd be willing to do something with my car... =)
Better than 'pimp my ride' any day. I would love that car.

More like 'verse' my ride, wonder if it has it's primary buffer panel still?
A Whedonesque "Pimp my Ride?" Now, there's a thought....
hmmmm. that's....interesting.
Anyone else thinking of similarities to the Silver Hornet from The Revenge of the Pink Panther. Let's hope it's more roadworthy :-)
Oh, I've referred to my minivan more than once as a midbulk transport. It was why I bought the darn thing. It was grey, bought used, and I adore it. Now, how to convince Artcat to do a full-color Serenity magnet large enough to slap onto the side of it...?
I'll bet the neighbors know a lot more about "Serenity" than they ever thought they would.
Oh man....I want "Verse my ride" for my car!!! Its a boring blue... hmm mmaybe it can be turned into a blue sun vehicle or a vehicle for 2x2 hands of blue??
The Capissen 38 showed up at the Seattle showing of Serenity this weekend and drew quite the crowd. There was even an old catalyzer to mess with, although it no longer fit the engine. ;) The cannon on the back really does work but the Alliance requires reams of paperwork to set it off in lower atmo'.
Maybe it's just me, but my favorite part of this is the crushed hand of blue on the engine. Heeeeee.

(Oh hey, first time Woo!)
Only missing item -- the Lovebot copilotrix!
Awesome. Reminds me of a story samatwitch wrote and told to us the other night, I wonder if it could be modified next year to be Santa's Firefly?

"'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the 'verse..."
Oh. GOD. Never before this moment have I understood the unholy passion a person can have for a car. I WANT that. I WANT it. It. Is. So. Beautiful.

Also, after months of frustrating silence: first post!
Here are a few answers to some of the questions -
"From the wife of the Capissen 38 creator:
Built in 3 weekends.
He's an artist; he just can't help himself. Neighbors *tolerate* us.
The primary buffer panels have been found but not installed yet. AND Santa is aware of this & previous Art Cars as they have been involved in Santarchy.
Working on adding a Reaver disguise but non-fans might be offended, so it must be removable."

To see previous work, including early pix of Capissen 38:
Um Traevynn, do you participate in the hobby? Or do you stay the hell away? lol(especially when that engine goes on fire lol)
Incredible is right. Well done, Mr. Teller!

Where does one find the time to build this?

I know Phil; this is his thing. This is at least the third art car he's built, to my knowledge. Typically they're bound for Burning Man, but apparently an occasional spin around the 'verse is in order. :)

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