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December 31 2006

Whedonesque gets its own MySpace page. Is it self-linking for a Whedonesque poster to point out that Whedonesque now has a MySpace page? Add The Big W to your Friends list!

And they're actually using one of the layout hacks that makes for a MySpace page that isn't the definition of ugly.
Now I have a reason to get a MySpace page. Hmmm. Devotion to The Boss takes us places we never thought we'd ever go.
But if I add The Big W to my friends, I will no longer have just Nathan Fillion and Duck as my friends!
b!X, dude: We all have to make sacrifices, son. Now cowboy up, soldier. Get with the program. Hit this one out of the ballpark. Score us a touchdown. Oh, for the love of gods, friend The Big W before I come up with more cliches. ;-)
Whedonesque doesn't want kids! Sob!
Whedonesque doesn't want kids! Sob!

So what does that make
I noticed it yesterday and have friended you think it will mutual friend me? *sigh*
Nope, sorry, not joining MySpace. I think its inhabited by Reavers.
So what does that make

Wanting kids and actually having them are two different things. Oh, now, come here, .org, you know we love you *hugs .org*. Of course you can borrow the car, .org. Here's $20, now go take you little sister Whedonesque the Library @ flickr out to see a movie, preferably one with vampires or Nathan Fillion.
*laughs* zeitgeist, are you secretly living at our house!?!?

b!x, who's 'Duck' who is important enough to be your friend?!?!

(okay, I originally typed that as "WHOSE Duck is important enough..." ROFL!)
Already signed up, just awaiting acceptance.
I'll pass. I have all the fun I can handle right here. The .org is my teddybear that I hug and cherish. And the Library is a place I can bitch and get bitched back. What more does a growing boy need?
I don't know what we'll do with our MySpace page, but perhaps it'll be useful to notify people when the site is down, or stuff like that.
Congratulations of Whedonesque for having 105 *billion* friends!

Makes my 70 look a little paltry...
I've requested an add.
OMG - I think the world just got a little closer to hell and the flood gates are open. Yikes Whedonesque @ MySpace.
Caroline, that sounds like a cunning plan. You could redirect the MySQL error message thing to the Blog on Myspace, as it makes it easy to do posts. Or, er, leave it pointed at .org. Well, it sounded like a plan in my head.

RavenU, this is a website about a producer who made three shows for Fox, owned by Rudoch, who owns Myspace. We've already sold our souls to the devil :o)

[ edited by gossi on 2006-12-31 23:00 ]
Forget MySpace. Whedonesque should join
You know what blows me away? That there's so many whedonesque readers on myspace! And that we're all online on New Year's Eve.
Runaways creator and future Season 8 writer Brian K. Vaughn also has a myspace page. He deserves a spot on the top 8!
I once said myspace would be officially über-passé the moment I joined. Well, that happened the day before Nathan joined (coincidence? I think not!). What does that make myspace now that Whedonesque has joined? I dunno, but I'm turning the heat up here before I sign on and add y'all to my friends. I can already feel a frigid breeze... ;-D
Whedonesque is 99??! OMG, Whedonesque is older than the Internet!! So where did Whedonesque exist before the Internet was born? And when will we ever get to meet Mrs. Whedonesque? Or are the Whedonesques in a bit of a Ben/Glory situation?
Myspace... eww... the only reason i have it is to have nathan fillion has one of my close personal friends. I mean we are sooo close we go have lunches all the time! And yes it does occur, doesnt matter he is in LA/Edmonton and I am in Montreal. We have lunches! (IN my head at least..). Anyways I try to do the bare minimum on myspace... may do the friend thing or not... And in terms of new year's eve.. well my life revolves around whedon...

And ROTFL @billz. Not matter how many cliches you come up with, I will not friend Whedonesque :P Unless you have some reallly horrible ones..

ETA hrlo whedonesque is older than whedon himself! Whedonesque should sue Whedon for ripping its name. Or something.

[ edited by kurya on 2006-12-31 23:54 ]
I once said myspace would be officially über-passé the moment I joined.

Just wait till we're on JournalFen.
Poor old Friendster. Better designed, but left behind.
Just wait till we're on JournalFen.

Y'all are such trend whores. 8)
What does Ben have to do with Glory?
I was a little embarrassed to discover that I enjoy MySpace. I don't know what you will do with it either, Caroline but I'm sure you will think of something.
What does Ben have to do with Glory?

Nothing. That's just a rumor that keeps going around at Bronze:Beta.

MySpace isn't that bad. If you log on, you can check if there's any messages so you can delete anything incoming that's from someone you don't know, and then read any blogs that showed up and then log back off as quickly as possible.

Wishing you all a safe and happy New Year's!

[ edited by menomegirl on 2007-01-01 00:50 ]
Lioness! OMG, me too! I gave up smoking and found MySpace... here's hoping it doesn't give me cancer! ;-)

Happy New Year, Whedonesquers! *hugs*
Happy New Year to those in Europe!
After 18 months of lurking, I finally got to join this lovely site. And then, just a couple days later, I get a new shiny MySpace friend! All my interwebby dreams have come true!
Congrats Big are officially *RAD*! ( saw the W on Billz page before I came over here..)
kradical, dudes.

I think this should be the official new years eve 2006 topic. Because we had one last year where we argued about The Matrix and Alien 4, so you know.
Blast! Now I have to remember how to get to my MySpace thingy so I can ask to be a friend of Whedonesque...that's the way it works right? I think the link is over on my old computer ID that got hacked. I never did figure out a way to copy my bookmarks over. Trust Whedonesque to drag me kicking and screaming into new areas of knowledge.

...and BTW Happy New Year everybody.
It's midnight in Amsterdam. Happy New Year everybody!
I'm quitting smoking as my New Year's resolution, OzLady. Wish me luck. I've already set my clever plan in motion, which is to be passed out cold drunk by the midnight deadline, and hungover tomorrow. I've found that I naturally smoke less in that condition.

Happy New Year, everybody!
Happy new year, folks. 40 minutes to go here in the You Of Kay.
Good luck dreamlogic. With the might of Whedonesque with you, you will succeed! (Imagine fist pumping towards the air)
Would it be rude of me to point out that the big logo graphic is misspelled? ""

Or should I have waited till after I was friended to do that?
I'm still thinking Whedonesque needs a theme song, dammit.
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And auld lang syne?

Happy New Year from Belfast!
Trying to send text messages to friends in UK/Ireland/France... networks are jammed.
Happy New Year from west London
Let's see how many countries/states we can represent.
How did Nathan Fillion jump on board so quickly?

Oh, and Happy New Year Whedonesquers, from San Diego, CA!

[ edited by Tonya J on 2007-01-01 02:37 ]
My happy new year is from East Texas. *looks at clock* Still 6 hours to go here.
Yeah, I just requested an add, woo hoo!!! Yes, I'm a my space whore although I tend to like livejournal more.

Happy New Year, all from Oklahoma (not by choice).
My Happy New Year is/was from New Jersey now with 4 1/2 hours to go. About to leave for my friend's house and won't be back to the computer until 2007, so have a great and safe New Year everyone. Tweeeeeeeet
Let's see how many countries/states we can represent.

Could we also say, if we want to, from how far away we got our most distant holiday card/greeting? I doubt very much I could win, but I greatly exceeded my personal best this year.

Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. representing/got my furthest card from Karten, Austria.
And from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a furthest card from Brighton, in England-Four and a half hours to the New Year.
Waynesville, North Carolina USA (Western NC in the mountains) EST....4 hours to go on the nose!
You know you can add music (like from whedonverse people, like Kane - who also happens to have a myspace site) and video like 'whedonesque is cool' from Joss and 2004 to the myspace page.

ETA: Ohio, USA - Happy New Year to all!!!

[ edited by RavenU on 2007-01-01 03:06 ]
billz - Best. Tags. Ever. And I too have been coerced to join those devil-worshipping deviants over at MySpace too,

Happy New Year from Mandurah, Western Australia. Mind you, it is 10:15am already here so you people are just sooooooo slow.
...just awaiting acceptance.

Boy/girl/being-in-your-own-right, that's a sad song we'll all dance to ;-).

Whedonesque was on teh ternet before it was even in, that's how cool Whedonesque is. It'd be uber-cool but that's too hot (right now) to be truly cool.

Also, billz, you forgot "Win one for the gipper !" ;).

(and Happy New-Year to everyone for whom it is new year, and catch up/what's your hurry to everyone else. I've resolved to absolve myself of any resolutions made while drunk in haste but best of British to anyone taking huge stop-smoking shaped plunges, you'll find it both difficult and not worth it in the long run if you're as weak as me ;)

PPS Nottingham, UK and Dubai, UAE, respectively.

PPPS Sorry about your hangover Catalyst2 (try Irn-Bru and sweet tea ;).
C2, will you indulge me and tell me where your most distant holiday greeting came from? I need distractions. I'm already drunk and still smoking yet already in imaginary withdrawal and getting cranky.

ETA: Comparison between mine and Saje's prose suggests that I'm not nearly as drunk as I need to be. I'm working on it.

[ edited by dreamlogic on 2007-01-01 03:41 ]
I had that problem earlier tonight dreamlogic, try Irn-Bru and sweet, sweet Vodka. Aaah, Irn-Bru, is there nothing you can't do ?

(also, Woot ! I am teh drunkest ! Possibly. (really felt like I needed an exclamation mark there). !.)

(and avoid imaginary nicotine gum, tastes even worse than the real thing)
I'm counting on the nicotine gum as a fall-back if I can't go cold turkey. Possible bonus - it upsets my stomach, so I might not get quite as fat as I did the last time I quit. Go to sleep, Saje.
dreamlogic, sweetie, I quit at least a half-dozen times before it finally took, including a five or so year break in there which ended when I had a minor fight with the hubby and smoked to show! him! *cringe* Just forgive yourself if you slip up, set reasonable goals (going cold-turkey without meds or patches or whatnot is really asking a bit much of yourself!), reward yourself frequently, lean on friends if you need to, bitch all you want and don't let ANYONE tell you you're overdoing it, get fat if you need to do that while you're quitting, and if this quit doesn't work out there's always the next one.

Here in the Boston (Massachusetts) suburbs, we have about 2.5 hours until midnight, I'm on my third 'pom royale' (pomegranate liqueur + Asti Spumante), and all is right with the world. Happy New Year everyone! *mwah*
Ozlady, that is probably the best and most realistic quit-smoking advice I've ever read. Sounds like you've got the yummy cocktail kickin' and a HNY to you too!

Here in Prescott Valley, AZ, the party hasn't quite started yet - still waiting for the kids to hit the hay - but am having fun reading and listening to all of you!

Happy New Year from Maryland/USA ... just over 2 hours to go here.
*waves* Hiya resa! I am in Maryland too!

It is about 10pm here ~ 2 hours to go!!! Happy New Year!!!!!

I'm near Sydney, Australia and it's 2:15 in the afternoon of the first day of 2007, like Catalyst said...hurry up rest of the world!
Greetings from Olympia, Washington!! And Happy New Year to all of us the world over! (about 4 and three quarter hours to go from this neck of the woods)
Hey *waves and dances* I'm in MD three!!!! Happy New Year and may it bring us a myriad of Jossy-Fun!!!!
1 Hour till the New Year here in Toronto, Canada.
If Joss drops by, tell him I wish him a Happy New Year, 'kay?
Night all.
I've got an hour too over in Little Rhody....I'm listening to a Rob Thomas commentary to keep me up!
A Happy New Year to everyone from Germany as well! May you all have a wonderful 2007!
Anyway I need to find a bed now ... its after 5 already... eeek..
A year is a vestigial mode of time measurement based on solar cycles. It's not applicable.
Hey. Happy new year!!! from Montreal/Canada. 50 minutes to go. And I havent gotten any holiday cards :(. Although I dont celebrate the holidays so its no biggie! :) May there be more jossiness goodness awesomeness in the new year.
Happy New Year from Vancouver, Canada! Almost three and a half hours to go; I'm preparing for tomorrow's dinner and bouncing between Whedonesque sites and Goners! For some reason, MySpace doesn't like me and said I was ineligible to join :(. How bad do you have to be to be rejected by MySpace?!

My farthest away card by e-mail was from London, England.

dreamlogic, good luck with the cessation of smoking you are going for.
Happy New Year from Los Angeles, three hours still to go,then just a night's sleep away from watching the beautiful Rose Parade. Have fun everyone!
killinj: Nope, sorry, not joining MySpace. I think its inhabited by Reavers.

agreed! glad to see there are other folk who keep away from that part of the black... :p
Whedonesque is now on comispace!!!!

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Happy New Year, everyone!

I've been trying to figure out how many of those faces are those of people here. So far, the only people I can identify are Nixygirl and me (AKA Robin).

Oh... wait. Simon and blurry Caroline. And Nathan, but he and I are old friends already.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2007-01-01 07:26 ]
Happy New Year from SE Michigan! My furthest-away-cards so far are a couple from the SF Bay area, though I'm crossing my fingers for one from continental Europe soon. :)

[ edited by cabri on 2007-01-01 07:44 ]
I still have an hour and a half before I can wish you all a Happy 2007, but there is a rerun of 'Without A Trace' on where Hiro (from Heroes) was just dragging YoSafBridge out of her apartment! Who says there is no excitement in spending New Year's Eve quietly at home?!
Still 90 minutes here in Portland, too, where I am busily listening to the online feed of the local police frequencies.
Hey Nebula be sure and add me.
Happy New Year from Kansas City, Missouri! (About an hour late, sorry)
Joss, you are doing something right, and your daring to do try and do something that you don't know whether you can do is a real inspiration to us all! Hug the nuclear Whedons and forget about your responsibilities, because the main one is to be yourself. I mean that. Merry Aught-Double-Oh-Seven from your tribe. Thank you for inviting us to the party. We'll show up no matter what! Cuz we trust you.
Ten minutes to go to Happy New Year to all from Glenwood Springs, Colorado -- and I'd have to check Yahoo Maps to tell you if my farthest snail mail card was from Montana or Los Angeles. Typical no geography-knowing American! But online on my, yes, MySpace page, I got a nice Xmas howdys from Scotland (Maddy/Bauer), Toronto (Lioness) and my twin UnpluggedCrazy in Akron, Ohio! *waves to all* ;-)

Thanks for liking the tags, catalyst2, and a big D'oh! from me to Saje for forgetting to win one for the Gipper. So -- b!X, belatedly win one for the Gipper! And kurya, what if I throw in -- Don't fire till you see the whites of their eyes? Or, Every great journey starts with one step? Or, Do you want fries with that? ;-)
And now Happy New Year officially from Colorado -- and when I tried to log in at MySpace, I got a "we're having database problems, come back later" message. Yay for us -- we broke the Internet again! ;-)

ETA: b!X, there's always a Gipper, as surely as there's a Duck. ;-)

[ edited by billz on 2007-01-01 09:07 ]
And here is a Duck (a University of Oregon Duck that is). Happy New Year to everyone from Glendale, CA,. I'm having a little Pirates of the Caribbean mini marathon and drinking some choice California bubbly. Cheers!
Well, I stayed up to see if Joss would swing by, but if he does it'll probably be during sleepy time for me. Just in case though:

Happy New Year, our Fearless Leader!

Ciao, amici.

Go sign up for the cruise. Reservations are open again.
Have a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!
Nathan Fillion has 8243 friends. 12/31/2006
Three things for you to do in 2007:

1) Organize a charity screening to benefit Equality Now.

2) Get on the boat.

3) Be good to each other.

See how easy it is to be a b!X Minion?
Do we get uniforms, b!X? Can't do the really effective minioning without good minion costumes, I always say. Perhaps badges, too? ;-)
Happy New Years an hour+ late from LA. Just got back from hanging out at a bar with my friends, now back to rereading Ender's Shadow like the geek that I am ^^;; Here's hoping for a wonderful year for all.
Happy New Year from north Florida, good ol' USA.

Been gaming for hours and hours. Vocabulary gone. Fire pretty. Night, y'all.
billz wrote on January 01, 10:47 CET
Do we get uniforms, b!X? Can't do the really effective minioning without good minion costumes, I always say. Perhaps badges, too? ;-)

You can see the 2007 uniform at

New shiny t-shirt and poster. Over 20 cities already committed. Is that worthy of a FRONT PAGE POST?

I remember reading there were B!x minion badges at "cancelled flanvention".
Yes, well, I don't think that counts as a b!X uniform, since it's Devin coordinating this year's charity screenings effort. ;)

Meanwhile, back on topic, ok ok I'll go in tomorrow and add The Big W so I will have THREE friends.
Logging in from Big Bear, California, usually of WeHo, CA, just found out I could pinch a little wireless action off of a generous & unknown local here in the snow-covered hills. Woo and likewise hoo! *hic*

Dinner and champagne & presents with the partner & friends, idly opening my laptop (after all my wussy friends have passed out) to find it has located this hitherto unsuspected connection - and has clearly insisted that I log on, only to find out that whedonesque has gone to the dark side with the rest of us on myspace.

Shock and surprise and a kind of happy neausea. Oh, that's all the champagne. *hic-hic*

Happy New Year to all, continuing joy in Joss & his works, peace finally in the coming year, and more and better of what you all desire and need. *hic*

Did I ever tell you that you are the best on-line community or BLOG that I've ever known? *hic* No, I'm scherious, I wouldn't shit you guys, I really mean it *hic* I love you guys, I really do.



"It is the hour to be drunken! To escape being the martyred slaves of time, be ceaselessly drunk. On wine, on poetry, or on virtue, as you wish." - Charles Baudelaire
QuoterGal, you are now officially a l33t Haxx0r !

Bleergh. Using Hiro-like powers (well, international time difference) i've travelled to the future and it's a place of bleary eyes, headaches and hurried checking of drunken ramblings. And no Anadin. Must go back and warn them, "Save the Anadin, Save the world !".

All the best again to all and here's to only good things for '07.

(off to drink my own weight in water/tea)
Happy new year from bfn Wisconsin. :) Yeah, I'm late, but I slept through the countdown. But then, I also don't have a hangover, so all things being equal...

May 2007 rock for y'all! :D
Shiny new year from the Big Apple! :)
Now we are all caught up with Australia. Happy Nixy?
Hahaha...yes, good!

*shakes fist again at Nathan -and- now at Whedonesque for making me get a myspace*

P.S. Happy New Year!
*Whines* Oh, so now I have to get a MySpace?? It took me weeks and weeks to get on Goners!

Seriously, Happy New Year from Seattle (and Honolulu, but I'm visiting Seattle, so. . . .)!!

A little late with the chiming in & all, but we spent the countdown in front of the fireplace with the bubbly and then with the blurry, and then with the snoring on the sofa. Lord, getting old is a bitch. . . .

Best wishes to all of you for 2007!
Hey, SangChaud, if you've made it as far as Seattle, you might as well go a little farther and hit Vancouver (BC, that is!).
You can PM me on the Goners board ;).

[ edited by samatwitch on 2007-01-01 22:40 ]
I see I didn't bother to thank anybody for all the kind words last night. I think I keeled over pretty abruptly, but still. Thanks. You guys are the best.
Happy New Year from Singapore. ;)
I'm pathetically posting after myself because I think I have an important thing to say. Those of you who have never become addicted to anything - stay just like you are. Don't get any dumb ideas about walking on the edge by substance abuse. Definitely don't do tobacco in any form, because you will get addicted. There are a small number of people who don't, but you will not be part of that 3 percent. You will be fubared, and your brain will never work quite right again.

It's really strange kicking. The physical suffering part I'm familiar with, and can deal. But there are all kinds of weird thoughts/feelings/reactions. Like for instance I apparently have a fear of manikins now.
Good luck to all the Whedonesquers quitting smoking this year -- we are all on your side! Please, post on The Black or MySpace or somewhere to distract yourself from wanting a cigarette, OK? We are sure to keep you very entertained so that you'll soon forget about tobacco! :-) that you'll soon forget about tobacco...

Aah, bit of blissful ignorance from billz there ;). A wise woman told me "Once you've been a smoker, you're _never_ a non-smoker, the best you can hope for is ex-smoker" and truer words were never spoken. OzLady's advice was also spot-on IMO, if you fall off the wagon it's tempting to say 'Bugger it' and just start chuffing away again, trick is to see it as a blip on the road to packing them in and let yourself off for the odd, occasional transgression. Especially if it's the Christmas work's night out and you're a bit drunk and you have, like, one, two absolute tops and you don't even enjoy it that much. Ahem ;).

(I second his wishes to everyone though and dreamlogic's advice. Of all the countless dumb things i've done in this life, starting smoking - especially at 19 when I should have known better - has to be right up there with the dumbest. Just say 'No' kids ! Crack, on the other hand, is actually good for you) that you'll soon forget about tobacco...

Aah, bit of blissful ignorance from billz there ;).

More like wishful suggesting, Saje my friend! I meant, maybe a person can substitute an addiction to tobacco with an addiction to posting to blogs? OK, you're still addicted, but with much less cancer and better smelling breath. Plus, less risk of setting the Christmas tree, which is now a dried-out mess dropping needles all over the floor, on fire. I'm just sayin'. (Note to self: help mom take out the tree tomorrow.) ;-)

Still, I know it's really hard to change habits, and, yes, OzLady's advice is good indeed -- why is it always easier to forgive your friends for doing dumb things (that they didn't do intentionally) than to forgive yourself? Well, that will now be a New Year's resolution for myself -- not to be mad at myself and feel like a complete doofus when I make a mistake, but just to let myself go back to being the same handsome, suave and hard-rockin' (but very humble) superstar I usually am. Or else to being myself. ;-)
Go for it Dreamlogic and all others who are going to work on quitting smoking this year. Good for you.

I cannot give any advice as I have never been a smoker, but I have been in love with two smokers in my life, one of them being my son's father. I can tell you that I felt a huge weight lift from me when he quit 13 1/2 years ago. I have been incredibly grateful that he has stayed off tobacco all these years. Not only will my son be more likely to have his father longer, but my son has never known a family where any member smoked and is therefor less likely to start smking himself.

So if you have a hard time quitting for yourself, maybe it would help that you will be making the people who love you that much happier if you quit. ...And yes, not giving up no matter how many times you have to start over does count. The one thing that Whedon shows have in common is the theme of not giving up no matter how bad the odds seem. You can do it. We will be happy to cheer you on.
Ok I now have 4 minions, uh I mean friends: Nathan Fillion, Duck, Can't Stop The Serenity, and WHEDONesque.
*whines* I want to be a FoB (Friend of b!x) ;-)

And thank you to everyone who is so kindly praising my advice re. smoking cessation. It comes from the heart and from experience, sadly... and whoever said you're never a non-smoker hit the nail on the head! It's a lot like being an alcoholic: you don't stop being one, you just stop drinking; you don't stop being a smoker, you just stop smoking. Okay, have to stop talking about this or I will crave a smoke! LOL!

billz, you are a true and pure soul. I want to be you when I grow down! :-)
*blushes down to his toes*

OMG, thanks, OzLady! :-D
OzLady: "billz, you are a true and pure soul. I want to be you when I grow down! :-)"

I can't speak for OzLady, of course, but I think it might be too late for me - I'm not sure innocence and purity can be re-gained. I can appreciate them when I see them, though...

Blush down to your toes again, billz, 'cause I agree with The Lady Oz.
I'll third that one!
Happy New Year from Devon, England.
I'm blaming an excessively well-celebrated NYE for my lateness (I would blame time difference, but, well, it's been three days...).
Some great words on stopping smoking here. I'll have to remember them for when I quit.
Oh, and hello!
OMG times two, QuoterGal and nixygirl!!! I am so darn blushy! :-D

(And hello to you, too, TranceMunkey!)

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