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December 31 2006

Help DB win hottest male star at David Boreanaz is pitted against 4 other male stars for sexiest of 2006. He's in 3rd place now but if the Whedonesquers get their vote on, we can push him to the top!

Looks like you can only vote once, so it might be a semi-fair vote.
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not to sound mean or anything, but how did Jeremy Piven get on that list? I figured for sure Patrick Dempsey would be on it, but nope. You don't get the nick "Dr. McDreamy" for nothing. I mean, *I'M* not a good judge....just saying.
Uh, where's Nathan??

When "Drive" takes off, and the media rediscovers Serenity and Firefly, he'll be on that list, I bet :)!
How in the world could they put Matthew Fox up there instead of Josh Holloway? People...
I was voting in the "Best in Genre: Sci-Fi" and I found it funny that while the average votes is around 25,000 with most of the votes below 10,000 that Supernatural has over 200,000.

Of course that was before I looked at the aforementioned "Hottest Male Star" where three of the actors have somehow racked up more than 500,000 votes with the winner almost to the million mark. The highest tally for the equivalent "Hottest Female Star?" Just above 11,000.

Just found it funny is all. Fair? Eh.
Much as I've adored Jeremy Piven since PCU and Cupid, he has no business being in this poll. And DB was still a distant 3rd when I voted. Lost and Prison Break are running away with all categories.

You can also vote for Bones as Best in Genre-SciFi (which I don't understand since it's not a SciFi show). And this vote also shows the power of cable: BSG IMO should be one of the top vote-getters -- and it has less than 1% of the vote. All those people who suggest pairing BSG with Heroes on broadcast TV should take note.
Bones? Is Sci-fi? *is very confused by the workings of the world* And how the frak could BSG be doing so poorly..... *sniff*

Yay David for being up there/being the no-brainer vote.....I can think of a few guys who should be there instead of certain other choices. ;)
Matthew Fox is way hotter than Holloway. It's all in the face and the shoulders, as always.
cityof - I *totally* agree! Matthew Fox is waaay hotter than Josh Holloway...tall, dark, brooding...yea
Any chance for me to vote for the most beautiful man on, ya, I'm there. DB all the way, baby.
Matthew Fox versus Josh Holloway? Rugged profile versus that grin? Hard choice.

But hey David Boreanaz in the Dido video. Nothing finer.
Josh Holloway with a bullet ! DB still # 3. Vote - Vote - Vote !
By the way.... HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL !
Oh YEAH for Wentworth. Way hotter than DB.
Oops...multiple post. Sorry.

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Maybe if you squint really hard.. nah not even then.
Well I love the DB but I had to throw it to my long standing crush..THE PIVS!
I guess if you confuse DB's other shows with Bones science terminology as incomprehensible incantations when looking for clues, you might confuse it as science-fiction. Educational standards... somewhere.

And this is my first post. Glad to finally be able to join the conversation.
Maybe Sci-Fi needs redefinition. I mean Bones is fiction about scientists and their science so...

After all R&B got completely redefined somewhere back I don't know when. Back in the day, The Rolling Stones, and others of their kidney were R&B and now that term seems to be applied to a whole load of other things including what we called Soul.

Maybe we should have Sci-Fa (for fantasy)which would include stuff like Star Trek, Sci-Fi (for fiction) which would include stuff like Bones and Fantasy which would include most anything with monsters, demons, vampires, fairies, hobbits and whatever.
Heh. I just saw DB on Married with Children.
Hey folks, Wentworth Miller is a Whedon alum too! He was the last swimmer to turn into a fish monster in 'Go Fish'. That must make it the sexiest episode on television! ;)

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ok folks ... back to DB ... run on over to the tvguide site and vote for him ... he probably can't overtake 1st place but if we all support him he could make second. :)

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