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December 31 2006

A New Year - all new Joss Whedon tales. Comic Book Resources looks forward to Runaways and Buffy season 8 in 2007.

So do I. Happy new year, folks, from me and my cat, who tries to molest my face. In a loving way. Hopefully.
I know that Season 8 is the ONLY thing I'm looking forward too in 2007.
It's a cat gossi, seeming to be loving is just one of the things they do to fuck with our puny human minds, go with your first impulse when being molested i.e. "Aaaargh, we're being invaded by a hugely superior intellect ! With claws !".

The 'Wanted' film will either be shit or make me shit. Hey, if Ellis can get something on US TV (albeit cable) then Millar can plant a subversive tentpole right in the middle of the Hollywood movie world.

And 'Y' is really ending. Just hope BKV steps up and finishes it like it deserves.

(also, who's this Whedon guy ? Is he one to watch in comics or something ?)
None of them mentioned the Serenity Trilogy. Here we go again:
Flying under the Radar... until they find us :)
The Serenity Trilogy is so under the radar that I don't even know when it is coming out.
Thanks for posting this, Simon. I had no idea JMS' run on Spidey was finishing this year. Will be interested in seeing where he takes it and how the "status quo" will be changed.

In other news, I'm looking forward to Buffy Season 8. A lot.
Saje darling, I'll have you know that my cat fa-reaks out if I don't give her the RDA of luuuurve and strokes. She adores me to death, leaps into my lap whenever I sit, and plants herself on my head and licks my tears when I cry.

I'm not that deluded, though. She really DOES want to take over the world. Much like Brain.

gossi, Happy New Year to you and your feline friend. Watch out, though. Sometimes a thing is just a thing. ;)
There is a lot of thngs in the comic book world I'm looking forward to in 2007 and Buffy season 8 on top of the list.
Needless to say, all new tales of Buffy and friends told by some of my favourite creators (especially Joss) has me very excited. It's been a long three (four?) years without these characters..

And hey, regardless of everyone's opinions of event itself, the Marvel Universe post Civil War looks promising and interesting. Plus, Whedon on Runaways, very awesome.
Happy New Year!

I'm right in the middle of a semi-annual sugar-fest.

Let's see, what did I do this year?

Oh that's right. I watched every single episode of Buffy, Angel, and my dearly beloved Firefly. I found this place.

Good times.
They are not looking forward to "Serenity: Better Days"?

Buffy and Serenity were already on my list. Added Runaways when I read the news about Joss writing it.
So do I. Happy new year, folks, from me and my cat, who tries to molest my face. In a loving way. Hopefully.

gossi | January 01, 03:44 CET

Happy new year gossi and all o' y'all!!!
Now, I must get back to that glass o' champagne and dessert tamale waitin' for me yonder.
; )
Not usually much for comix but these new Buffy stories might be just the thing...
Happy New Years all - At this point Buffy season 8 is the first thing in 2007 that will make me happy this year. I am looking forward to reading these issues.

Thanks to everyone here at Whedonesque (and Joss) I now have a folder at the comic book store, where they pull and hold comic books for me to pick up. And I bought the Justice League Unlimited dvd - and I love it! Comics and cartoons, what have I turned into?
what have I turned into?

The ultimate evolution of mankind: Homo sapiens maximus geekus. And we're proud to have you as a member of the species.

*hums Justice League theme*

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