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January 01 2007 Launches! For all your Drive fandom needs. Obviously, not much about the show just yet, but basically everything available is right there in one convenient spot.

This is great, thanks heaps for the link...its got me even more excited seeing what the other producers and cast members have been involved in. And helpful to have all the information in one place. Great site so far.

Interesting, the poll 'Why are you interested in Drive?' has Nathan Fillion tied with Tim Minear for the lead reason. Personally Minear sold this for me, the Captains great and all, but yeah..
My inner teenager is clapping, jumping up and down and squealing, "Awesome!" Of course, ahem, I am far too mature to actually do that in my living room. Mm-hm.

Thanks for the link! That site looks great.
I can't wait for this show. It will be wonderful to see Nathan once a week on TV.
Who is the webmaster of this? is it gossi again?? :P There is a kevin admin.... how many forums has he made now?

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Gossi is one of the admins.
Ohhh ok so he is an admin but not necessarily the webmaster. cool :P
I really have no idea what his role is in total.
Well, the domain is registered to gossi's Viral Fan Limited.
I guess I don't understand why it would matter. I may be missing something. Maybe I don't want to know.
I don't think it's some sort of an issue. Just curiosity. Gossi and I both do seem to accumulate a rather large number of sites, respectively. Heh.
And I give kudos to both of you for spreading the word, bix.
Ohhh, please don't get me wrong. it was my bad attempt at humour. Its jsut gossi seem to be collecting websites like mad. He is the master webmaster.. so to speak. So i was just trying to tease him about it. (hence the use of the :P symbols)

And I thought it was funny(in a comedic sense not sarcastic or ironic) how he started up Goners Forum awhile ago(and dont even know when the movie will be made), and then started a Drive forum 3-4 months before it comes out. I wonder what other forums/sites Gossi will create :P *hint hint wink wink nudge nudge*

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For me, knowing gossi is involved in DriveFan(R) increases the site's awesomeness. I always choose Gossi(R) Brand fan websites. They're legendary! /commercial ;-)
Next up:!
Cool, a new forum to waste my work time on. And it's not black! With nasty white-on-light-gray headers!!! Can't wait to see how this one evolves.

(Er, yes, and by 'evolves' I mean "gets broken by gossi repeatedly" ;-D )
Ah yes, a new show with month of heightened anticipation, followed by a quick cancellation and gnashing of teeth. America TV, life is to short to take those kind of chances anymore.
Ooh, I had no idea there was a gossi fan club. Can I join?!

you know, it was a good thing I wasn't drinking anything when you posted that b!x. First b!x has minions, I have fans, whats next? The Gossites? Gossitas? Gee I wonder how many people would sign up on kuryafans....*waits* *cricket noise* yah... I didn't think so LOL. :P

And yes even with the defects of Gossi breaking his boards(as Cabri mentioned), I agree with billz, the forums with his name brand, are guarenteed to be fun!

"Next time you are looking for a fansite of an obscure movie/tv show, make you look for the Gossi* name brand. Gossi, the name you can trust, the name you can count on. Fast, easy to use, reliable, qualities shared by all gossibrand forums**."

*Division of Jossfans United Co.
**Please post responsibly

ETA: I think someone has yet to form a club for Gossi. Obviously Gossi can't create it. b!x? But the name of his fan club should definitely be Gossites... or Gossitas... no Gossites...

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Who is the webmaster of this? is it gossi again??

Gossi and me. It's the continuation of my blog... but better... with 100% more forum.
Ooh, I had no idea there was a gossi fan club. Can I join?

If you're on goners, you're already an acolyte! Gossi is our god, I think mostly because he's never there. That's also probably why we like him so much. Plus, he keeps the gossiganger in check. Or checks and cash, we're not positive on this one.

He's also why I'm finding drivefans a bit uncomfortable so far -- all those admins and mods wandering around. We Goners have been on our own so long, we automatically assume the forum is going down when we see a mod...
Ooh, I had no idea there was a gossi fan club. Can I join?

Can I join, too? Do I get a toothpaste with my face on it?

Anyway, yes. Jackal provides the actual, you know, usefulness for the site, and I tinker the engine. Just imagine me as Kaylee, except with a penis, and 90% less hot.
I'm thinking 95% but in fairness that's a lot of hot to live up to (and i'm gonna avoid imagining a be-penised 'GossLee' with every fibre of my being, ta ;).

Nice site, looks clean and easy to get around. Not quite enough black but what's perfect in this life ?

(the poll doesn't quite render properly on Firefox for XP though so it amusingly says "Why are you interested in" ... 'Nathan Fillion' and I can just imagine the dumbfounded "Why wouldn't we be ?" response of pretty much the entire female readership - as well as a few of the guys i'd think ;)
Wow, be-penised should definitely be the Word of the Day(tm).
Heh, I may patent it then just sit back and watch the penny roll in.

Y'know, thinking about it, I meant it in the 'begilded' or 'besotted' sense but I just thought of 'beheaded'. Ouch. Maybe 'en-penised' is less likely to have men everywhere crossing their legs in sympathy ;-).

(the 'be' prefix seems like one of those weird, opposite meaning ones, like 'in' with 'flammable' and 'inflammable' but also 'fertile' and 'infertile'. Stupid English ;)
I think "en-penised" is clearer. "Be-penised" I found understandable only in context. That said, as a woman who always thought Freud's penis-envy theory was just a whole truck-load of male egotism I have to say, "Ewwww" to the whole thing when applied to a non-gender-confused female. It kind of has me crossing my legs in sympathy for poor Kaylee. ;-)
*crossing legs* *shudders*
*threatens people until they stop using asterisks* Oops...
I will be happy when we find out that Fox isn't putting this on Fridays.

I'm really hoping it gets a post Idol slot so it gets maximum exposure. I won't bet on it though knowing Fox.
I could picture gossi as Chloe with a beard (that's from way back when -- last year's 24), but I refuse to picture Kaylee with a penis. It's just too -- ewwww! How about picturing Jayne with webmasterin' knowledge? THAT, I can do. ;-)
billz, so is Gossi's speciality "public relations"? Wow... don't mess with Gossi, Vera might make an apperance.

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