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January 01 2007

Buffy Sing-Along in Chicago!!! Come check out Once More With Feeling on the big screen at the Music Box Theatre in Chicago next Friday, January 12th and Saturday, January 13th. Both shows start at 11:55 pm. Tickets are $12 and are available via phone or online.

Anyone want to meet up??

At the Music Box, huh? Pretty cool stuff. I'm not much of a Buffy fan (much more "Firefly/Serenity") but I may have to check this out.

Happy New Year
okay, i officially have to get my rear in gear and get my tickets. i am so there.
Have fun, Harm, as I'm sure you will - it's always a great time singing along with a couple hundred other Buffy fans.
I'm so jealous. I went to one in Pittsburgh back in September. Great fun. Happy New Year all!
I missed the showing in Oakland a while back and anxiously await another in the Bay Area. Have much fun! Oh, and Happy New Year!
There's also going to be shows in New York City on January 19th and 20th at the IFC Center on Bleeker and 6th Avenue. These shows are a real blast and you should go if you can!
There's another sing-along taking place tomorrow, Wednesday January 3rd, at 7:30pm in Huntington, NY at the Cinema Arts Centre. More info can be found at their website.
MrNarse--you or a mod should post that as a headline, people might be interested and the Chicago headline will make most New Yorkers skip the post.
Duly noted! There's a post up for it now.

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