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January 02 2007

First Look at the Silver Surfer. The teaser trailer is a first look at Silver Surfer in motion, played by Doug Jones, our favorite creepy Gentleman.

I'm anticipating this movie even more now but I'm not going to be cheesy and say it's fantastic. :)

Can't get the link to work.
Tried some a notice that "a bad public movie atom" was making linking impossible.


Really want to check this link out. The Surfer was a childhood favorite of mine.
Looks great! Also was a childhood Silver Surfer fan, though I hardly remember anything about it.

Tried some a notice that "a bad public movie atom" was making linking impossible.

Chris, do you have the latest version of Quicktime?
Upgrading to the new Quicktime 7 engine (available from might help Chris, if you've already got that then i'm drawing a blank (normally it means a corrupted file but from a streamed source that shouldn't be a show-stopper - atoms are just 'bits' of a Quicktime file, movie atoms are 'bits' from a movie file and public movie atoms are... well, you get the idea ;).

Just watched it without sound and Wow ! Very nice. Sort of like the T-1000 but, y'know, 15 years more advanced and with added warpage of the space-time continuum. The Human Torch effects have been ramped up as well. OK, here's something I never thought i'd say having seen the first one but i'm actually looking forward to Fantastic Four 2 now. Wonders never cease.
They actually did an amazing job with the Silver Surfer. Makes me feel much better about this movie. I heard no Galactus, though. I suppose it's too hard to have a character so large he can devour worlds.
I've modified the link so that it goes to an html page and you can choose the size you want -- I realized that I had clicked 'large' because I could handle the download but others might not be able to.
Galactus is probably going to be in third installment. If my memory serves me right I think he usually sends the Surfer out as a scout.

I'm not a fan of the first movie, but I do commend the production on trying to execute this storyline. Every other comic book movie I've seen so far seems to be gun shy on high concepts.
Well for people who want to take a look but dont want quicktime can hop on over to youtube to check it out, which is what I did. WHen I loaded the link first, it crashed Firefox on me.

And, I dunno, I never saw the first movie, so should I bother with the second? I am not a comic book person I guess, I just would like to see decent storyline , plot, characterization.
I didn't know there WAS a first movie. When was that?
Haha, miri47, the first movie was in 2005. I liked it a lot -- it was fun, it was light, it was one of those perfect summer blockbusters.

I'm a big comic book fan so I catch every comic book movie that comes out.
Well, my favorite Gentleman is Camden Toy, but that's okay.... *chortle*
I liked the first film too. It didn't hit quite the same level as Spiderman or X-Men 2, but it was much better than a lot of the comic adaptations (such as Catwoman). I liked the fact that they actually spent a considerable amount of time developing the characters and not focusing solely on the special effects. It could actually have done with a little more action to compliment the story, in contrast with a lot of films which use a flimsy, underdeveloped plot to showcase some beautiful actors or special effects. I'm hopeful that the second film will retain the character driven feeling of the first, whilst perhaps making it a little more lively and entertaining overall.
It's okay to enjoy a comic book movie soley on the basis of eye candy (Tobey MaGuire, Hugh Jackman, Chris Evans, Ioan Gruffudd)...
Well, maybe Doug Jones is our favorite "creepy" Gentleman, and Camden Toy is our favorite "eerie" Gentleman :) In any event, fans of Doug Jones (I fall into this category) might want to note that "Pan's Labyrinth" is now in theatres. It's very dark, very magical, really engrossing. Doug plays two roles (the Faun and the Pale Man) and he's excellent.
Was anybody else excited that Brian Posehn was the priest?
Ah, didn't realise that was Doug Jones but I second the "Pan's Labyrinth" recommendation. Very beautifully shot, well acted and twisted in the best way. It's not your grandmother's fairytale (or rather it is your grandmother's fairytale since it's a bit of a return to the darkness of ages gone by, pre-Disneyfication) but it's well worth a look, IMO (definitely not for kids though, which is a shame since it has a very worthwhile message).

Re: Fantastic Four 1, well each to their own. I've spent worse times in the cinema (i'm looking at you 'Stealth') and as has been said they at least tried to capture some of the bickering-but-loving family dynamic that I gather the comic has (don't read it) but for me the action was technically accomplished but flat, the plot was slow (which in fairness is often the case with origin stories), the acting was very variable and the whole thing just felt bitty, like a blockbuster by numbers. To say it didn't quite hit the level of Spiderman (especially 2) or X-Men 2 would be something of an understatement for me ;).

(speaking of eye candy though, Jessica Alba and Chris Evans in their underwear, so something for everyone in that regard at least ;)
Browncoat - you have mighty fine taste in candy...
I played the Silver Surfer Nintendo game. Does that count?

I thought the first FF movie was okay, nothing special, though not as bad as I'd heard.
I'm going to watch the first FF movie again tonight. What's really hilarious is that in researching a bit more about the FF2 movie, I saw that there was an unreleased version in the mid 90's...from what I've read, we should all be thankful it was unreleased.

redfern, I suppose if any other Whedonverse actors were involved in comic book movies, I'd start making a loooong list. I like my eye candy like I like my jewelry -- pretty.

Saje, I second that evil eye cast at 'Stealth.' I hate it when movies make me feel mediocre. I mean, if the movie is so horrible, it can't even ilicit anger or even a "blegh" at how awful it is, and instead just leaves you with this ambivalent, dazed feeling -- like Stealth and MI:III... my father saw MI:III and when asked what he thought, he said very simply, "eh."

That sums it up -- "eh."
Ah, they're doing the Kirby Surfer, which makes sense, as that was the one that the FF encountered, as he was Galactus's herald.

I preferred the Buscema Surfer, more philosophical and such.

But I was a way-emo adolescent back then...

The actual first FF movie was never released...I bought a copy on eBay (and sold it, later) was bad, but not as legendarily bad as advertised...but, it did have Mercedes McNabb as a pre-teen Sue Storm, with a crush on teenaged Reed Richards!
Bizarre, Browncoat...we simulposted, and both mentioned the unreleased FF movie!
That IS bizarre...

You know what makes me think that Spiderman and X-Men may resonate with more people on a wider level? It doesn't have to do with quality, though I can argue that Spidey 1 and 2 and X-Men 1 and 2 are better.

(I somewhat disavow 3 was ever made and have refused to buy it despite all those images of Archangel...add another one to the eye candy list...)

It actually has to do with the subject matter -- FF was just at the very inception, made to be LESS dramatic and more "camp" which at the time, is what was needed. X-Men sure had its camp here and there but overall, it has always been more dramatic and somber than Spiderman, and Spiderman a bit more somber than FF. Because of this, I think X-Men is the adult in us all who wants to really have mutant powers, Spiderman is the awkward teenager in all of us who just. wants. to. fit. in. and the FF is the kid in all of us who thinks it would be AWESOME to be able to be the human torch.

I am happy to say, I have all three in me and I still love comic book movies!

Oh, and one of the coolest parts of FF that I LOVED was that each character had real world problems with their power. Besides the obvious, which was Ben Grimm, Susan Storm had to get rid of her clothes every time she got invisible, and had problems when she became visible again. As we heard in the FF2 trailer, Johnny has problems when he turns himself into a duraflame log and back again. I mean, in X-Men you would think that an entire outfit of leather (presumably previously unworn leather too!) would be difficult to fight and maneuver in, but oh well.
I saw the original unreleased FF movie from the '90s on VHS several years ago. It was a Roger Corman film and it was pretty bad. Looked cheap like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film. The Corman FF film is out there, if you know where to look, but it should probably be added as a bonus feature to an FF DVD box set at some point in the future. Y'know... just to thwart bootleggers.
Silver Surfer and Dr. Strange have always been my favorite Marvelites. This trailer was teh @wesome. (I'm not holding my breath for a decent Dr. Strange.)
Hey, I saw Doug Jones' new flick, Pan's Labyrinth, this weekend, and it was amazing. My vote for best film of the year, and the character Jones plays in the movie are so cool and imaginative, and I nominate the Pale Man as creepiest guy of the decade.

I live in S.F., so it opened here before it goes into wide release, but when/if you get the chance, see this movie! It's a beautiful, powerfully sad modern parable, and pretty much elevated del Toro into my pantheon of great directors.

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