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January 02 2007

Details about the January fundraiser for the "Star for Joss" campaign. And you can also read the letter of agreement from Joss on the calendar page.

While walking from the bus to La Cantina on Saturday night at the Backup Bash, we passed a star on the Walk of Fame that was blank. I seem to recall saying, "Someone get a marker and write Joss Whedon on that."

All in all, the linked campaign is probably the better route.
I would think putting him under the Steven Spielberg star would be a good spot, too. I put that in a page at my website.
By the way, I sent in 20 bucks for the cause.

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I'm just tickled by the Mutant Enemy letterhead. :)
Awww, too bad he forgot to tell them where to contact him!
I got one of the shotglasses at B3 with Joss and a star. Yes, Sarrava, isn't it nice to see the ME letterhead? sigh.
Although I am a rabid JW and ME fan I think this is a little overzealous... Perhaps this would be justified in 20 years or so...
Re the Mutant Enemy letterhead, me want, me want! I bought an Angel series decoration (from Harmony's bedroom) from a lady on e-Bay last summer, and she enclosed 2 little sheets of Wolfram & Hart notepad paper. I should'a asked her where she got it! When this topic was first posted I bought $20.00 in raffle tickets but haven't seen the winners posted yet. I sure hope they meet their goal.

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I think this is awesome and I plan to help. Many people who have stars on the walk have made a much smaller impact on the entertainment industry, imho. To all those working on this, way to go!
I'm with you, Simpleba. I love Joss as much as anyone, but I can't help but think money could be better spent. Not to mention the fact that ideally, I'd like to see the Walk of Fame for lifetime contributions. I would definitely not like to say that Joss has reached the end of his creative life just yet.

Though of course, an individual's money is theirs to spend however they see fit. For those who feel strongly in the opposite direction, more power to 'em.
I was excited to see the Mutant Enemy note paper, too! :-)

I also think it's a great idea to give premiums as a fundraiser. That way, lots of people can come away with a gift, and you can choose what kind of gift you get by how fast you donate and how much you donate. I can't help this campaign (no money, as usual), but good luck! :-)
...But stars are not for lifetime achievement. Take a look at some of the pictures, Britney Spears, anyone? I think Joss is a wonderful candidate.
But stars are not for lifetime achievement.

Oh, I completely agree that they're not any more, but I feel they should be. The fact that they're not just makes the whole thing all the more meaningless in my mind. But again, that's me. Me is not everyone. (And for this there should be great thanks.)
For those who don't think this is a worthwhile cause, that's fine, I do as well as some others, so we will keep pushing on. Some of you may wonder why now and I say why not now. 2007 marks the 10th anniversary of the Buffyverse and the 5th year of the Fireflyverse, with Goners and Wonder Woman on the horizon what better way to mark this time than with a star.

This is also 2 fold, when Hollywood orignally started the Walk of Fame, they slated it for 2500 stars. Up until this year there were 20 stars a year presented. In 2007 with a little more than 100 stars left and no current plans to extend the walk, they have cut the number of stars to present to 15, so we may not have a better time to get him a star than now.

Joss has done a lot for the Hollywood community from his shows (that were filmed in the area) to the support of his fans fundraising efforts (currently around $250,000 raised in the name of the verse in the past decade). This is good publicity for a man we respect and admire. So why wait to show him or Hollywood that his fans appreciate his work, so much we want to see his name in a star that will be a permanment marker for him, the legacy that got him here (his family) and the verse he continues to expand.

Jet - As much as I or anyone else wants to believe there is still some nobility left in Hollywood, the truth is it is more about notirity now a days, so we strike while the iron is hot and right now it is burning up.

Joss makes for a perfect canidate to nominate this year, he has a history to celebrate and future projects to look forward to.

Isn't it better to praise a man in his prime than postulate about his past.

Anyway that is my 2 cents in the discussion.

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I'm getting me something to add to the cause! Must be when my hubby isn't looking since we are broke. But it's JOSS!! You know I'm getting something :) those bags look super sweet.
Although I am a rabid JW and ME fan I think this is a little overzealous... Perhaps this would be justified in 20 years or so...

I respectfully disagree. Joss Whedon is a brilliant creator who sure, entertains some, but more importantly inspires people to become better people. I can't think of anyone in Hollywood who has touched me more. The rest of Hollywood entertains me. Joss Whedon makes me a better person. Overzealous? I'm proud to be overzealous when it comes to Joss Whedon.

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I am completely ticked by this campaign. It would be so great if Joss had a star. He deserves it! I still cannot believe that Ryan Seacrest has a star. I fail to see the impact he has made on the industry.
Folks, if you think Joss is unworthy of the honor of being on the Walk of Fame - my mind's boggling at that. I live a half block off the Walk, and I walk on it pretty much everyday. There are a lot of names on it that I don't recognize and some that I recognize as not belonging to major talents, or even significant celebrities. Joss is already way overqualified, so don't worry about that. I agree with RavenU that a star for Joss could be a destination for his fans. I see fans getting their pictures taken with their favorite's stars everyday. For me it would be a touchstone right in my neighborhood. So I just made a donation.
RavenU, I must admit that I didn't bother to read the original thread about this campaign, nor did I look too closely at this thread when it first appeared. Now, however, I agree that it is a worthwhile cause and am onboard, thanks in large part to your post above (and also that of April). You've changed my mind - no simple task, btw - and I am happy for it, proud to admit it. Thank you.
Well, if Seacrest has a star then Joss definitely deserves the same recognition... But I still believe the honor should be for lifetime achievement rather than bestowing such kudos while “the iron is hot.” As much as JW’s work has affected us all in such a profound manner... Let me repeat that... in such a profound manner (and I must make mention of the continuous and growing recognition in the academic community as well) it still has yet to impact the entertainment industry in a prolific sense (I know many will argue this point but I feel it is impartial and factual)… All that said, I hope Joss gets his star!!!!

Btw… I am watching The Zeppo as I post this response…

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it still has yet to impact the entertainment industry

Well I think Buffy left a legacy in the tv industry. There's a number of shows (including some in the UK) that owe a lot to what Joss and co did with the vampire slayer.
Well put Simon... I am a big HEX fan!
So you're the one Simpleba ;-).

(point's valid though from 'Torchwood' to 'Hex' to 'Veronica Mars', irrespective of our individual opinions of their merits as shows, they were all either made possible or at least inspired in part by Buffy/Angel)
Well said, Saje, and I might even go a step further: Buffy/Angel both had themes or arcs that developed over a whole season, even if individual eps told a single part of that story or a subplot of the big story (such as, one ep told how Jonathan cast a spell to be a superstar, the ep also told more about the Initiative, about Adam, and about Buffy and Riley's relationship {thanks, FX!}). Most hour-long series at the same time would feature the crime-of-the-week or the disease-of-the-week or whatever. Now, lots of shows tell a story that lasts all season -- 24 (which probably was the first one after Buffy/Angel to do it), Lost, Desperate Housewives, etc. I think Joss has to get some of the credit for this style, IMO. :-)
I believe Alias also owes a great deal to the success of Buffy, Alias being the show which launched JJ.

In terms of impacting the entertainment industry in a prolific sense, if that was the critera, then the creators of Fear Factor would have stars, along with Simon Cowel.
I thought this was a worthwhile campaign from the beginning but once I actually walked the walk (so to speak) and saw some of the names, (cartoon characters??) then I knew that Joss deserved to have a star there. Much more than some who are there already.
You may have something there billz though as well as Buffy i'd say 'Babylon 5' went a fair way towards breaking down serial television, I dunno, snobbery ? Seems like it was almost exclusively the remit of soaps before the 90s (apart from one grand and venerable exception that I can think of i.e. sci-fi behemoth 'Doctor Who', a show which had at least one notable season long arc as far back as 1978 ;).

(honestly though I suspect '24' and certainly 'Lost' have more to do with the current comparative glut of serial shows than Buffy, B5 or The Doctor combined)

Forgot about 'Alias' too, good call gossi. Abrams had done 'Felicity' (which i've barely seen) but it's probably true to say that it was 'Alias' that really 'launched' him.
I think Smallville and Charmed owe a huge debt to Buffy as well. And also the revamped Doctor Who as well (in terms of plot arc, epic finales etc).
(honestly though I suspect '24' and certainly 'Lost' have more to do with the current comparative glut of serial shows than Buffy, B5 or The Doctor combined)

I'd agree with that, Saje! I just wonder, in my own little fanboy mind, if the 24 and Lost folks were thinking Buffy/Angel when they decided to do things differently (esp. with all the Buffy/Angel writers/producers who work on those 2 shows)!

Oh, yeah, another reason Joss deserves a star: giving big ol' career boosts to Tim Minear, Jane Espenson (!kittens!), Marti Noxon, David Fury, etc., plus big, big ol' career boosts to Sarah Michelle Gellar, David Boreanaz, Nicholas Brendon, Alyson Hannigan, Charisma Carpenter, Alexis Denisof, Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, Summer Glau, and adding to the careers of people who were already known from films or theatre, like Anthony Stewart Head, Adam Baldwin and Alan Tudyk. (And gods help me if I misspelled or left out anyone -- sorry, not intentional -- a boy can only type so fast!!)

I think Smallville and Charmed owe a huge debt to Buffy as well. And also the revamped Doctor Who as well (in terms of plot arc, epic finales etc).

Also agree with this, Simon, and seeing Smallville and Charmed reminds me of another thing we can attribute in part to Buffy: the success (at the time) of the WB. Then, no more Buffy/Angel, no more WB. Coincidence? I think not! ;-)

Seriously, as we talked about when the WB was going off the air, that network really was launched by Buffy, or maybe Buffy plus Dawson's Creek, just in the same way that Alias launched JJ Abrams. So, well done, Joss, again! :-)
Ok, I relent... Everyone made a very persuasive argument!

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