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January 02 2007

Jason Palmer's Shepherd Book print is now available. Shepherd Book is the fourth print to be released in the limited edition series. Already available are Mal, Zoe, River and Kaylee. Coming soon are Jayne, Wash, Inara, Simon and Serenity. An Operative print will also be available, but only when you order the complete set.

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Wow, these are in a league of their own.
Damn those are amazing. I proudly displayed my firefly one above my bed at college.
Anyone know what source material he's using? The River one is pretty clearly premised on the string of pictures from Summer's photo shoot for the U.S. poster for the movie. Are the others from any sort of source material, or created whole cloth?
I cannot wait for the one of Serenity. I love his work.
Wow, I love the colors in this one. He always captures each character so vividly - I cannot wait to see what he does with Wash.
That's a bit of a hefty price, but I think it'd be worth it. I'll just have to start counting my pennies, now.

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