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January 03 2007

Wash on the Great White Way. Alan Tudyk will return to Broadway in March for the Roundabout Theater's revival of Prelude to a Kiss.

So those lucky enough to live near or travel to NYC have a great opportunity to see one of our BDH live!

Oh my. I so wish I could see that. I've been reading about Alan's theatre work over my long weekend. Wish he'd come do a play at the La Jolla Playhouse, Old Globe Theatre or San Diego Rep.
I love him in theater productions. It says previews start Feb 16, but there's nothing listed on the Roundabout Theater website yet.
Is that the company that performs in the old Studio 54?

I went to a comic book show there in the 80s after the disco died.

Zengrrl, where to see it listed in the web site?

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Lucky Alan. He gets to do movies when he likes and plays when he likes. Maybe it's time for another trip to NYC.
If I recall correctly, at a December 2005 convention that will remain nameless, Alan said one thing he'd really like to do is play a romantic lead. I think this qualifies :)

I just love watching Alan in anything, and I wish I could see him on Broadway.
I squealed with glee when I heard this (two things I don't normally do!)...I have to see show and thanks to the fact that my college resides in a adjoining state, it seems entirely possible!
This is wonderful news! He's done romance in plays before - I think what he said at *cough cough* was that he would like a chance to play the romantic lead in a film. =) I would also like him to have that chance, since I've a snowball's chance in hell of getting out to NY to see this.

:::starts figuring out how to get to NY anyway:::
The Hey - In the Variety article, it says previews start Feb 16 for a March 8 opening. The Roundabout Theater hasn't updated their website to show this production yet. But if they plan to do the previews in 6 weeks, they'll need to put up the details for ticket sales in the next week or so to get enough advance sales

According to a story at, the play will only run until April 22. Of course, if it turns into a smash hit, that may change, but I wouldn't hold out for and extension if you really want to see this.

And as a six degrees thing, I notice John Mahoney of "Frasier" is also in this production. Alan appeared in an episode of "Frasier" with him. Come to think of it, Alan did "Spamalot" with David Hyde Pierce. All he needs now is to do a play with Kelsey Grammar and the "Frasier" triumvirate will be complete.

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Thanx zengrrl. I do not know if I'll make it there but I'll make a note of the website.
Thanks for the additional links, zengirl. Too bad I'm not going 'home' to PA until the Fall. I won't be able to see this...unless, it turns into the smash hit that zengirl mentioned. crosses fingers Here's hoping!

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