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January 03 2007

And don't forget about K. Todd.... Our Mr. Trick is still on tour with Wicked, playing Dr. Dillamond.

The original link to this story is here,
but they just ran another story introducing new cast members and they listed Mr. Freeman as still being in the cast.
"Wicked will play the Providence venue through Jan. 21. Following its Rhode Island engagement, the musical will play Baltimore's Hippodrome Theatre beginning Jan. 24."

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My sister saw him when she saw this in Toronto a few weeks ago and actually phoned me at the intermission to say "Mr. Trick is playing Dr. Dillamond!!" :) She thought he was very good.

First time commenter! Hello! *waves to all*
Ooh. I once saw K. Todd Freeman in Art, which was great. It became one of my favorite plays, AND I got to see Mr. Trick onstage! Win win.
It's a very very good show. Even for people like myself that only have a casual or passing interest in the original material.
I saw him when Wicked was in Seattle. He was very good.
I saw him when Wicked was in Portland. He WAS very good. And Art is a great play...although I didn't see him in it.
I got lucky, Jinxieman, because the Alley was doing a thing where they had two actors for each role, and they switched them around for each show, so if you saw the show multiple times, you would likely see at least one different actor from the before.

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