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January 03 2007

It's back - Dark Horse's Buffy Zone returns. And to kick it all off, there's a wonderful insight from Scott Allie on how the Buffy season 8 comic book came to be.

Got to love the profiled third party website. And the weirdly wonderful Buffy dance mix game.

That's a great read.

Love the pictures. Especially that big black thing at the top ;-)
It's quite the honour :).
Ack! Ack! Big black thing! Oh, wait, it's my friend on MySpace, what am I worried about.
I dont understand the dancing game... it is weird.
Hey! Who's that hot bitch in the top right corner? Damn... looking fine. ;) I am so absolutely excited about this... truly can't wait for whatever nasties and funnies Joss has in-store for us with S8. *glee*

I'm all can't-wait-can't-stand-the-wait-oh-GOD-it's-all-new-can't-believe-she-said-THAT-dear-god-what-
minute... but, oh, wait... crap! I'll be in India when this is released. #!&%@!*@%!! What are the chances of getting picking this up on March 7th in Old Delhi? /grumbles... No fair.
I would say I'd bring it with when I arrive, but... it'll come out while I'm there, too! Prakash Books and a couple others in New Delhi claims to sell comics, so there's a possibility :) But it may be they wouldn't get it until after we return, or that they may not sell imports or only trade paperback imports (I did see Tintin and Asterix and stuff like that mentioned). There's always the comic shop on the way back from the airport >:)

How great to see the Big Black getting down with its bad self on the 'ol Dark Horse website :) /proud
You know, barest_smidgen and zeitgeist, you can ask a comics shop near to where you live to order copies for you. They'll hold them pretty much indefinitely.

But, anyway...I also dug the fact that the big W was linked to.
Hollywood has been turned on its ear. First they make movies about old TV shows. Then they make movies from comic books and video games. I am convinced that when Buffy is a MONSTER HIT as a comic series, the big whigs are going to be forced to re-examine putting this money making property back on screen. I just don't know if it will be a screen in my living room or a badass IMAX screen. Can you imagine what that opening night would be like??? (I might be deluded but either way it makes me smile)
You know, alexreager, I wouldn't be surprised if that is partly Joss' motivation. Stir up interest in his characters in a format with an audience (that he's gained lots of cred with) that studios know is large, and vocal, and can make them lots of money, and has in recent years. Then the studios (FOX) ask him about doing a big screen thing.

But, I don't know, and I don't mean to say that that is what Joss is thinking (I'd never presume), but it would make sense to me, from a larger picture standpoint, if the comics become a massive hit.

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*kid from The Simpsons voice* Haha, barest and zeitgeist we get to read the first issue weeks before you guys, meanwhile all you have to look forward to is an exotic trip together to far flung sunny India. We Win ! We Win ! Err, we win ? ... Erm, woot ? ;-).

Also not doing the presumey thing pat32082 but if it was me, i'd want to stick with the comics (especially if I was as big a control, err, enthusiast, as Joss claims he is ;). No actors to worry about schedules (or, dare I say it, egos), no budget constraints, waaaaay less juggling different departments/resources etc. as well as less time to produce (so more time for family/other projects/geese juggling) and in comics at least Joss has the respect he deserves (i'm sure he still gets notes from his editor etc. but they're unlikely to feature stuff like "Can you make it less vampirey ?" or "Does it have to be a girl ?" ;).

Also, I know some have read DB and SMG's comments as broadly positive about movies but, to me at least, they've always sounded more like slightly political answers framed to avoid offending huge swathes of fans as well as preserving future career opportunities i.e. "Not definitely not, just really, really probably not" style responses (totally their choice of course and I don't blame them for maybe getting a bit hacked off with questions about Buffy/Angel at every interview).

(though I guess it couldn't hurt potential 'minor' character spin-off possibilities and don't get me wrong, if it did happen and Joss was into it, i'd be first - OK, joint first along with all you lot ;) - in line)
Now the comics are coming out any future film/tv stuff would be a major continuity headache. Joss would have to cater for people who've seen all the tv show and read all the comics, people who've only seen the show, people who've only read the comics, people who hadn't seen or read anything at all, all while trying to make an exciting story.
And that's all valid, Saje.

But Joss is also a guy who loves movies, loves his actors, and I'm sure has had a Buffy movie idea floating around somewhere in his brain. Because, somehow, he keeps thinking of stuff. And he keeps himself crazy-busy.

I'm not saying it would ever come to pass, but that he might be at least trying and hoping to open some doors that are closed right now, to give himself the possible future option someday...
Buffy with actors would be great, but right now, I'm really looking forward to March. I love this little story about the double 15. How special to get two bonus pages. Awesome. How typically Joss. I love it.

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UPC - I've been doing just that for many a year now (had a pull list at the local shop, that is) :) Just being impatient about getting to read the issue is all!
Well, that is unfortunate. 'Least you'll get a time! ;-)
Just wait... Buffy: Thirty-Something will hit screens sooner than you think. By that time, SMG will be ready to revisit the character that made her career. Oh, and it will be a feature film. A blockbuster one at that.

DVD sales, comicbook continuation, F/X syndication... the audience is building up for the return of BTVS.

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