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January 03 2007

The Hot Stars of 2007. And they picked Nathan Fillion! Hey, "His second major leading role in a film " is White Noise: The Light??? What about SLiTHER? I'm telling SLiTHER Director James Gunn. edit: The article has been corrected to mention SLiTHER. Whoo-hoo!

Thanks to FollowMal who posted this on Appreciatin' Nathan thread on and "1toSmile who broke this article over on the Appreciatin' Our Captain thread on the Skiffy board!"

First Front Page post. Forgive me.

Well...someone seemed to have told the nice people at MovieHole, since the blurb for Nathan now has White Noise 2: The Light as his third major feature film, instead of only his second;)
That was fast.

Now it says "His third major leading role in a film - after 2005’s “Serenity” and "Slither" – is “White Noise : The Light”"

Eeeek, I'd better tell James Gunn that it has been corrected before he releases the hounds.
You'd think that if Nathan's supposed to be one of the next big things in 2007, they'd know what movies he was in. I see Masi Oka (alias Hiro on "Heroes") is in there, too.

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For Zoe Bell they put picture of Elizabeth Banks. And for Masi Oka they didn't put his biggest achievement to date. He was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for his role on Heroes.
Good point. It would be great if he did win for the show.
My good bud, Patrick Lussier, directed the film - and I know he's darn talented, so you Tightpants fans are in for a treat.

Er, full disclosure much? The Captain totally deserves being on a list of Hot Stars of 2007, yo, but the writer is definitely biased! I'm just saying.
2007, Year of the Fillion !

(well deserved if things pan out for him)

The only other actor on the list that i've heard of is Masi Oka and he also deserves great things (why am I not amazed he's a former ILM effects artist ? Either he is a geek or he can channel geek most effectively). To make us believe utterly in comic-book nerd Hiro and then in virtually the same breath make us believe utterly in Hiro is no small thing, IMO (and what a cool moment that was too).

And they're remaking 'Halloween'. Great. Really pleased. I mean it's not as if it's almost the perfect slasher movie already and a remake will very likely not meet the standard of the original. Oh, wait ...

(did nobody in Hollywood see 'Get Carter' ? Or if they did, did they learn nothing from the experience ?)
Saje, Masi Oka was on Jay Leno last night, and he rocked! I'm sure someone will be posting it on YouTube any moment now. Mr. Oka explained that he has an IQ of around 180, but it might just have been that he is a good test-taker and knows how to cheat them, lol. He not only still works for ILM, he designed some of their code for creating CGI water for The Perfect Storm and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Wired has an article with more about Masi's work. Not that I'm a Hiro/Masi fan or anything. ;-)
billz how about that Time magazine cover. It was great to see someone like Masi make Justin Timberlake feel like he wasn't up to par.

ETA: Masi Oka YouTube greatest hits here and here.

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LOL! Exactly right, delirium_haze. Who's bringing sexy back now, Justin? ;-)

Actually, the snark is all mine. In fact, I was very impressed by how humble about his accomplishments Masi seemed. Definitely a dude who rocks hard. ;-)
Masi Oka also mentioned last night that he does his own translations into Japanese in the script.

Back on topic, I've been watching Nathan Fillion since his days as Joey on One Life to Live so I'm only surprised that it took this long for him to be recognised as an 'upcoming' star.
I saw Mr. Oka on Leno, too. Wow! He had such great energy, but not overly much, and he wasn't shy about his abilities or accomplishments, but wasn't boastful either. The way he shared his enjoyment of using his right and left brain together - he just seemed genuine. Timberlake seemed nice enough, but Oka was the star.

And Saje, that Hiro moment certainly blew me away, because, like you say, he was so utterly believable.

Oh, and yay Nathan! (Though I imagine he's tiring of the up and coming lists year after year...)
Can somebody tell me how scary Slither and White Noise 2 are? I'm missin' me my captain, but I still get nightmares about Freddie Krueger 20 years after watching Nightmare on Elm Street so I don't do horror movies.
Cheers for the links guys (someone had indeed posted the Leno interview but someone else i.e. NBC had very quickly de-posted it, pesky laws ;).

tigerlily, if you're really not a horror fan you'd probably find 'Slither' to be quite gory and it also has a few 'jump scares', not seen WN2 yet but it seems more a 'jump scare' type of film, much less gory than 'Slither' so if you don't mind that type of 'horror' (really more suspense IMO) then you should be OK.

Everyone's line is in a different place though (and 'Slither's gore is quite fantastical and funny in its over-the-topness rather than the really nasty torture style stuff you'd see in say 'Hostel' or 'Wolf Creek', which, for me, makes it much easier to take).
tigerlily, I don't like gory movies, either. The good things about Slither for gore wimps like us, lol, are that you can tell when something gory is coming and look away, and it's not like things slowly creep up on you from the shadows or in your dreams like Freddie; . I very much agree with Saje that it's fantasy-type gore rather than people or demons torturing victims. The bad things about Slither for gore wimps are that there's a lot of blood makeup, and the scariest scenes for me are scenes where: . So, in fact, IMO I'd call Slither "gory," but the scary stuff is mostly limited to the scenes I mentioned in the invisi-text. Otherwise, it's very, very funny. And the extras are really funny; it's worth renting the DVD just for the deleted scenes and the behind-the-scenes features, and the commentary track by James and Nathan. YMMV. :-)

Buy the SLiTHER DVD. It is a keeper. Decide whether to watch the extras first or not--maybe less scary after you see how they made the effects. Watch the movie with the commentary TURNED ON. Commenary with SLiTHER Director James Gunn and Nathan Fillion. Be sure to run the commentary to the very very end of the credits.

Another Nathan fan wrote that she ONLY has watched SLiTHER with the commentary on.

Nathan is in almost every section of the DVD extras. You won't be "I'm missin' me my captain". You'll be "I'm Bill Pardy".
Oh tigerlily, exactly my predicament. And it's nightmare on Elmstreet too, that has entirely ruined me forever for horrr movies. But after the replies I shall think about watching Slither. The creepy part about Nightmare was that you never knew when it was dreams and when not or what. Very creepy. If Slither is different I'm gonna chance it.

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