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January 04 2007

Once More With Feeling screenings. A site with lots of information about the Once More With Feeling screenings that are spreading through the country. Support the Buffy revolution!!!

There's also some pretty cool pics and short vids... especially the SMG one about halfway down the page :)

Man, I'm jazzed! Seattle HAS to have enough fans for OMWF to show up here. Here's hopin'!

But if the big photo telling Dawn to shut up indicates that that's part of the audience template for the sing-along, it's one part of the fandom dictating to others, isn't it? If that's okay, why not shouts of "Buffy and Angel Forevah!" every time Spike appears? Neutrality in the fan disputes seems like it should be a prerequisite, if only to attract the largest number of fans without alienating anybody.

I plan to go with friends no matter what, but I don't want to feel we have to choose between shouting "We love you, Dawn" to provide a counterpoint or sit there feeling resentful. It's supposed to be a celebration for everybody.
Ah, yes. The famous Shut Up Dawn thing.
Fun! Any other Whedonesquer's (or is it Whedonesquees) going to the Chicago showing on the 12th at the music box?
I would gleefully shout shut up Dawn. Raucously, even. I love that aspect of the singalongs. Sure wish one would come to AZ. Does anyone know how to go about organizing one of these?
From Shmuel who, sadly, lacks a Whedonesque login:

"shambleau: in fact, the canonical response to Spike appearing on screen is 'BITE ME!'

"Speaking as a fan of Dawn -- an excellent character whose potential was sadly overlooked by the writers in season seven -- and as somebody who hugely enjoyed the very first singalong OWMF at the Coolidge, my advice is to sit back and go with the flow. It's goofy audience-participation fun, not a mission statement.

"(I even ended up using the phrase at issue as the headline of my report on the screening, which also includes the original instruction sheet.)"

[ edited by C. A. Bridges on 2007-01-04 19:58 ]
At the two shows I went to at the Coolidge Theater in Boston, we were directed to shout "Shut Up Dawn" EVERY time the camera was on her. I'm neutral about Dawn - neither love nor hate her - but this was too much for me. If there were just a few places where we were to shout that phrase I'd be fine - but all the time felt too mean and took away from my enjoyment.
Where's the west coast love? I'm in Kirkland, WA (very near Seattle) and I'd love to attend one of these Buffy events. Here's hopin'...

On the Dawn issue, I have to say I'm not a fan of that particular shout out either. While Dawn can be bratty at times, I'd feel uncomfortable yelling out something bad about a character I don't particularly mind. And then to ask me to say/hear it over and over again... that's too much. But everything else about this event seems wonderful. Really, lets get some. :)
Yes West Coast, but more central. Say, in San Francisco???

Oh, and Shut Up Dawn!
I'm going to jump in and defend the "Shut up, Dawn" thing. I went to the very first screening back in October and I admit that at that time it was said WAY too often. As in every time she appeared on the screen whether she spoke or not. But now that they have a cast at these things (at least at the New York ones) "Dawn" directs the audience when to shout it. And it's really only shouted at times when you really do want her to shut up, like when she's whining or when she tells Tara that her and Willow were in a fight. In fact, there's one point at the very end when Dawn holds up a "I'm right this time" card. All in all, it's just for fun. I don't think people get too antagonistic about the whole thing.
*struggles with the whole self promoting thing*
There will be one in Oakland in Feb.
I went to the latest one in Boston and it was so much fun! I don't remember them overdoing the "Shut up Dawn"-s too much... I do remember that during her song when she asks if anybody even notices or cares the little instruction sheets we got said to yell "NO!" and a lot of people did, but it wasn't mean-feeling, just funny.
Sing-a-Long's are soooooooo very fun! I've gone to two of them in Pittsburgh. And I hope to go to a lot more!

PG16- we did the same during her little song as well. It's definitely more funny then mean.
There must be enough fans in London to make OWMF S-A-Ls here a viable proposition, surely! I want one! I want it now! I want the chance to shout "Shut up, Dawn" and to invite Spike to bite me!!!
I really want to go, but I want to go with friends and the one friend is just starting S4 totally unspoiled. Not spoiling her seems sooo much more important than jumping the gun. I just hope they will continue in NYC until I can get her through the series. (Tries not to bite nails.)
We need OMWF out on HD-DVD!
Where's the west coast love? I'm in Kirkland, WA (very near Seattle) and I'd love to attend one of these Buffy events. Here's hopin'...

mikejer, you're welcome to come up to Vancouver (BC) when we have one. After all, some of us drove down to Kirkland to the Firefly Marathon in 2005 (can't say last year, any more ;-)). We've had a OWMF sing-a-long the last two years at the end of October, and I believe one is already being planned for about the same time this year.

And, yes, people do yell, "Shut up, Dawn" every time she appears on screen and I find it very uncomfortable. Just the way I was brought up, I guess; you know, 'if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all!' ;-).
alexreager, I'm going to the Chicago show! Sadly, many of my Buffy fans already have other plans, but I've got at least 2 people who I think are going for sure. I can't wait! I've ALWAYS wanted to go to one of these things. :)

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