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January 04 2007

(SPOILER) White Noise: The Light review from The Scotsman. It's the first review of the movie, and quite spoilerific. They didn't like it. The Metro also review it, and didn't like it (also spoilers).

At least the new trailer is cool.

I've decided in Nathan Fillion's case, I will disregard the reviews and go anyway. Plus, Katee Sackhoff. Yum.

You know, even if the flick stinks, I'm sure I'll disagree with the reviewer who said the audience would have a hard time finding NF's ability to "play God" plausible. Possibly so in the case of this movie, but we all know he can play God better than most. I love me a God-playin' Captain Mal.
I thought Captain Mal, was an ardent atheist? :P
Eh, I always just thought that Mal got techy because things didn't go his way and got all insecure and decided God was to blame. ;-)

Anyway, I'm pretty sure that the movie will suck (despite not having seen the trailer because of this crappy dial-up connection that was only supposed to be temporary until I got my new high-speed modem...four months ago), but I'm still seeing it for Nathan, and Katee's inclusion just sweetens the deal.

Critics are just plain mean. But I think I will give this one a chance anyway. Besides, staring at Nathan Fillion on the big screen for a couple of hours doesn't sound sooo bad. Plus, Starbuck is in it. What more could a sci-fi geeky fangirl ask for?

Yeah. I just gave Black Christmas a shot and liked it. I'll go see something Cap'n Mal's in.
"and Fillion - off the back of Serenity's frivolity - has a tough time trying to convince us he's cut out for mourning loved ones and playing God."

-Wait a second... "frivolity"?!? Not only do they show no respect for Nathan, they even toss in a dig at the BDM. Hard to take that review seriously...
frivolity indeed, how rude ;)
Wait a second, Dan from Eastenders is in this?!

I like the review from Heat much better that says they haven't seen it yet but "we like Mr Fillion."
Well great, since Nathan's last two flicks received glowing reviews and didn't do well at the box office, this one receiving suck reviews means it will rake in the cash! Good job! ;-)
The "frivolity" comment is what irks me. Shows bias against, IMO. I'm not going to comment on how good or bad I think the movie will be since I won't be able to see it for who knows how long, but I think it is safe to say that if there is one person who has 'mourning loved ones' down, I'd say it's Nathan Fillion. I mean, come on!!
The new trailer looks good too. And scary. Who else has seen the movie? Or will? Mark the time to the scary bits for me, would you please? Thanks.

I think by saying there was frivolity in Serenity, the reviewer is demonstrating that he doesn't understand movies. Or maybe falls asleep, or watches them high, or something. 'Cause, Serenity was not so much with the frivol -- er, you know what I mean. In any case, it is clear that this reviewer is not very perceptive. WN2 might be good or it might be bad, but this reviewer's opinion doesn't hold a lot of credibility with me based on this.

ETA: I will go see this film for Nathan and Katee regardless. For example, I don't usually like horror films, but I saw Slither when it came out on DVD, then had to buy it because I loved it so much! You never know what you'll think of a movie, TV show or book till you see it yourself!

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I'll play devil's advocate and argue that Serenity was frivolous when compared to many other films. For example:

Schindler's List
An Inconvenient Truth
American History X

Critics have to be grumpy, or else we would call them something else. Maybe Complimenters. Or Celebrators. At any rate, bad reviews won't keep everyone from taking in the cinematic goodness of Nathan Fillion, and it is sure nice to see a favorite actor working steadily.

Slither was glorious.

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Mistress Mal makes a good point. A bad review may be just what we need.
There's a slightly more positive 2 stars out of 5 review over at The Guardian.
Thanks for the Guardian link, Simon; it sounds really positive, esp. compared to the others! I definitely have more excitement about the film after reading that one. Charming actors and an unhinged last half-hour -- rockin'! ;-)
Oh god, a good review! We're doomed!

Okay, so The Guardian loves the last half hour and The Metro hates it, so WTH???
Okay, so if it's not too scary, I might venture to see it just for a FillionFix. If it's cert 15 it can't be too bad, right?
It's not too gory, tigerlily. It depends what scares you.

MALicious - it's in the eye of the beholder. The last half hour is all DEVILS and DEMONS and all that razz, so basically where it falls off the rails to a lot of people.

Amusingly, The Scotsman were actually one of the biggest supporters of Serenity -- during the world premiere (the actual world premiere!) in Edinburgh, they published a glowing review of the film, which went on all the online publicity as quotes.
Maybe the world premiere itself is the frivolity they're actually thinking of? ;-)
Thanks for the info, gossi. I might venture to see this one then, sounds more my cup of tea than Slither.

ETA for some reason can't post comments on the other thread about big stars of 2007 so would like to say here, thanks for the input about Slither and White Noise 2. Given that I'm a horror movie wimp and I'm also very slug-o-phobic, perhaps I'd better give Slither a miss!

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Oooooh, if you are a slug-o-phobic, tigerlily, Slither is NOT for you! But, maybe if you have a friend who owns the DVD, they might share the DVD extras with you -- there is a gag reel and some behind-the-scenes clips that are very funny, very curse-word-a-riffic and very slug-free! ;-)
Personnally, I think nows the perfect time to fight your slug phobia with some Fillion goodness. Seriously though, I think Slither is an absolutly fantastic film and it saddens me that people haven't seen it.
The premise of Slither turned me off, but Nathan Fillion totally made it worth watching. Can't think of anyone else I'd watch it for. Seriously. He even made crappy dialogue sound pretty good! And while I'm still not a Slither fan, I enjoyed his two co-stars much more than I anticipated.
I've just seen it here in the UK. You know what I enjoyed it. Nathan is pure class in this film, really convincing in the part of Abe and it becomes very easy to forget that your watching the actor who bought us Mal.Lets face it Nathan is Always worth watching and he and Katee Sackoff have great chemistry. There's more than a few twists and turns in the plot and the special effects are pretty good too especially the stunts. White Noise the Light may not be a Oscar winning film but its worthwhile and enjoyable none the less. Oh and the Firefly reference is still there.. watch out for it.
Oh, I like your review much better, genesgal!
Ah, Slither. Just wish that the, uh, filing cabinet scene had been left in.
That was a great scene, Ocular. I'm tellin' y'all, the DVD extras are at least as good if not better than the movie itself! ;-)

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