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January 04 2007

Buffy is an "Entertainment Weekly Big Event for 07". Buffy Season 8 comic checks in at number 8 on the Top 20 Big Events EW anxiously awaits in 2007.

Not that I'm in to many of those on the list, but as far as entertainment products/people go, that's some impressive company. And Buffy's entry is a comic. Wow. How mainstream is that coverage? I'm tickled.
...well, DUH. :)
If any mainstream media outlet gets the Whedon Minion of the Decade Award it would have to be EW. Their love is true.
I haven't read a comic book since I was 9 years old. That was many a-years ago (okay, decades), but I'm really looking forward to this release. When it comes to Joss' stories on BtVS, I'll take them in any form. Thank you, Joss!
Yes, EW is awesome in its Joss love. It's very rare when they go several issues without mentioning him or his ilk.

However, I did find it kind of slap-in-the-face-like that when Serenity came out on DVD, they ran an article about Buffy saying, "Serenity's out on DVD now, but let's talk about our REAL favorite Joss Whedon creation..." or something of the like.

Still, my subscription remains loyal.
Buffy is ALWAYS an event.
It's great that EW is continuing with their Buffy love, no matter the format. I can't wait to visit with Buffy & the Scoobies again.
For some reason I'm not seeing the article.
Not seeing it either.
Found the new link. EW seems to have revamped their site and perhaps the URLs got changed.
Buffy season 8 definitely makes my list of things I'm most looking forward to in 2007. It ranks a smidgen higher, though. I'm not too concerned about Alicia Keys. Still, kudos EW!
Okay, saw it...thanks!

The Charlie Wilson's war thing looks good, too!
cool, I know I'm excited about it but it's great to see the mainstream media so excited too, and that far above spiderman 3, wow :-0
Buffy season eight is what I'm most looking forward to. Wonder Woman--is that gonna be 2008 now?--is close behind.

That said, I agree with their number one choice. The Simpsons hasn't really worked for me in years and years, but I'm cautiously optimistic about the film. If it works? It could be fantastic.
I saw a clip of The Simpsons movie at Comic-Con, with unfinished animation. It looked pretty good. Now, the series still works for me, even if the last few seasons haven't been its best.
So I'm desperately looking forward to series 8 in whatever format, but as a complete comic virgin (unless The Beano counts from about 30 years ago)how do I go about finding my local comic store or any place that might sell it?
tigerlily do you live in the UK?
Yes I'm in the UK near Manchester.
Thanks TamaraC, will check that out.
There's a Forbidden Planet International in Manchester.

You can get the comic book on their website but you have to subscribe to other comic books which kinda sucks if you just want to get the Buffy book.
Thats great, but I don't understand some of the others on the list. Why is Ocean's Thirteen there?
Why was that movie made at all? wasn't 12 bad enough?
But if they are excited about Matt Damon getting action why didn't they mention The Bourne Ultimatum?
Pretty sure that's not the kind of 'action' they mean urkonn ;) but yeah, 'The Bourne Ultimatum' is one of my most eagerly awaited for later in the year.

(this certainly seems like a _very_ personal list though, I mean, 'Footballers Wives' ?)
Well the new season 8 comic is my number one this year, not really into the other things nearly as much.
tigerlily, I have mine on order from The Travelling Man comic store in York. Their website ( says they have a store in Manchester too. I didn't have to subscribe to anything else and the shop assistant was very helpful as I too had no real idea how to go about getting hold of a comic!
I'm also totally thriled that "The Golden Compass" is being made into a film. Wow!
Wouldn't it be amazing if the Buffy comics make the March cover? EW loves Buffy, so I really wouldn't be too surprised.

Wish Drive was on the list...
Drive was in the actual magazine's winter TV preveiw of shows to watch, Harmalicious. :) It got a whole page to itself where most of the other shows got half/quarter pages.

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I just discovered "The Golden Compass" series this year and was hooked. I'll be interested to see the movie.

Also will be glad to see Harry Potter wrapped up so I can stop worrying about anything happening to J.K. Rowling before we find out the final secret that links Harry to He Who Cannot Be Spelled.
Thanks, ProphecyGirl! That is very cool. I subscribe to the magazine, but I don't remember the article at all. hmm...
While I am looking forward to the season 8 comics, It would be nice to see Angel continued as well. There is still more stories that need to be told.

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