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January 04 2007

Serenity flies again for 11 seconds. Fans are experimenting with producing Zoic style special effects using their home PCs, using a budget of $0. There's two more attempts here and here.

If this is too off the wall for Whedonesque I apologise - it's just funky looking stuff, is all.

The first is the best, imo. It's really, really good.
River sure is getting the hang of flying that thing.

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She sure is rolling in the water in the second video. Glad to see she is ok.

And I am still surprised how much I missed her!
They're all produced by different people. I've seen about 20 or so people online now playing about with this kind of thing, but none of them are on the same sites or talking to each other as far as I know.

Mind you, I've no idea what purpose it would serve. But it looks pretty. Whilst I looking at the first one, I was thinking - I miss that ship.
Awesome! Bring on the fan films, the 'verse will love them. While most Star Wars attempts are fromage, there are occasional jewels. Troops, anyone?
It's good to see her flyin' again...
Well done! I wonder if the 'In the Black' folks should start recruiting...
Really impressive. Makes me think that maybe one day in the future CGI will be good enough for people to make a realistic-looking fan made sequel to Serenity. But River in CGI would never be as good as the real thing, no matter how advanced the technology was ^_^
That was nifty.

I hope more people keep playing with stuff like this and expanding the verse.
Wow :o I wasn't expected it to be of THAT high quality. Well done to those folks!
These are great.
Wonderful to see the ship fly.

I had a few little issues with the roll being arrested too quickly (and without reversing the engines quite enough), but I'm an aerospace engineering who does stability and controls, so I think about these things. But, regardless, these are great.
Sweet. After watching the second one, I've got the music in my head from the movie. *sniffles*
Call me when we're able to make virtual facsimiles of everyone from the guy who holds the mic up to Mr. Joss Whedon. Computers today can do Serenity; computers tomorrow, the whole series! Then we can get all the Firefly we want!

This may take a number of years to perfect. Like I said, call me when we get there.
YAY! YAY! YAY! Yay for all three! I thought these were wonderful, and also a wonderful way to waste time! Would that I could do a fraction of this stuff! Keep them coming. For me? Please?
Wow, that was great. Major kudos to those responsible.

Damn it, I miss that bird.
They're all really great though I think the first one has more of the spontaneous 'Zoic' feel with the shaky cam, focus issues etc. and I also liked Serenity's 'warp-speed' moment at the end.

The others were also good though I agree with whoever said she looked a bit too nose down during entry (I guess it may not be re-entry if they haven't been there before ;) to atmo.

(and the piece flying off at the end of the third one was a funny little nod ;)

Reminds me of how irrationally proud I felt when we first saw her on the big screen, theme playing, blazing into an atmosphere with Mal and Wash clearly visible through the windows. Just the 'bigness' of the effects made me think 'Yeah, man ! Made it to The Show' ;).
Reminds me of how irrationally proud I felt when we first saw her on the big screen, theme playing, blazing into an atmosphere with Mal and Wash clearly visible through the windows.

Me too Saje, I got all chin wobbly and emotional.

These are fantastic,I am so impressed with the quality. Flans are so talented.
Obligatory quote -

"No power in the verse..."
There is no way in hell that the Fireflyverse will resurface if effects work is getting this cheap and "easy". Oh yeah, the future is bright and shiny. good to see the ship, moving, turning....miss it so very, very much. Thank you to all who worked so hard for a few seconds of vid.
very nice.. thanks Gossi... it does make me want to leave work early and spend the night with my dvds.. guess the cd will have to suffice for the moment.

Oh wow. Those were actually.....they were just spectacular.
a) I loved seeing those clips

b) Hmmmm... Need to rewatch Serenity again tonight :)

c) I need to take another stab at designing the Firefly characters in Poser again.
Okay, so I got lost on Youtube, and found this rather funny look at the VFX industry.
That was beautiful. And it yanked on my heart-strings in the worst way...

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