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January 05 2007

The reviews are in for SMG's Happily Never After, which opens this Friday. "There's little else so original and inspired in this by-the-storybook affair, and the German studio's computer animation looks state-of-the-art from five or ten years ago. But in the right context, we may have here a fabulous cult classic."

Honestly, I chose this one was the only positive one out of 22 on Rotten Tomatoes. LOL, and we could all stand to be a little more positive.

We're all about the positive here. Except when we're not.

I thought this film would never come out. I'm not one for seeing animated flicks at the cinema but I'll check it out when it comes out on DVD>
The link is repeatedly not working for me.
The link does not work for me either.
It does now! I changed the link! Too much coffee and nicotine makes Simon a buzzy admin.
Thanks, Simon. It sounds like a fun one for NetFlix.
it's from the Shrek people, I think this could do very well.
I thought it was just another animated film, I'll check it out on DVD.It might be alright if its from the Shrek people.
Just read another bad review in the Metro News this morning. They said it was a sad sorry rip-off from Shrek and that everyone read their lines with the same blank urgency.
It does now! I changed the link! Too much coffee and nicotine makes Simon a buzzy admin.

Aw, Simon, you started smoking again? I only lasted four days on my New Year's resolution, but I'm going to start quitting again at dawn. Maybe.

Happily N'ever After looks like the kind of thing I usually see on cable, but I still hope it's a success.

[ edited by dreamlogic on 2007-01-05 16:21 ]
Four days is good dreamlogic. Just give it another try. Go Dreamlogic!!

Was Simon quitting too? I must have missed that. If so, "Go Simon!" If not...uh...Happy New Year? (Ok, I got nothin'.)
Most of the time I like movies that reviewers don't, so I'm going to go to see Happily N'ever After in the theater...and also to support SMG.
Marc Blucas' Thr3e opens this weekend in the States as well and Nathan Fillion's White Noise 2 premieres in the UK too.

I'm sure this some sort of record for Buffyverse actors.
Yeah, dreamlogic, give it another go. From what people were posting the other day, it takes several tries to quit smoking completely, and even just cutting down is a great start. Go DL! ;-)

Also, yay Whedonverse actors! :-)
Dreamlogic do give it a go hey. I've smoked since I was 14, and I'm 38 (ack) now, and I've given up a few times, once for 5 years. I haven't smoked now since last May....and the reason I'm telling you all this is....the patches....go the patches! I've always gone cold before and oh man....the patches made it SO much easier!!

I'm so proud of all our Whedonesquer's and their no longer giving their money over to evil tobacco corporations.
Hey, we should totally start quitting smoking support threads at flikr and org!
Looks like Thr3e is taking a beating review as well > Rotten Tomatoes

Even from the audience it is suppose to play to Christianity Today movie review.

"Thr3e looks like it should work on paper, as fans of the book will attest. But a shaky narrative, clumsy storytelling, and unintentionally campy acting make this a frustrating movie-going experience that's only worth half the stars of its title."

[ edited by RavenU on 2007-01-06 00:43 ]
I read one review of the movie (not good) But it does mentions how much better it would be if it had Spike/Buffy/Angel..

the review

Stop with the stopping-smoking-talk! ;) I'm feeling guilty already!
I saw a press screening of this on Tuesday. Wait for DVD. When you've got a drink in your hand. And good friends to make fun of it with. Possibly some No-Doze.

There was just no "pop" in the performances, and the story was beyond predictable. At least I got just what I paid for ;)
April: "Stop with the stopping-smoking-talk! ;) I'm feeling guilty already!"

I don't know if this helps any, April, but one of my resolutions this year was to keep smoking, no matter what - maybe increase a little, as the wellbutrin has caused my intake to sink to dangerously low levels.

(As I recall, Simon has announced going off the weed a couple of times in the past six or so months. And it may be my completely erroneous perception, but I have the distinct impression that an unusually large percentage of whedonesquers - as compared to the general population - continue to smoke cigarettes. May everyone that wants to quit, successfully quit, leaving more cigarettes for the rest of us. :P )
But then, QG, it leaves us less time to talk with you as you are outside having a smoke!
Hey Nixy, I also quit smoking last May, And have smoked since I was 14. Couldn't have done it without the lozenges.... Now to contemplate dieting......;-)

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