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"I prefer man reaction."
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January 05 2007

I once shot a man in Reno... xkcd shows how much the cancellation of a Joss series can affect someone, just as long as it rhymes with die...

Haha! Nice! I like it.
I love that comic. Read it every day (even though it's not updated every day!). He got linked on Slashdot a few weeks ago too. He just always brings the great geek material.

By the way, do we have a term for when a site goes down because it's linked here? I humbly propose Jossdotted.

(Please tell me someone else remembers this.)
I think the official term is "Whedonesqued".
Very funny. Evidence that even stick figures can be delightful with the right dialogue. As a graphic artist underdeveloped in the drawing skills, I've maintained this for years, but it's actually true in this instance.

I've always loved that whole "I once shot a man in Reno" schtick anyway, used to great effect here.

(Sorry, b!x, no clue... even google was not particularly enlightening, although the Urban Dictionary had some definitions that gave me the bigosh creepin' willies...)
I like "Whedonplotzed."
Heh, nice. "Whedonesqued" ? Did we do something to the site (cos it still works for me) ?

("Whedonated" ? Which'd make Simon/Caroline The Whedonator)

b!x, do you mean the Costner picture from the 80s ? Man I used to love that movie (might still do if it holds up, haven't seen it in years).

"Here's to us and that and privileges of youth, here's to us and what we were !"

Damn, now I wanna go and dig up Dom.

(if it's not that then i've got nothing, sorry ;)
The geek punstery displayed in both the comic and the ensuing thread here are quite delightful. You really are a clever bunch. I'm especially fond of whedonesqueplosion.

In other news, will that purplefonted washkillah EVER post an end of year message or has he forsaken us entirely?

*reads previous year's messages*
*gets a little misty eyed*
Hit Prev a few times till you get to "People who Comment on YouTube Videos"

redfern: hahaha, classic. I was just the other day having a similar thought re. the youtube comments. They make me fear the brains of humanpeople.
My memory was bugging me and I checked it out and I'm right. There's no "once" in "Folsom Prison Blues." It's "but I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die." Sorry to be anal, but there it is.

No one could steer me right
But Firefly tried.
Veronica Mars also did a riff, in 'The Rapes of Graff', but she used "I once shot a man in Reno". I'll bet she and her Dad watched Firefly.
XKCD is by far my favorite comic strip in any medium right now. Be sure to always mouse over the comic for the alt/title text that always adds something more. For more on this comic, there's a blag entry here. (And yes, it's blag, not blog. :-P )
Veronica Mars also did a riff, in 'The Rapes of Graff', but she used "I once shot a man in Reno"

So the comic artist was referencing VM. That entirely works for me. I just thought he or she was mixing the meter from "Mama Tried" in with "Folsom" - they're very similar songs, so no shame there - and coming up with "I once."
fandangoed... for peeps who did not seem aware , it was I think during the pre-screenings..when tickets went on sale through fandango..and it was constantly crashing I think?
Some of this info is from wikipedia, and it matches my memories as well.

I believe that "once shot a man in Reno" is a conflation (as our Ms. Jane-!Kitty! would say) of the TV ad for Time-Life Books "Old West" series* and the "Folsom Prison Blues" lyric "I shot a man in Reno/just to watch him die."

Coincidentally, Johnny Cash wrote and recorded both "Folsom Prison Blues" as well as a song about Hardin entitled "Hardin Wouldn't Run."

I believe this is sufficiently geeky to establish my geek creds for this year. That and the fact that I'd already thought about and researched the subject prior to this whedonesque thread.


Yup, I am a big dork.

*During the description of the book "The Gunfighters" the claim is made, "John Wesley Hardin... so mean he once shot a man just for snoring."
Hey, here's something completely off-topic, but slightly relevant to Jane Espenson: on Scrubs last night, JD was trying to figure out what to do for a patient who was depressed, so he dumped a box full of kittens on the guy's chest. Yes, actual !kittens! Good times. /ot babbling ;-)

Er, on-topic -- er, I have never shot a man in Reno. Not even once. Yay me! ;-)
I Once More Shot a Man in Reno With Feeling

and I couldn't tell you why.
"I once shot a man in Reno just for turning down a part."

(Allright, now I'm quoting myself on an earlier whedonesque thread. I don't think it gets much more self-referential than that...
Bad QuoterGal!)

Boy oh boy, Quotergirl, you are on a rip! Everybody stand aside or be run over by the references.

Hee hee, I do love watching someone having fun. It's a good way to start the new year. ;-)
You know, that statement wouldn't be funny if it weren't for irony.

Quoting XKCD on self-referential quoting. It really is my favourite comic strip right now.
Snoring isn't a good reason to shoot people? Well, I'm embarrassed.

Thanks for the trip back to that great thread, QuoterGal.
The phrase, as far as I know, originally comes from the traditional ballad Duncan and Brady about a notorious St. Louis murder from 1893:

Well it's twinkle, twinkle, little star
Along came Brady in his 'lectric car
He's got a mean look right in his eye
He's gonna shoot somebody just to see 'em die
He's been on the job too long

It's the sort of story that would fit right into the Firefly 'verse pretty neatly, come to think of it.
Hit Prev a few times till you get to "People who Comment on YouTube Videos"


Ha ha ha ha! Oh man. This comic is great.
I love that comic. Meant to post it, but figured someone'd get the link I'd missed.

bix- fandangoed? Seems a bit grim, and I lack a white tuxedo.

(Man, I hope that's what you mean, or else I just sound crazy.)
um, maybe the term should be b!x-dangoed?

Deep thoughts... If the Man in Black were on Firefly, what would he sing?
"Burning Ring of Fire[fly]")?
"A Boy Named Jayne?"
And would he have ultimately changed the color of his coat?
redfern wrote:
Hit Prev a few times till you get to "People who Comment on YouTube Videos"

The one on Firefox had me laughing out loud. That and the mouseover about Jimmy Carter and the rabbit.

And I feel exactly the same way about dreaming. I mean, it's like your brain on drugs, but do you ever public service messages warning against it? did a Playford dance get into a Whedonesque thread? On Johnny Cash. My dimensional realities are converging.
I must throw some love to the Bond variant of the comic strip titled "centrifugal force," especially in light of the recent transition to the year (2)007. It's hanging out in one of the little windows at the bottom of the page.

I feel shaken and stirred.
barboo: "And I feel exactly the same way about dreaming. I mean, it's like your brain on drugs, but do you ever public service messages warning against it?"

"Dreaming permits each and every one of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives." - William Dement, Newsweek, Nov. 30th, 1959

(Thank you, wildilocks, I have become a total admirer of this strip within a few hours of reading the first one you posted.)

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