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January 05 2007

Linwood to star in Wicked in LA! John Rubinstein (Wolfram and Hart's President of Special Projects Division in Angel) and Carole Kane Set for L.A. Wicked...

Our very own Linwood will be playing the Wizard of Oz in the new production of Wicked to open in LA Feb. 10 at the Pantages Theatre. I didn't realize that he was such a Broadway hoofer! Joss really knows how to find amazing talent!

the list of whedon connections to wicked continues....lets hope the next addition is joss as director of the feature film!
"I didn't realize that he was such a Broadway hoofer!"

John Rubinstein has been a mainstay of Broadway for decades. Unlike someone like Jerry Orbach or John Cullum I always associate him more with plays than musicals, but he has certainly done more than his share.

I would really like to catch a performance of Wicked somewhere. I have never seen the show.
John Rubinstein was the original 'Pippin' opposite Ben Vereen...not associating him with musicals? Bah! I can never see him but think, musicals. Of course, being a musical theater performer myself, there is a tiny bit of bias there. ;)
fey_girl, small point but I said I associate him "more with plays" not that I don't associate him with musicals. For some reason I always think "Children of a Lesser God" first. What can I say? The guy has done a lot. ;-)

I actually always forget he was on Ats. It took me a little while to realize that the post was actually about John Rubinstein. Linwood was not ringing a bell and I was looking for someone I did not expect to be in a musical. Sometimes I'm just a little slow...

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I'added some character info to the subject line just so people knew who he played in Angel.
Oh I am so excited. I already have my Wicked Tickets for March 11th at the Pantages.
I heart John Rubinstein. I wore out my album of Pippin back in the day, then later on saw him on Broadway in Children of a Lesser God. I am so blessed to have seen that performance. Then this morning I saw Linwood get his head lopped off in W&H conference room (Angel plays on TNT 6-7 a.m. Pacific time). Talk about an eclectic career!

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