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January 05 2007 50% off sale on FOX TV dvds. This includes the Angel and Buffy slim-sets, and the price works out to $20 a pop.

Link to the article on

It's a good way to get the series if you haven't already, and since I'm not going to hold my breath for an Angel "complete series" box-set here in the US, I just bought seasons 2-5. Hooray!

P.S. first story posting. Apologies if I've goofed in any way... cheers!

I swore I'd complete my Angel DVD collection when they went on sale at Amazon again. Looks like I can do that now! Seasons 3-5, here I come.

"Slim set" just means... what exactly? The listings include 6 DVDs, so I don't get what's different about these. Packaging perhaps?

ETA: Oh!!! And to all fans of total darkness, I absolutely, utterly and completely recommend Millenium, Seasons 1-3. Lance Henrickson as Frank Black totally rocks. Lost fans would likely enjoy Terry O'Quinn as Peter Watts, too.

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The slim sets take up less space than the big cardboard ones, but they're not flimsy just... slim. There's three DVD cases that are about half the size of a normal case and each case has two DVDs in it, but they still come in a normal box with the little booklet you get with the ordinary DVD set. Did that make sense?
Just got back from Costco. Lots of Buffy/Angel for $16.99 a set, and they had most seasons. Selection varies from location to location, so not all stores may have them.
$16.99 is an awesome price, I've never seen new ones for that cheap. Wow!
I do need to replace the discs with "Hush" and "Once More with Feeling." Not to mention my entire Firefly DVDs are on their very last leg. Sad they're not included...
CaptianB - I was in Best Buy two days ago and Firefly was on sale for $19.99. If you are near a Best Buy you may want to stop and look.
Ya-Buffy, Firefly, and Angel are all on sale about half price at Best Buy!
Circuit City also has "Buffy" and "Firefly" on sale this week (ending today) for $17.99. Some great prices out there right now!
I appreciate these heads-up's (head-ups? heads-ups?) . I am looking for a set of Angel DVD's. I only had S5 and that has disappeared. (sob) My friend who I am introducing to the Whedon-verse, is also in need of sale info. She does not have anything yet. She saw Serenity with me at the NYC charity screening in June and loved it, so I loaned her Firefly, then BtVS S1-3. Now she is watching BtVS S4 and Ats S1 (my other BtVS convert's copy) alternately and finished Beer Bad over the holidays. She is loving it and was very interested in hearing about sales on DVD's. I'll pass this info on. (I just wish she would not keep stopping just as huge changes were about to happen...Aaaaa!)

WARNING: Just beware of buying things at Circuit City because their Customer Service Dept./policy/attitude is horrendous. The Friday before Christmas I found out from Fed Ex that my Christmas present to my son had been lost by Fed Ex (which is a whole story in itself.) Since it was coming from Circuit City, I called their customer service to see if there was a similar item that I could pick up in one of their stores somewhere before Christmas. All I was interested in at that moment was being able to hand my 10 year old a present he would like on Christmas morning. Circuit City was not interested. They put me on hold for 15 minutes then told me they had notified Fed Ex of the problem, had given them my phone number, that Fed Ex would call me when they had more information, and then CIRCUIT CITY CUSTOMER SERVICE HUNG UP ON ME without another word, not even goodbye. They had not even bothered to check their stores to see if they had another one I could buy. They had my money and wanted nothing more to do with me. I contacted Toys R Us, who willingly checked the stores in my area, and I contacted Best Buy. Both were very helpful and I was able to find what I needed at Best Buy with no problem. Circuit City has been less than helpful in my communications with them about the problem as well, so if you have a problem with something from Circuit City, don't expect much/any help.

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newcj, long post but you're 100% right on the Circuit City. They're bunch of jerks, I dread every time I have to go in their store.
Thanks, unsquare, I just ordered all 5 seasons of Angel from Amazon and clued my friend (mentioned above) who is very excited. I figure I am paying $20 to find my S5 DVD's that have disappeared because you know they will appear as soon as I open the new package... ;-)

Yeah delirium_haze I sometimes cannot resist the long posts. (hangs head)
CaptainB, actually, I checked, and Firefly is 50% off on Amazon as well, it just doesn't work out to $20... and I don't think it's in that list for some reason. no matter.

apparently every DVD on the face of the planet is on sale right now. it's hard for a guy like me to resist for some reason... i'm such a sucker!

I always think "oh, wow, that's a great price, i should get that while it's cheap!" whether or not i technically need the specific book or dvd.

in fact, i'll buy pretty much any movie i've watched and enjoyed if it gets down to about $5, whether or not I'll ever watch it ever again.

mostly, though, sales like this have been killing me, because $20 is my breaking point for any kind of TV dvd, and i just keep finding deals like this... i got a few seasons of futurama 2 for 1, the first season of my name is earl... etc. it adds up!

i really need a budget...
Today may be last day of sale at Best Buy and Circuit City.

The Circuit City near me was out of Firefly $17.99 and Buffy Season 7. And the Firefly slot was empty at Best Buy...but I found four on a cart and grabbed one and moved the last 3 over to where the Firefly sale sign $19.99 was.

Picked up Buffy Season know Nathan (Caleb) Fillion is in that one. Haven't seen it since it first aired. also has Firefly on sale for $19.99 price is $24.99 so it might matter more on shipping or if Best Buy can deliver at no extra charge to your Best Buy store.

Buffy on sale too.

Gotta stock up! Don't forget your local libraries, charity fundraisers and birthday gifts throughout the year.

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unsquare - I consider your $20 limit a budget ;) but yeah, all those $20 add up fast!
If you're interested in purchasing "Bones," Target stores are selling Season 1 in store for $19.99, approximately $5 less than Amazon. You can check Target's weekly ad online.

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