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January 05 2007

(SPOILER) Spike:Asylum #5 Advanced Review From Fractal Matter. A review of this month's concluding issue of Spike:Asylum from Brian Lynch and Franco Urru.

Brian Lynch and Franco Urru will be teaming together again for the next Angelverse comic book project that is scheduled for May.

Minor (ish) spoilers for issue 4 if folk haven't read that one yet (no idea why you'd be reading a review of #5 if you haven't read #4 but it seemed worth mentioning).

Looking forward to this in rather a large way. Issues 1-4 have been great (loads happened in #4 to really turn the story towards the final furlong. Complications, as they say, most definitely ensued ;) and i'm hoping the reviewer is off target about Urru's art in the last ish cos it'd be a shame not to ace #5 after his great work in 1-4 (i'm also kinda hoping a certain event in #4 isn't quite as it seems cos otherwise Awwww, no, don't tell me X is dead ? Actually, I might be thinking of Y...).

Have any details been released about the next mini ? Is it another Spike one, or another single character or maybe a group book and (hoping against hope) might it actually be officially set after NFA ? Inquiring minds ...
Sorry about the lack of spoiler warning.I figured since issue four has been out for a few weeks,it was safe.As for details on this next project,that hasn't been revealed yet.

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I haven't picked up issue 4 yet but plan to this weekend. So I am behind, but I really am enjoying this series. Hats off to Brian Lynch and Franco Urru for such wonderful work.

I have become a comic book geek. Beware all that think they are immune!
I've loved the four issues of Spike Asylum we've had so far but I'm not sure why we have to wait till February 7th for issue five (according to Brian Lynch's Myspace page)if the issue is already finished enough to be sent to reviewers.
but I'm not sure why we have to wait till February 7th for issue five

The reviewer may have received a b/w version. Might still need to be inked and coloured.
Doubt it's that Simon since the reviewer comments on the 'murky colouring' not helping the art (and meaning no offence to the article's writer but a 'review' of art that's not finished is barely worthy of the name IMO - if that's what they've done).

S'probably more company/schedule stuff or maybe a print delay (or maybe - and I barely dare even suggest it - Brian Lynch made a mistake. Oh, the humanity ! ;) ?
I've a feeling that issue 5 will be really great - The story is poised so perfectly.

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