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January 05 2007

MWC's Picks for Best/Worst Figures of 2006. Our Cordy Chase gets double mention for best and worst female action figure of last year. Includes the line: "to take a woman that's real, truly beautiful, and half nekkid, and turn her into the shaved butt of an ugly dog, - that's a crime."

A fun read for the fandom of collectors.

Oh man, when I first saw that Cordy figure -- quite apart from whether it's a good figure or not, I couldn't help thinking -- they take the outfit that they put her in to make fun of the kind of outfits that women get put in on those kinds of shows and they make an action figure out of her.

Umm, yeah. I have Illyria. She has cool boots and she hangs out with Wesley and Cyclops. I have no shame.
I have the Sideshow Cordy and I love her. They put her on a shorter body and that is one of the complaints about her. I switched her body with Graduation Day Buffy (which was taller than the later released Buffy figures) and she looks perfect on that body and Buffy looks better too. The only other issue is a slight lazy eye which you can barely notice.
That's a really good idea, Flanatic. :) *goes off to body switch* *evil scientist cackle*
I have Illyria too - she is my favorite. I bought Wes (season 4), Lorne (Judgement Day), and Angel (Trial) too. They are all displayed together...but Illyria is my hands down favorite!
I don't collect these, but a couple of those are pretty cool.

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That Pylea Cordy really is pretty bad! Personally, I'd vote for the Dawn/Glory The Gift two pack (they actually look worse in person) as the ugliest collectible I saw in 2006. Both figures are truly hideous. If I were Clare Kramer, especially, I think I'd be seriously offended.
Lunakitty, be careful with GD Buffy's black shirt. The dye in it can rub off. I removed the heads first so I wouldn't get any dye on their faces (which was actually kind of hard to do!).
Eek! Thanks for the warning, FF. :)
Does anyone know what's up with the lack of a good Faith fig?

I have yet to see one that is *excuseme* faithful to the likeness of Dushku. Even Sideshow, a company that usually does a great job with their sculpts, made a very nice looking sculpt of a pretty someone who happens to look nothing like Faith. If anyone has seen one, I'd be grateful for a rec.

oh!...and I just now looked up Eliza on imdb and apparently she's been busy. Six films set to release this year.
MySerenity - I don't really collect this line, but a couple were nice. Most of the Angel (the character) figures I've seen from this line I haven't been impressed with, but the Trial one was acceptable. I love Judgement Lorne, and Illyria is fantastic, she is the best one of the line. Also I think DST was the first to come out with an Illyria, it is an excellent likeness.

spidermansays - I so agree with you! I haven't seen the Glory figure in person but it is so awful in pictures. I think whoever made it never saw Clare Kramer!

woo & hoo - I don't understand why no one can make a good Faith figure too! And so many attempts have been made, you would think by now someone would have got it right by now!
Just saw the Princess Cordy figure. Can they get designers who have actually seen the episode next time?

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