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January 06 2007

Seth Green videos from the Secret Policeman's Ball. Seth preformed in a few skits at the Amnesty International event. The one linked above is with Chevy Chase and then there's another one called Murder at the Manor.

I could have sworn that policeman dont have balls...I should stop now.

Anywho! That was a cool video.
I was unaware this tradition has continued. I have two vinyl albums from back in the 1970's when Monty Python was current, participated. But then again, that was Chevy's heyday as well. What I recall best was Neil Innes' "Protest Song" with the 2 minute one-note harmonica solo.

Thanks for the link!
Oh, that was funny stuff. Thanks for sharing, RavenU!
Thanks for the pointer! I hadn't realized Seth had taken part.

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