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January 06 2007

New Eliza Dushku video interview from the set of her new movie. Eliza is interviewed from the set of her currently shooting film,"Open Graves."

Towards the end is a mention of how she's still in contact with Joss.There might be a Buffy question there at the end as well.

The question that was posed was about her being rumored to be in the running for Wonder Woman (at this point, who isn't?). So when she says that she keeps in touch with Joss ("who, obviously, created Buffy"), the interpreter translates as "el creador de Buffy". No further Buffy question.

This was a fun (long!) interview, Eliza is so cool. Wish I was watching Faith tVS right now... *sniff*
God she is gorgeous. Oh and the interview was cool.
Yeah,I wasn't sure what the last question was.
So it turns out Eliza Dushku is really lovely, who'd've guessed ?

(and not only that but she seems to have her very own Euro-pop band follwing her around everywhere ;)

Anybody else wonder if she maybe had a bottle of Jack and a packet of cigarettes in the cupboard (she seemed awfully keen to close it before the camera got a good look ;) ?

(not sure about the last question but from context, the fact the interviewer said 'Buffy' in the question and her response of 'I'd consider it' i'd guess it was probably 'If you were offered a part in a Buffy movie would you do it ?')
Eliza is taking about Wonder Woman when she says she'd consider it. (The interpreter only says "Buffy" when he translates what Eliza said about Joss.)
Now how cool is Eliza when she says she'd "consider" the role of WW, when just about every other actress on earth (plus Nathan Fillion) is frothing at the mouth to get a shot at it? ;-)
Aha, cheers jam2. Do you speak Spanish or did I just miss the question in English (the download was kinda choppy for me) ?

(and yep, I admire her restraint but have to say, since we're in a speculatin' mood, she's probably a bit small for the role anyway)
I do speak Spanish (the J in jam2 stands for Jose), plus I had a smooth download. =)

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