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January 06 2007

Summer Glau at FarpointCon 2007, Feb. 16th-18th. A confessed Star Trek Fan, Summer Glau will be the Guest of Honor at FarpointCon 2007 in Hunt Valley MD, Feb 16th-18th. This is described as a "Sci/Fi Media Con" as opposed to a StarTrek Con (Though it is, for the most part). Among the Guest list are a great many authors, including our own Keith R. A. DeCandido, author of the Serenity Novelization.

Joining her on the Guest List will be Alice Krige (The Borg Queen in Star Trek: First Contact, Several Episodes of ST: Voyager, and was also in Children of Dune), Richard Hatch (From the current BSG, and Apollo in the Original BSG), Harve Bennett (Producer of Star Trek II, III, IV and V).
This is described as a "Sci/Fi Media Con" as opposed to a StarTrek Con (Though it Is, for the most part).

Deadline for Registration is january 31st.

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I hate to be all nitpicky, but....

It's "DeCandido" with a capital C. Farpoint is held in Hunt Valley -- no S. And the Borg Queen actor's last name is Krige, not Kirge.

*sheepish smile*
Hmm...guess TDBrown just got told, huh?

Sheesh, krad, what makes you so sure you know the correct spelling of the last name of the author of -- oh, oops. Heh. Never mind. ;-)
I've posted this in a lot of places, and it just Figures that I messed up HERE... in my first Post.

-And You're Welcome for the free advertising, Mr. DeCanada. *winks*

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It's funny that this was posted here because I've been thinking about Star Trek today for totally different reasons. I've got a real love/hate relationship with Trek. There was a time that I absolutely adored it and never missed an episode, then I went the opposite way and found that I couldn't watch it at all anymore. It's almost perfect vision of the future for humanity started to turn me off a little. These days I'm somewhere in between the two.

My problem is that whilst I think that shows like Farscape, BSG and, of course, Firefly do science fiction in a far superior and more realistic way to Trek, there is just something about the franchise that is hard to let go of. Last night I had to record Celeb BB as I was going out and I accidentily caught the last five minutes of Star Trek VI that was on just before. That final scene of the complete original Enterprise crew together on the Bridge one last time, coupled with the closing voiceover from Kirk really sums up what I mean. Trek will never be perfect, for me at least, but it's a show that you can never seem to completely walk away from, no matter how much your tastes may change.
I certainly agree with you, Arcane. I thought I had moved beyond Trek myself until June of 2005. I got talked into going to Las Vegas by my Brother, and I went to the Hilton. They have a Star Trek Museum there, with tons of Artifacts from all the shows, and they have a reproduction of Quark's Bar, complete with Ferengi Waiters (The food was great!). I ended up finding myself totally engrossed, and I even rode on the "Reality" Rides based on Next Generation and Voyager! :)

IMO, Star Trek has been both a blessing and a curse for Science Fiction on Television and in the Movies. It's tremendous popularity has made sci/fi more accessible and acceptable to the General Population, and that's all to the good. But it's also become so ingrained into the public consciousness that it's hard for people to accept a sci/fi premise that doesn't have Faster Than Light propulsion, No Transporters and No Aliens. So in a way, Trek made Firefly possible, but it also biased some people away from accepting the premise.

That being said, I'm really pumped for this particular Con. It's affordable, it's fairly intimate, and Summer will be there! I know of several Browncoats who will be there, including at least one who'll be working as a Volunteer. I'm coming all the way from Indiana to attend, and looking forward to meeting Krad (can't misspell That! lol) in person. We've traded PMs on several occasions. :)

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Huh, that isn't to far from me. I may have to check it out. I have never been to a Con.

I would also like to point out the word Arcane used "whilst". I don't know why...I just like that word. I think it should be used more often. This might be sleep deprivation
Arcane used "whilst". I don't know why...I just like that word.

Using "whilst" is contagious. Hang out with a few Brits for a couple years, and the next thing you know, your speech is peppered with "whilsts" and "bloodys" and "brilliants" and...

Oh yes, OT. Summer Glau. She'll make many a fanboy frothy at the mouth at this event.
I love Farpoint, I go every year and even help out by working the masquerade. I know the con chairs and was one of the people that continually pestered them (err... suggested to them) that they get a Firefly guest.

That they got Summer Glau has me more than thrilled. I cannot wait! *checks mouth froth before proceeding*

Anyway I can strongly recommend the con. It is very intimate and is fan run, and it shows. The people there are there for their love of fandom. A lot of the fun is just hanging out in the con suite and chatting with the interesting (and often quite intellectual) people that come by. I love going even when there are no interesting guests. And this time theres SUMMER GLAU...

BTW... If anyone is going, I'd love to meet up.

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Looks like Summer's signing on to headline at Farpoint was old-ish news (from last June). But who cares - she's a draw for this fandom and that is a nice, intimate and fun Con. I used to live near Bawlamer and my brother the Klingon (no kidding) always went to Farpoint and had a blast. I even got dragged out to it once and dressed up in the bumpy head to join in a Klingon feast with some of his fellow bumpy-headed folks.
I figured it as Old News, Kyrax, but it's also news that is approaching it's deadline! Hotel Reservations Deadline is the 15th, Registration Deadline is the 31st. Figured if folks wanted to go, they better be reminded :)

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