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January 07 2007

Actress "linked" with Wonder Woman role. In an unprecedented move, a movie website has printed a rumour about the casting for Wonder Woman.

What, she has no garish MySpace audition page?
Yeah, shame, she clearly doesn't realise you must blind half your prospective audience with bright red (preferably flashing) graphics before getting the part. Amateur.

Well, she looks the part though I have to say 5 foot 6 still seems a bit on the waif-like side to me (I mean compared to oh, say, Morena Baccarin at over 5'8". Just off the top of my head you understand ;).

(and they've remade 'The Hitcher' ? Great. That'll end well i'm sure)
5'5" for the win *g*
and they've remade 'The Hitcher' ?

Two words. Sean Bean.
Simon, Simon, Simon - now you're just being perverse!

• • • • • • •

IESB: So have you auditioned or has anybody talked to you about Joss Whedon’s Wonder Woman?

QUOTERGAL: Maybe, we’ll see.

IESB: So you have talked to somebody about Wonder Woman?

QUOTERGAL: Maybe, we’ll see. (Smiles and bats long, lustrous ass-kicking eyelashes...)

IESB: So, like, let me put this another way - Wonder Woman you have talked to somebody about anybody, would you say?


IESB: Well, but I'm asking you in the middle of this "social event" - which goes against the sacred oath I took as a journalist - if you've talked to somebody about Wonder Woman.

QUOTERGAL: I said 'maybe.' Maybe! Maybe I've talked to someone about it. Sheesh, already. Um, excuse me, but you're blocking the salmon pasties. (Smiles again, somewhat strained, and tries to get past IESB interviewer to the open bar.)

IESB: That's all very well, but Pulitzers don't grow on trees, Missy, so we're just going to stand here until you tell me if you're actually in the running for the part of Wonder Woman.

QUOTERGAL: Maybe I am and maybe I'm not. (Smiles dangerously, and super-hero-like eyes narrow to small slits.) What's it worth to you? (Rubs thumb and forefinger together in age-old and super-hero-like gesture for baksheesh.

(To be continued in countless interviews all over Los Angeles and surrounding tri-county area until Wonder Woman is blessedly and finally cast...)
blah blah blah blah script not even finished blah blah blah blah Morgan Freeman blah blah blah blah twirling blah blah blah blah because you're still asking that question. blah blah blah blah ;-)
How to get press:

1) Get your agent or manager to email random internet news sites claiming that your talent is linked to Wonder Woman. Or just spread the news on IMDB.

2) Get actress to just say 'Maybe' when asked (the 3rd one to do this!)

3) Hope the journo ignores the fact it isn't in production, there's no script, no casting process, and that they don't bother to check with the studio's press department.

4) Profit!
I've said it before and will say it again, like an infinite number of monkeys on an infinite number of keyboards, given enough time every actress in Hollywood will be rumored for the part of Wonder Woman. :)
Did you hear? They decided to go with a big name instead. The list is down to Kathy Bates, Dakota Fanning, Vin Diesel and Marcel the monkey.
Kathy Bates as Wonder Woman...I'd pay good money to see that.
Kathy Bates and Marcel. I'm not going to do that Robocop quote again, but I totally would.
Wow, that's like, totally unprecedented... and stuff.
I'm just waiting for the day a source states the role is going to Kate Hepburn and the agents are only trying to figure out a way around the whole "being dead" thing.
The picture with the Valley Girl circa 1986 look and attitude pose certainly sells "Wonder Woman" in a big way.

I thought Marcel the monkey retired, but it would sure be great to see him working again.
"In an unprecedented move, a movie website has printed a rumour about the casting for Wonder Woman."

I misread the "a" as "the" and thought we might actually have news here. Curse you, Simon! :P
RuPaul for Wonder Woman, because the outrage would just be more entertaining than the movie itself.
Summer Glau is 5' 8" tall, and has fantastic moves, as we all know. Anyone who has seen her in "The Initiation of Sarah" or on "The Unit" can attest to the fact that she doesn't look 17 anymore, either! :)

BTW... Katherine Hepburn was supposed to be a shoe-in for the role of Scarlet O'Hara in Gone With The Wind, and Shirley Temple was MGM's first choice for Dorothy in the Wizard Of Oz...

[ edited by TDBrown on 2007-01-07 18:15 ]
Joss should play Wonder Woman himself.
What an unfortunate last name she has. Surely she isn't related to ... No! No! No! I won't think about it ... lalalalalala, I'm not listening to my brain think, lalalalala.
I like how /Film felt the need to call Joss a "hack science fiction writer/director" when reporting the rumour.
Slashfilm has been about hating Joss Whedon and his fans for a while now. So far, every story they've actually covered has been either outright false or a misrepresentation, though. It's a bit like the Daily Mail.
And I hate to say this but, Whedon far from capable.

Utter nonsense. I'll be expecting a retraction of that when he proves you wrong.
I've talked to people about Wonder Woman, too. Does that mean I'm up for the role? Shiny, maybe then I can use the lasso on websites to make them tell the truth! (Bit worried about the costume, though.)

TDBrown, I like the way you think.
I am shocked to learn that there is speculation going on!

(Finally a silly topic that I can make my first post on. I was beginning to wonder if I was going to miss the opening again.)
I'd go for her if it's not a rumor. She's just been doing teeny bopper stuff lately and I guess that turns people off to her. They could do worse; I think she will get big roles in the future regardless.
I like how /Film felt the need to call Joss a "hack science fiction writer/director"

I wonder what dimension these people come from. Maybe the one without shrimp. 'Cause if you LIKE shrimp, living in a dimension without shrimp could make you kinda testy, expecially at the guy who's responsible for conceptualizing the dimension without shrimp in the first place.
I mean the guy wrote that and he actually put his name and e-mail along with the article. I'm not a vengeful person, but how a game of "Can we crash Peter's e-mail provider's servers?"
I know most Wonderwoman rumors are quite far-fetched, but this article just makes no attempt at all to show that this rumor is more than just the umpteenth unfounded rumor. As a parody of Wonderwoman rumor articles it works very well though, but I'm not convinced it wants to be a parody.

Oh, and I just learned Wonderwoman is 6 feet tall, just like me. So I'm just perfect for the part. Somebody write an article.
People have talked to me about WW...does this mean I can join the rumor list? Not official people and we were just talking about the movie and comics in a general sense, but we can leave that out of the press release.

*smiles* Maybe?
Meltha sez:

I'm just waiting for the day a source states the role is going to Kate Hepburn and the agents are only trying to figure out a way around the whole "being dead" thing.

BAFfler as Lorne: Hey, Wes, if you see Fred, can you have her pencil me in for later? I gotta talk to her about Kate Hepburn's big comeback!
Well, still speculating on who will play Wonder Woman is more dignified than caring about the mutual temper tantrum between Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell.
And I hate to say this but, Whedon far from capable.

Maybe it means Joss can't wear a cape. I can't see why not, though. Does he have no neck?
I'm just waiting for the day a source states the role is going to Kate Hepburn and the agents are only trying to figure out a way around the whole "being dead" thing.

It's called CGI and given enough time I'm sure someone will throw together such a rumor.

It could be about CGI animator who apparently has the first 50 pages of the Wonder Woman script in their bag with large stack of Kate Hepburn pictures. :)

Post that on some blog somewhere and see how long it takes for some entertainment "news" outlet to picture up the rumor. :)
" temper tantrum between Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell."

What? Are you saying that Don and Rosie are connected?

Is one or both of them supposed to play Wonder Woman?

"And I hate to say this but, Whedon far from capable.

Maybe it means Joss can't wear a cape. I can't see why not, though. Does he have no neck?"

Good point. Maybe that is why the author hated to bring it up. Physical flaws differences can be touchy subjects. It always looked to me like Joss had a neck, and in that picture on the comics thread he was wearing academic robes...which are a little like capes, so I think this can safely be considered a debunked rumor. Thanks Nebula1400. Now about Don and Rosie...
Well, I'm not saying Trump or Rosie should be Wonder Woman. Just panic if the Donald suggests...strongly, and on The Apprentice...Ivanka should be Wonder Woman.
It's really Joss' call, and maybe Sophia Bush can do it. We'll found out eventually.

[ edited by impalergeneral on 2007-01-07 21:47 ]
I've got no opinion one way or the other on this particular rumor; I'm not familiar with the actress. But the reporter is one who's name has come up plenty of times in the past. He seems to follow Joss Whedon's career as closely as we do, and when the casting finally does happen, I have little doubt he'll be one of the first to write about it.
With all the special effects going on today, I would say that Joss Whedon is more than capable! Just adobe-photoshop him into being six foot, lean, sexy, and feminine and here we go... then again, he would probibly look more like the drag version, but who says that this movie isnt motivated by his artistic licence?

Anyways, I would much prefer him to Sophia Bush. My face literally dropped when I looked her up on, as my mind was filled with, "oh HER."
Is that the literal literal or the figurative literal ? And if former, where did it land ? ;-)
Gossi, there's a flaw in your four-step plan because nowhere in it does it include "Steal underpants".
This is all piffle. We Goners have already decided that mifeng will be cast as WW: she's tall, dark, and hot, what's not to cast? Our only problem is lack of media connections but perhaps a comment on imdb would do just as well...
We Goners have already decided...

Must be one of those threads I don't pay attention to.
Hmmm... the Goners Group, a secretive organization behind most of Hollywood's powerplays and influence casting choices. There is potential there...

I have talked about Wonder Woman I think I could be a shoe in. I mean I am a guy... and I have hair on the legs, but if I have to I will take the sacrifice and shave them...
It would be pretty awesome to see a Whedon alumnus in the role... like Morena or Alexa ("Gwen Raiden" on Angel) Davalos, or Jenny ("Nina Ash" -Angel) Mollen, etc. And we all know from Serenity how well Summer Glau can do the kicking ass thing... But I'm assuming there's gonna be a lot of pressure to put some A-List actress in the role so the studios can hedge their bets.

Ooo! Maybe Sean Young will start stalking Joss dressed as Wonder Woman 'cause she really wants the role.
Tommy, I think there will be zero pressure to put an A-List actor in the role. I believe the exact opposite will be true, a la Brandon Routh as Superman.
Ya think, Tamara? I mean especially considering how that Superman movie did -I think it was somewhere between "total flop" and "moderately disappointing" but definitely in the same neighborhood as "Hey, where is all that sweet, sweet, money that we like so much!?"

I hope you're right and I'm wrong... except for the Sean Young stalking Joss dressed as WW part. That'd be hilarious! Maybe not so much for Joss but...
Superman Returns was the fifth highest grossing film of 2006 with over $200 million domestically. The only reason it may not be considered a rousing success is the ridiculous budget it had.
True, but there is that ridiculous budget... So considering that our man Joss knows how to make a spectacular film on a modest budget, that should give him some leeway to say "Oh Hell No! I ain't casting Lindsay Lohan as Wonder Woman!" or whatever similarly absurd suggestion some suit from the studios might have.
Tommy, I know I am sounding argumentative, but I think it is pretty much common wisdom at this point that you do not cast a big name in a lead superhero role. The famous people are saved for the Villains and mentors. Unless, of course, the superhero/comic book character in question is so obscure that the character's name itself wouldn't generate enough interest. See Nic Cage in Wicker Man or Keanu Reeves in Constantine.

Joel Silver (the Wonder Woman producer) even said in an interview this year that whoever they cast it will be someone "you" have never heard of.

I think the fear of the studio interfering and asking for Lohan or Jolie is extremely remote to point of not really even being possible.

[ edited by TamaraC on 2007-01-08 03:01 ]
Well, that's relief. Not that I was ever really worried since Joss tends to stick to his guns on matters like this anyway.

And man, that Joel Silver is always making assumptions about what "I've" heard of! I'm always telling him: "I've heard of plenty, Joel! So just step off!" *scoff*

[ edited by TommytheZombieSlayer on 2007-01-08 03:18 ]
Exactly! I bet that whoever Joel Silver thinks I haven't heard of, I have. :)
See Nic Cage in Wicker Man

Nic Cage in Ghost Rider, maybe. But I wouldn't say Cage in Wicker Man is a good example of the point you're trying to make.
kurya: "Hmmm... the Goners Group, a secretive organization behind most of Hollywood's powerplays and influence casting choices."

Like Skull and Bones, the Illuminati, the Trilateral Commission, the Society of the Elect and the Beati Paoli, the Goners Group prefers to keep its activities and influence behind the scenes.

Well-connected and highly effective, they seek neither credit nor publicity, but simply the achievement of their goals.

mifeng will be cast as Wonder Woman, but how and when that will be effected, we cannot and will not say...

Plus, she's super-cute, lives in California, and has already met and hugged Joss! I would so post her photo here, but I'm afraid she'd beat me up, and I'm a-scared of a mifeng-whupping.

More on this significant development as events unfold...
"Nic Cage in Ghost Rider, maybe."

You are right. My bad.
Is it me or does she look kind of like a brunette Kristen Bell?
Well-connected and highly effective, they seek neither credit nor publicity, but simply the achievement of their goals.

Oh, QuoterGal, I'm afraid you made several minor typos; here's the corrected para:
Ill-connected and highly ineffective, they are inveterate attention whores seeking the ultimate domination of the media universe.

And surprisingly (for me) on topic -- as far as La Bush, she seems too frail. When I think of WW, I think of someone who looks like she could beat me up. La Bush may have the capability, but the Lynda Carter/Lucy Lawless model would have "evil me" running away at first sight.
Two words: Not. Again.
five words: got anything better to do?
;) :P Because I sure don't. And I don't count doing work b/c that is not better.

[ edited by kurya on 2007-01-08 07:06 ]
Wonder Woman is so not 5 1/2 feet. Sheesh, I'm 5' 6"
I won't believe it until The Sun prints it ;-) heh
I'm just waiting for the day a source states the role is going to Kate Hepburn and the agents are only trying to figure out a way around the whole "being dead" thing.

Maybe Lorne could have helped out when he was running the Entertainment Division at WR&H.
5' 6" does seem a bit on the short side, but WW doesn't have to be 6' either. A lot of fun could be had with a tribe of Amazons being resentful of a (slightly) shorter woman made of clay, being able to whup their backsides.
Hmmm, Katharine Hepburn. If we're going for a shorter Wonder Woman, she's a great choice. IMDB has her at 5' 71/2"
But Katherine Hepburn was thin, as is Summer Glau and Amy Acker. Even though the line from that sports movie with Spencer Tracy, something like "there ain't much meat on her but what there is is cherce", would apply to all three, thin is not the right build for Wonder Woman.

With thin being sooooo in, however, it is going to be tough going to find the right build on a really good actress in Hollywood. A former model I know with a Wonder Woman body once told me, "I got out of the business because all they would hire me for was swimming suit modeling or else they wanted me to do nude work. I got tired of it." At this point I would guess that acting in Hollywood is similar.

Admittedly, there is Morena Baccarin...
Wow, and the press picks it up like the scavenging seagulls they are. Here's an article on snooty /Film which makes it very hard for me to obey whedonesque rules about insulting people... ;-)

Pfft. Sif Joss is a hack.
I'm thinking of the transformation that Linda Hamilton made for Terminator2. As long as the actress picked has the desire and lead time to train, Morena... err, the actress picked... can look the part.
Speaking of WW, I was just rewatching season 3 of Angel. Is it just me, or is that Wonder Woman on Cordy's birthday cake? I'm not saying she's my #1 pick for the role (I still have my heart set on Magenta Brooks), but that would be a very funny accidental foreshadowing if she did end up getting the role.
I think the big problem with Kate Hepburn as a WW is that she's currently dead. Same problem with Cary Grant as a mate for women in Tampa on another thread. It's so inconvenient when they go and die on you! ;-)
Details, billz. We don't bother with such trifles. Anyway, I heard she was only mostly dead.
How old is the gal who played Riley's wife on Buffy? Sorry, don't recall the actress' name.
Ivana Milicevic is 32 according to IMDb. I remembered her from Felicity and noticed her in Casino Royale, but didn't realize how many shows/movies she has been in.

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