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January 08 2007

Serenity charity screenings for June 23rd 2007. So far there's plans for 33 screenings in over 6 countries and it's only January!

20 Organizers already signed up for 2007 June 23 Charity Serenity screenings. Organizers contact forum

List of 33 cities where Browncoats have "Expressed interest in holding screenings" faq.html

If you want to see the list of cities sorted by countries and US states, see this thread: thread

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That new design for the poster and t-shirts is just amazing. Kudos to whoever designed it.

I unfortunately missed the screenings in 2006 last time because I already had bought concert tickets for the day chosen. With it scheduled so far in advanced this year, I've marked the date on my calendar to make sure I can make it this year.
"Kudos to whoever designed it."

That's lexigeek! And a gorgeous design it is, too. Can't wait to buy one. :)
Same here. I was part of last year's event in Sacramento, and hope to be part of it this year.
For those who don't know, lexigeek was also the frontman for the Backup Bash.
Edited subject line to make it more like a blog entry. Hope there's lots of fun to be had on the day.
That is fantastic! I couldn't make the December one, I'm definitely going to be able to make it to the June one.
For what it's worth (stepping in here with the factoids even though I'm not coordinating the overall effort this year): This time last year we were all voting in a couple of online polls to pick a date for the screenings. This year at this time, as stated, we have over 30 cities signed on.

We didn't hit 30 cities last year until the start of June (although, granted, that was confirmed cities, as opposed to signed-on/interested cities).

And, yes, Portland intends to hold onto the Grizwald (a brass apple paperweight with "No Power In The Verse Can Stop Us" engraved on it) this year, sent to us last year for raising the most of any participating city.

Come and get us. ;)

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I am very curious why there are still a few estimated totals for 6/23/06. I surely trust (/hope/expect) Equality Now did receive all of their just rewards. Perhaps the funds were donated through various channels, hard to track?

In any event, I'll be sure to attend this year, as well - along with more friends!

[ edit to add salient link to 2006 totals page: ]

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I'll drive 4 hours to Tampa for a charity screening. Not a problem. woo hoooo!

ETA: I just checked -- 6/23 is a Saturday. No excuses!

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Matt_Fabb, we look forward to seeing you there. Bring all your friends. If, that is, we can find a theatre!
Make that organizers in 33 cities expressing interest, since Austria has jumped on board.

There's a full press release coming on Friday, detailing what the early plans are. With luck, someone will post it to DIGG and FARK (ahem), and that will speed the plow.

Napua: Equality Now got all of the reported raised funds. The (est) marks are simply due to no e-mailed confirmations from those organizers. (Ahem.)

Mark it down here, in true Joe Namath fashion: the Grizwald is coming to Dallas this year.
I think I may try to get a screening here (Central Illinois). So, lexigeek is who I talk to, huh? Not bix, right? Oh, god, what am I getting myself into :)

The t-shirts look great, looking forward to getting one!!
Great looking shirts. You guys are all amazing.

"Mark it down here, in true Joe Namath fashion: the Grizwald is coming to Dallas this year."

...But Broadway Joe played for New York!

Oh. NYC isn't signed up yet. Nevermind.
Harmalicious: LexiGeek did the shirt design, but if you are looking to do a screening in your area (and this goes for anyone else looking to start up the process), do two things:

* Shoot me an e-mail so we can get you on the master list
* Sign on the CSTS Forums in the Organizers thread.
Graz, Austria (EU)

That's six countries! Whoo-hoo! I'm so excited!

According to Serenity was never released in Austria!

I thought maybe that was illegal to screen a movie where it hasn't been released.

edit: I guess Serenity was released in Austria. Box Office Mojo has a release date and revenue from Austria 11/25/05-1/4/06.

But it is still a new country for the Charity Serenity Screenings!! Whoo-hoo!!

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Re: Dallas taking the Grizwald: Pfft!

Re: Austria?! Awesome.

Also, sorry about the confusion. Yes, lexigeek did the new design work, but it's Devin who is your coordinator this year and you all are in incredibly capable hands.

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Cleveland's doing it again! Yay!

And those T-Shirts are fantastic.

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