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January 08 2007

(SPOILER) Tim Minear talks Drive in Entertainment Weekly's Winter TV Preview special.

"The network decided they could save time by canceling me before ever picking me up, says Minear" Ha! But they didn't mention The Inside which is odd as that would have strengthened one of the points of the article. There are some nice little additional bits of info here though.
'The Inside' always gets too little love.
Call me doomsayer if you must but the way Fox does it I will not count this chicken until it hatches. And then I will expect some funny business with the time slot. And then I will expect to see it pre-empted by American Idol reruns.
You are a doomsayer.
Well, I guess if you must, you must ;).

Not exactly brimming over with confidence either wouldestous but he is being given a very rare chance to change some things and make it more network friendly when usually the pilot just wouldn't get picked up and that'd be that, so I think there's some room for tentative optimism.
"The Inside" was not a favorite of the critics. Even the usual suspects who seem to love anything with a Whedonverse connection were pretty cool towards it.
I saw a preview for Drive during the BCS game tonight. It was pretty good and I didn't even know what it was until the end, when they flashed the name. I didn't see Nathan though, but they went through it pretty quickly. Fox is airing the same things pretty much back to back so you might catch it.
For those of you who want a print copy of this article, pick up Entertainment Weekly Magazine #915 January 12, 2007.

Available now. I just picked one up at Barnes and Noble this week.

Full page article page 40 *NO* pic of Nathan though. :(
They cut the opening sequence to just one minute?

They haven't even got Nathan on set yet. It's a few weeks before they start reshooting the pilot.

I'm well impressed FOX are already promoting it. This is a bit different to Wonderfalls, where they basically tried to bury it.
"...he is being given a very rare chance to change some things and make it more network friendly"

That reminds me of Firefly, though, which doesn't necessarily bode well for longevity.
I'm not sure 're-write the pilot in a weekend fitting the same exposition into 45 mins that you originally had in 90' is the same as 'you can re-cast and re-shoot the entire pilot with plenty of advanced warning despite us - allegedly - having spent millions of dollars on it'.

Don't get me wrong, until we're past magic 13, preferably with season 2 confirmed, I won't be doing any dances of joy but I think Fox already seem more committed to 'Drive' than they ever did to 'Firefly'.
Well I think Drive has two things going for it that were black marks for Firefly, western and sci fi. While Drive may be genre, it doesnt have those strange elements(let alone together). While I am sure there will be character driven elements, to get people into the door so to speak, there is the cool "actiony" bits of cars in a cross-country race. And I believe they are having a promotional thing with Nascar too?

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