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January 08 2007

Happy Birthday to Amber Benson who is thirty today.

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Many Happy Returns Amber!
Yay! The big three-oh! Happy B'day...
ps. there must far better photos to link to!

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Happy Birthday, Amber! I know you're sitting at home surfing the web today, looking for people wishing you a happy 30th. You're such a closet nerd. :) Seriously though, keep writing, directing and acting, and bringing wonderful characters to life, like Danni, Lenore, Justine, Chance and of course, Tara.

Looking forward to seeing your warrior princess interpretation in Gryphon on the SciFi channel, Jan 27th.

ps. there must far better photos to link to!

LOL, maybe so but I like it, and I thought a Lovers, Liars and Lunatics one would be appropriate.
Happy birthday to Amber (and to Stephen Hawking as well)!
Happy Birthday Amber! I hope you'll have the best day ever!
Have a shiny birthday! Er...sorry, wrong Joss Whedon series jargon. :)
Hmm...guess IMDb continues to uphold its questionable factoid reliability, since it says Ms. Benson's only 29;)
Happy birthday Amber!
Hope your day is very special. :-)
Happy birthday Ms Benson and many more.

(wow, Stephen Hawking and David Bowie and Elvis Presley ! Not a bad day to be born at all ;)
Happy Birthday Amber, but don't forget that you're still a young punk!

And thanks quantumac on the heads up for Gryphon - I'll have to plan on watching/recording that one.
Happy Birthday, 'Bama. :D
Many happy returns, Amber. Hope it's been a good one. :)
Wow. Today is heavy on the birthdays.

Happy birthday, Amber! The best TV Wiccan ever who totally did not get shot and killed by Warren at the end of S6. Totally. Really. She didn't.


Today is heavy on birthdays? Nine months ago it was April, which in the northern hemisphere is spring when a lot of people get to feeling... frisky.
Oh, my dear Amber, I don't know if you read here or not, but do have a lovely birthday. I hope to see you soon in another television or movie project (really enjoyed your recent performance on Supernatural - your gravitas and dignity in that role were superb).
Tonya, we'll all be able to see Amber in GRYPHON on the SciFi Network come Saturday, January 27th. ;)
Happy birthday! Wow! 30! I can't believe it!
Have an excellent birthday! 8 ]
Happy happy birthday!
SheŽll probably never read this but... Happy Birthday Amber!
Wow, it seems like there's a lot of birthdays this month. Happy Birthday Amber!
She is one of the nicest celebs I've ever met. And has an infectious laugh as well.
And is tres cute to boot. Hippo birdy, Amber! My wish for you is a permanent spot on L Word!
And,e choing what I said on that mass e-card, Happy (bleated by now, no 'puter on Sundays) Birthday to the woman whsoe eprformance helped remind me (at a time when I really needed reminding) that if love were an illusion and caring were a lie, writers wouldn't dare keep writing stories about it. And who inspired my return to lyric-writing as well, as in "Blinded by the Ashes."
I wonder if she got her "birthday spankings" yet. Oh...uh, and Happy Birthday Amber. Make more movies!
Happy Birthday Amber and many more.

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