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January 08 2007

Joss Whedon to direct an episode of 'The Office'? A curious rumour surfaces over at the Televisionary blog.

Do it, Joss. Seriously.

I love The Office, as there's such a wide range of things you can do with it.

Michael Scott's movie script episode still cracks me up.
That would be sooo awesome!
Oh wow, I really hope this is true. Especially if he was writing it as well. I'm a little doubtfull about it, but I hope I'm wrong.
From the article:
And, in the meantime, let's just hope there isn't a Hellmouth under Scranton.

I used to live in the area and I can confirm that there is no Hellmouth in Scranton. The closest Hellmouth is located just a bit south in Wilkes-Barre. Ironically I once saw Slayer (the band) play there.
Televisonary is actually quite a good blog, so I'm treating this one with a little more credibility than, say, IMDB.

Joss -> Knows James Gunn historically -> James Gunn = married to Jenna Fischer (Pam from The Office).

Yes, I can draw diagrams and organisation charts about the most strangiest things. But yet I can't master grammar.

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Oh, please be true, please. Be even better if he were writing it, but this'd be fantastic too.

Great show this, shame that a lot of people refuse to give it a chance due to it being a remake.

There certainly is evidence for a Hellmouth under Scranton, Dwight for example.

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Wow, Joss Whedon and JJ Abrams on the same show. It's almost too good to be true.
Oh God please no! Then I would have to watch it!
This is too good to be true! I won't believe it till King Purple confirms it himself. (Keeping fingers and toes crossed hoping it's true. Ouch.)
Well they have had a lot of guest/famous directors so far. Paul Feig, who did freaks and geeks, directed a bunch of eps. Harold Ramis did one this season and with JJ Abrams already locked in to do one, this doesn't seem impossible.

He should really direct a Gervais/Merchant written episode, now that would be perfect.
It's certainly the best rumour about Joss I've read in ages.I'll be keeping an eye on The Ausiello Report at TV Guide to see if anything surfaces there.
Time for me to step in and be the cloud within the silver lining ;). Isn't the format of 'The Office' a bit restrictive for a director ? Not seen the US one but i'm assuming it's still a mock-documentary and still set in an office so i'm kind of wondering where the room is for Joss to do his thang.

I could get excited about it if he was also writing but isn't it true that in TV directors are basically journeymen (journeypersons ?) that turn up, bring a bit of vision but largely follow the script, do what the Producers tell them and then leave ?

(and I guess, as mentioned, until it's yayed or nayed by Big Purp his own self it's a bit moot anyway)

edited cos misplaced apostrophes make baby Jesus cry.

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Do I expect this to happen? No. Do I want this to happen? Absolutely. Before I tell the wife (a bigger Whedon fan I've not seen) I'll await more information. It's safer for me that way.
The US Office sometimes goes outside the office.

You know, somebody once said nothing lends itself more a musical than Buffy, as you always expect the characters to burst into song. I disagree - I think The Office wins that prize. I've no idea how anybody could make an Office musical actually work (as in, explain why they burst into song), but seriously: Dwight and Agent Michael Scott's star crossed lovers song needs to be recorded. In an oppressive office environment, you just know there's So Many Corkers waiting to be found when people burst into things.
I'm going to have to add a little to Saje's cloud here. One, because I'm really not a big fan of the US version of The Office and two, I have the same doubts as Saje as to just how much Jossness can be injected into anything where he is just the director.

Now, if Joss had convinced Ricky to make another UK Office special and he was involved in writing that, then I'd be a lot more happy about the news. This just doesn't strike me as a great use of Joss' abilities, to be honest.
THAT would be the best. THE OFFICE is the best show on TV currently. And Dwight in the hands of Mr. Whedon would be perfection.
And if Joss directs, would Tim Minear give Nathan the day off and allow him to come over and be a guest star? Nathan has already hinted on his MySpace page that he wants to appear on The Office (or Reno 911, lol). That would certainly rock! :-D

Regarding what a director does, I think they do have a lot of leeway because of the content of American!The Office. I have just spent the weekend reading the blog of the show's props guy, John Sparano ( There is a lot of creativity for everyone in the show. Also, there are many ways for the actors to do a scene. For example, this past week there was a great scene where A director would have a lot to say about how that scene went, what the actors did, where they situated themselves, how it was shot, etc. So, there could be Jossness (even if there isn't a Jossful script)!

(Mods: that Nathan info is from his main, non-reg. required, page. I agree that we shouldn't post items that are from password-protected or registration-required pages!)
Joss goes back to his sitcom roots? Fascinating! Let's hope the Man Himself has something to say about this.
Is this true????
*crosses fingers*

As an added bonus they should cast Nathan Fillion or Nicholas Brendan to guest star as a UPS guy.

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I wish there was a Hellmouth under us. But I have to agree with war_machine about Wilkes-Barre...

It would be pretty cool to have JW direct an episode. Would be even better if they were able to get the cast and crew here for the St. Pat's parade and he shot it. It would give me a reason to go downtown on parade day....
I personally would rather have Joss focus on one of the projects he has already started (WW, Goners, one of his many comic lines) or push for a Serenity 2 (rather than wait for an offer). If Joss is involved in another tv show, i'd prefer it be something he is CREATING, even though we all loved that VM appearance. The Office will be fine without him.

Thats just me though.
I think it's possible that Joss has to continue to earn money, too. And this wouldn't be a bad way at all to pick up some. The writing, acting and production are ace, so he could feel good about this...

I hope it's true - I used to be all "oh, I only like the British version" 'til I got stuck on a heinous delayed cross-country flight with nothing but the American versions on my iPod. I watched 'em and I liked 'em and I was pleasantly surprised.

Nathan as a UPS guy.
I'd be in my bunk but we don't have one at our office...
The Office is far, far too cringe-inducing to watch (even the British version), even if Joss were somehow involved. I really hope he doesn't do it because I don't want to have to watch that darn show.

Now if it had been Arrested Development ...

And I agree with saje, I think directors don't really do much in TV. They're not like directors in the movie business. In TV it's more about the producers and the writers. Unless you can find a vehicle for a really good "one-er".
"The Office is far, far too cringe-inducing to watch..."

I guess you do have to be a bit sadistic to enjoy it.
Call me malcontent and/or naysayer, but I would rather Whedon stay chained to whatever his writing media of choice might be and extrude new stories from his skull.
Somehow I doubt Joss is hurting for cash, QG.
There's been equally as unlikely pairings in the past. From the top of my head, Sean Astin from Lord of the Rings directing the Angel episode "Soulless" or Ricky Gervais (from the original English version of The Office) starring in the Alias episode Facade.

I wasn't a huge fan of the original Office but I did watch it a couple of times and found it quite funny so I suspect it's one of those things I will discover properly on DVD. I haven't seen the American version although from what I hear it's still quite good compared to the original. I can imagine Joss' sensibilities being better suited to the English version, though. But if this does turn out to be true I definitely would watch it (hell, I almost watched an episode of Charmed just to see Charisma Carpenter).
His income will have gone down overall, TamaraC, what with his TV writing deal being suspended.
Nathan as a UPS delivery guy:
- Captain Tightshorts
- Brown attire for life
The puns almost write themselves.

I'd really like to see a Joss-directed Office episode. I'm a fan of both the UK and US versions. Joss should also swing by How I Met Your Mother. (and seriously, guys, if you're not watching it yet, start soon or go to Blockbuster/NetFlix and rent a season 1 disc. The show's really good)
I would think that directing a sitcom ep wouldn't take more than 2-3 weeks of your time, including preparations, doing it and editing it. And I think Joss has mentioned being ahead of schedule on comic book scripts. Maybe it would be a great way to take a break and refresh his creativity? Anyway, I'm sure Joss is the expert on how to manage his schedule *coughproduced3hour-long TVshowsatoncecough*. And it would just be so much fun, I bet!

I cringed at British!Office not because it wasn't funny (it was funny!), but because David Brent was so awful I just couldn't stand thinking of people being stuck around him all day. I think American!Office is much funnier and not at all cringy because there are so many funny people in the office, and they are plainly used to Michael Scott's insensitivities and stupidity and manage to find ways to amuse themselves about it (like in the Grief Counseling ep, where ). Since it is available on iTunes as well as on the air, I really recommend people who haven't sampled an ep or 2 to try it and see if you like it -- I think it's hi-larious! :-)

Lastly, Nathan as a UPS guy -- Arabchick, you are right -- he just can't get away from those brown costumes! Between that and all the con women who have married him, then drugged him and run away in tv shows, the guy's getting typecast! ;-)
Just rented Season 2 of The Office this week. Saw Season 1 last Spring and have been watching most of Season 3 on the air. As far as great recent comedies go, or comedies overall really, it ranks up there with Arrested Development and the first three seasons of Scrubs (lost track of that one at the beginning of Season 4, gotta catch up with DVDs some day). Apparently it isn't doing so great in the ratings.

For whatever reason, I don't have much interest in seeing the original UK version any time soon. Maybe once the US version ends.

Glad I rented Season 2, I needed the laughs last night after seeing the bleak Children of Men at the theatre.
There was an episode last season (valentine's day) where two of the writers dressed up as delivery men, and then proceeded to fight (in the deleted scenes), after they had hit on Pam. I think if you put Nathan in that role with James Gunn as the other delivery man, that would be comedy gold.
I think it could be great. Joss loves doing long shots (like the beginning of Serenity on the ship, the beginning of The body and many other Joss directed episodes) and he will have a great chance to use them in an Office episode because there its required. In the Office the cammera man is a part of the story, he is a guy watching everything and capturing the reactions, so the directors roll is important.
Gossi, will directing one half hour comedy make a difference? I'm just guessing that his income stream right now is just fine and that he in no way NEEDS to do this job. If he does it, it would be for other reasons. Like, Hey! Fun! :)
I could get excited about it if he was also writing but isn't it true that in TV directors are basically journeymen (journeypersons ?) that turn up, bring a bit of vision but largely follow the script, do what the Producers tell them and then leave?

Essentially, yes and yes. They are hired guns; even with stunt guest directors, the ultimate creative stamp of the show is that of the executive producers and writers.

A director would have a lot to say about how that scene went, what the actors did, where they situated themselves, how it was shot, etc.

um. Not really? Actors in a long-running serial know their characters better than the guest director usually, so their emotional response is rarely directed by the director. Especially as he's not writing the episode as well, he really has no place to shape the emotional performances. And American TV prizes visual continuity highly, so that the show's style would have to be perfectly observed/duplicated.

In the Firefly DVD, Joss talked about how he corrected a director who directed Morena (as Inara) to walk out of a certain room to enter the shot, and how Joss corrected him by saying, No, Inara would never be in that room, you can't do that shot. He related this anecdote as a example of how clearly defined the ship's layout was, but it also served as an illustration of the power of a drop-in TV director.
I'm in the not-impressed camp, as far as The Office goes -- and that's not just my fear of a desk job talking. I gave it a try and didn't find it funny. Now if Joss takes a stab at it (hehe) I may have to rethink my avoidance, though I can't say for certain. Even James Marsters *le sigh* wasn't enough to get me into Smallville.
Yes, people, it's true. I am the ideal mate.
> Gossi, will directing one half hour comedy make a difference? I'm just guessing that his income stream right now is just fine and that he in no way NEEDS to do this job. If he does it, it would be for other reasons. Like, Hey! Fun! :)

Oh, I'm not disputing that point.

I think, more than anything, The Office could do with the publicity at the minute.
Hey mate... I mean Joss... I mean Your Bossness, Master of all...
Wow, so internet rumers can be true?
I am almost surprised you didn't adress the concern about how much money your getting for this. (not really)
Now, if only there were Joss clones on the market. Someone could easily make millions. After figuring out how to clone, of course. *Sigh*
ARGH, come on.

I hope he's just practicing the trademark office long pause that the show does so well.
Dagnabit, Joss. How's a straight fella like me supposed to carry on with his life, when he finds out the ideal mate is a guy? I suppose I could just ignore that, but that would mean ignoring something Joss Whedon said. And that's impossible.
jfhlbuffy - the subtext of Joss's post was "Give all your money to gossi". Honestly. This may be a lie. Although it did also say "I hate Serenity and my fans. Screw you guys, I'm going home."

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Okay, never watched The Office, but now I´ll try it out. Though I have no idea if we have it in Germany at all.
Also I hope Joss gets infected with the TV Virus again *evilgrin*.
And should I head over to the Ideal Mate thread to find out if the Office rumour is true?
And Joss, we knew it already, but thanks for the confirmation.
I'm staying tuned to this topic to learn the meaning of life, the universe and everything.
This is great news!

I love the American version of The Office - one of the best shows on TV. And now couple this with my favourite director! wow.

Please let Joss write the episode too!
I have been waiting all day for Joss to post about the ideal mate link...I mean how could someone resist? I have just been looking for it on the wrong thread. Trust Joss for the plot thread twist.

I only saw a few minutes of The Office and did not care for what I saw, so I have not been back. Of course I would watch if our own Mr. Whedon decided to do anything on the show.

Jeez! I'm glad I'm not married to you!
Me like Joss. Joss do good. Joss + The Office = Good Episode. Good Episode make me happy.

See? Cavemen win! XD
Oh Jeez. Now I have to go and become another fan of another TV show. Thanks alot, Joss, thanks alot.

PS My boss has been telling me how great The Office is... could this be a good thing? Looks like I'll find out, one way or another.

And about that ideal mate thing -- nevermind, Caroline will ban me if I say what I'd like to. *smirk*
So Joss as the ideal mate....for a woman or an NBC sitcom?
Man, Tony Snow couldn't do better. Well, the Televisionary guy calls it a confirmation. So, I will check it out..amd JJ's version.

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April, you get serious points for being suggestive about Joss in two threads within minutes of each other. I think that may be a record.

: )
Hmmm, apparently the Televisionary blog thinks that Joss' comment in this thread is confirmation of the rumour they started.

I'm suspicious.
Please Joss do it ! I adore you and I'm starting to love "The office" more and more. You directing an episode of the show would be as great as... well... you directing anything else cause you're God but with bonus points of greatness !
Yes, people, it's true. I am the ideal mate.


I'd love it if Joss directed an episode of The Office. It would also be great fun to see a really good actor like Danny Strong who can make idiosyncratic into normal and endearing as a permanent or recurring character, maybe as the resident sex symbol or new UPS guy who all the office ladies fall in love with (and piss off the Michael Scott character).

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Yes, people, it's true. I am the ideal mate.

oh Joss, we girls knew that already (and maybe the guys are starting to see the light as well), but what we need to know is: you gonna direct this show? And if so, would you get to (HINT HINT) write an episode as well? I would be one happy, smitten kitten if your words every came out of Rainn Wilson's mouth (or John Krazinski's or Steve Carrell's..)
Maybe it's code.

"Yes, people, it's true." anagrams into "TEEPEE I LOST SYRUP" and "I am the ideal mate." anagrams into "A MADAME HE LIE TIT".

It's so obvious, people. He's telling us that Priyanka Chopra is Wonder Woman.
Ah, QuoterGal, I'm much more suggestive about dark 'n broody types in general. :)
You mean Ben is directing Glory? ;-)
Oh sweet goodness please please PLEASE let this be true. Words could not explain the glorious explosive way in which my mind would be blown if this were true. *crosses fingers and hopes*
So...Joss was either being sarcastic and debunking the rumor, or really funny and clever and saying that it's true.

I hope it's true. I LOVE the British Office, and though I've not seen much of the American version, what I saw was quite funny (if not as biting or hard-to-watch-but-in-a-great-way as the original). That would totally rock the casbah.
Joss, you are evil. Oh, and the ideal mate :) don't tell hubby.
So...that's a no then?

Oh...that boy is just so beguiling!
Huh. Who knew that David Denman (Roy in The Office) played Skip in Angel?
I watched the first episode of the US version, and didn't care for it. I didn't think it was funny - just uncomfortable.

But. For some reason later in the season, the scheduling was such that I happened to see it a couple weeks in a row. I remember thinking, "It's this show. I just don't like this show." Another week later, I heard the theme music from the other room and found myself running into the room to watch it, and from then on I would tune it in every week. I think what changed my opinion is that I was able to see how sympathetic the characters were - especially Michael Scott. The discomfort became funny once I realised there was more to it than just sadism. There's pathos.

Oh, and I can't tell you how often I refer to my cousin, Mufasa...

Huh. Who knew that David Denman (Roy in The Office) played Skip in Angel?

Me! Me!

There's a few more Whedonverse connections thrown in. I've got forgotten what they actually are. Probably a connection to Kevin Bacon, too.
No way, Joss! I am the ideal mate.

I mean aside from the near-poverty thing... and the bit of softening around the belly... but some gals like that. But other than that... and conveniently assuming that the intended mate wants someone certainly above-average in intelligence and humor but would be intimidated and overwhelmed by outright genius...
Okay! I move we redefine the word "ideal" -at least for the purposes of this discussion. Who's with me!?!

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Huh. Who knew that David Denman (Roy in The Office) played Skip in Angel?

And me!

Are we sure Joss hasn't just commented on the wrong post? (Ideal mate)

Cos the original website is reporting this as his confirmation of the Office job.

I'm assuming that Joss was just being playfully elusive rather than commenting on the wrong post. After all, he's a pretty smart guy. I read it as "Yes, people it's true" (CUE: the gasps of joy from the Whedonesque nation) only to follow it with "I am the ideal mate"! Doh! You crafty bastard! You got us!

Ummm... but yeah... I guess the Televisionary peeps missed the joke too. Joss confirming that he is "the ideal mate" does not equal Joss confirming directing an episode of the office... unless I'm missing a joke somewhere.

However, if it does turn out to be true can we somehow get James Gunn involved too? And Nathan Fillion... and ... okay, I'll stop now.

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My experience is almost the same as NoSadSeven.
I watched it, rejected it as boring, but then ended up watching it a few more times because it came on after My Name is Earl, now its one of my favorite shows. Michael is a total asshole, but he's not mean. Very complicated. And I like that Pam is a real person, a prankster herself and not just an audience for Jim.
I even like the new people. Even Karen.

And the only one who can really judge if Joss is an ideal mate, is his actual mate. Until she confirms, I remain unconvinced. No offense.
Still, other than John Travolta and the dead guys, it seems like a pretty nice list.
Huh. Who knew that David Denman (Roy in The Office) played Skip in Angel?

Wubba-who? Really? Dude, Skip rocks! You've blown my mind once again, Simon. :-)

And I agree with Xane and NoSadSeven about the multi-layers of the Office characters. Pam has a lot of heart and personality, and has a lot of pranks up her sleeve, too; she's not just "the cute girl." Yet I can't strictly root for Pam in the Pam-Jim-Karen triangle because Karen's pretty likable (and, hot!), too. And even Dwight was sympathetic for a few minutes this last week. Gooood show! :-)
How many of the characters d'you think he'll be able to kill off in 22 minutes?
Huh. Who knew that David Denman (Roy in The Office) played Skip in Angel?

Count me for that as well.

Also, Jenna Fischer (Pam Beesly) is married to Slither writer/director James Gunn.
Yeah, I think the 'playfully elusive' take is on the money. He's like the Scarlet Pimpernel only, y'know, purple.

Definitely thinking about checking out the US office now.

(and BTW, anyone who enjoyed the UK one, especially the cringe inducing inappropriateness of David Brent could do worse than have a look at "Knowing me, Knowing You" and "I'm Alan Partridge" two shows starring Steve Coogan as a kind of chat show host equivalent of Brent. Wincingly hilarious and if you've ever watched an old style UK chat show, embarrassingly close to reality ;).
Thanks for getting my back here, Saje... I can imagine how frustrating/annoying it must be for Joss to make an amusing joke and have people run with "Yes, People, it's true" and completely disregard the punchline of "I AM the ideal mate".

Also, while loving James Gunn's work as well as his wife Jenna in Lollilove (AND Slither), as well as being a big Steve Carell fan... I have yet to see the US Version of The Office. I imagine such a talented cast will be great, but I just can't imagine anything improving on, overall, the genius of the UK Version.

And, yeah Steve Coogan is amazing. He should be a star here just like the amazing Hugh Laurie has become.
I'm curious. Has Joss ever directed something he didn't write, or at least co-write?
The Angel episode "Untouched". It was written by Mere Smith but directed by Joss. I think that might be the only episode he directed but didn't write.
That episode is actually one of my favourite stand alone episodes (although it's part of an arc, the basic story is stand alone - my favourite stand alone is AYNOHYEB). Although I do suspect Untouched was touched up by Joss. Er, so to speak.
Thanks, Simon! Well, if this rumour does turn out to be true, I imagine directing somebody else's script and characters will be a novel challenge for Joss. Of course, that makes me think it's more likely he'd say yes.

I'm English and have only seen the British version of The Office. I have to confess I didn't much enjoy it, partly because all that documentary style camera work makes me feel dizzy!
The American Office is a really great show but the original British version is a masterpiece.
I seem to remember, back when when he was discussing the rumors of his directing X-Men 3 when a writer, who was not him, had already been chosen, Joss saying that he had never directed something that he had not written. As I remember it, he did not totally close the door on the idea, but did not leap at the concept as something he really was anxious to do either. It was linked here at Whedonesque, but I don't have time to go looking for it. To bad we don't have people among us who are good at finding these quotes and/or links...oh, wait... ;-)
Huh. Who knew that David Denman (Roy in The Office) played Skip in Angel?

I did.

I've been thinking about this. Joss showed up on this thread to post. He didn't confirm he'll be directing an episode, but he didn't deny it, either. He could easily have denied it while his fingers were here.

Curiouser and curiouser.

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newcj: "I seem to remember, back when when he was discussing the rumors of his directing X-Men 3 when a writer, who was not him, had already been chosen, Joss saying that he had never directed something that he had not written... To bad we don't have people among us who are good at finding these quotes and/or links...oh, wait... ;-)"

Well, I'm easy, so here you go...

ANGEL ep "Untouched" aired in 2000, so by August 2004, when asked about directing X-Men 3 (at a Q & A at the Chicago WizardWorld, as reported by our own Embers) Joss had certainly directed something written by someone else.

Question about whether he would want to direct someone else’s script on X-men III?

Joss's answer: "I could see collaborating with someone (names most of the wonderful Buffy/Ats writers) but I can’t see directing something that is completely somebody else’s. It would be an interesting challenge and therefore I wouldn’t do it."

Joss has said a bunch of stuff about directing material written by others and TV directing. These are from a September 2005 interview with Joss by Jim Kozak for InFocusMag:

JK: I don’t recall ever hearing about you pitching a Batman movie.

JW: "It was right when they first starting talking about making another 'Batman' movie, and there was no director attached. And I can tell you exactly when I pitched it because – funny little story – my agent said, 'You know, I wouldn’t call you. I know you don’t want to do other people’s stuff, but it’s Batman, and I figured I’d mention it. They want to do something.' I’m like, 'Well, I guess you’d have to Year-One it because, I mean, you can’t go any further in the direction they’ve gone.' He’s like, 'Well, y’know, whatever.' I’m like, 'Y’know, I’m not going to think about it.' And then I talked to my wife, and she’s like, 'Dude.' And she doesn’t even like comic books. She was like,'“No. Are you kidding? It’s Batman!'


JW: "... Because with TV directors there’s a lot of hit-and-miss. You can get a terrible hack or you can get a really great guy who just missed one really important point."

JK: Do you think that’s true of most TV series? Writers are typically on set to keep an eye on things?

JW: "Oh yeah. The executive producer is basically the director. What I learned from my film sets is that a director doesn’t have to create anything, but he is responsible for everything. And the same thing goes for executive producer on a TV series."


JK: I think there’s a lot of confusion also about how different a director’s role is on a TV set versus a feature set.

JW: "It’s a grueling medium. It’s a tough thing to do, to be an itinerate director. I was talking to David Semel, who was one of our best directors – he did a lot of great episodes – and he was going off to 'Dawson’s Creek,' and I said, 'That would be fun, to get away and do a completely different show where you’re handed this script,' and he said, 'Y’know, you go onto a show where everybody’s been doing it for a couple of years, they all know each other, they all know how they like to play their part and what they want to do and how they like to be treated and they all know the drill and they have an executive producer that they answer to, and you’re going to go there every day and pretend that you’re going to tell them what to do and that they’re going to listen to you.' It’s tough."

And finally this, my favourite, from "High Stakes 2004: Whedon Fans for Kerry," by Billie Doux:

Q: Are you thinking of directing the third X-Men movie?

JW: "This is one question I promised I would answer, and one I actually don't think I can twist into a political diatribe. I did promise I'd say whether or not I'm going to be directing the third X-Men movie, and the answer is, I'm sorry to say, no. I won't be writing or directing it. Quite frankly, I thought about it for a long time, I looked into my heart, and I realized that Fox didn't ask me to. And frankly, if they don't ask you to direct a movie, and you show up on the set and start directing it, it's a faux pas."

I think the important thing to remember about Joss is that, despite anything he may have said in the past, you simply don't know what he'll do 'til he does it. I think that's part of the fun of being a Joss-watcher.
Thanks, Quotergirl. It was the first quote I was thinking of. I knew you someone would come through. (whistling)

"ANGEL ep "Untouched" aired in 2000, so by August 2004, when asked about directing X-Men 3 (at a Q & A at the Chicago WizardWorld, as reported by our own Embers) Joss had certainly directed something written by someone else."

Not to take anything away from any of the writers on the shows, (because I do love those writers) but I am not sure I would consider any episodes of BtVS, Ats or Firefly as totally written by "someone else" when looking at them in this context. From what the writers have said, Joss had input at every stage and sometimes more than just input. Even if he did not write a word of it, he would still have been in control of everything about it including the finished script...especially if he had chosen to direct it.
QuoterGal you're fantastic! Thanks for all those quotes.

I would also tend to assume directing "Untouched" would be different from directing any potential episode of The Office, or anything else entirely written by another writer. Sorry to be vague, but I remember somewhere in the Serenity special features one of the other creative team members talks about Joss as a very visual writer: he doesn't just write dialogue, but pictures the whole scene and how it will be filmed. That would seem to fit with his apparent reticence to direct someone else's work in the above quotes, that and the not being asked thing!
I love you like a sister, newcj, so don't get me wrong - is there a reason that you write my name as "Quotergirl"? It's QuoterGal, so I've kinda wondered.

Just curious...
"I love you like a sister, newcj, so don't get me wrong - is there a reason that you write my name as "Quotergirl"? It's QuoterGal, so I've kinda wondered.

Just curious...
QuoterGal | January 10, 00:13 CET"

Just a guess but...because my incredible incompetance about names extends even to the internet? (covers red face) Or the simple answer, I'm a dope.

The good news is, once I know I am messing something up I am usually pretty good about fixing it. (OH NO! Do I have to go back and edit every post where I messed up your name? Please say it ain't so.) The funny/ironic thing is, though I forget names and am a horrible speller, I always make it a point to try to call people exactly what they like to be called down to the accents and vowel pronunciation. So please accept my heartfelt and embarrassed apology. This is why I usually cut and paste people's names. I guess I got cocky or something. (sigh)
Not to worrify, newcj, it ain't hardly my real name, so I think the impact of misuse is a little different than, say, with an actual birth-name.

Anyhoo, it didn't upset me so much as seem curious - you were so thoroughly consistent about doing it, that I began to read some kind of codified or somesuch meaning into it, or, I dunno, something like that...

I thought I'd mention it, but didn't mean to horrify or embarass you at all - I actually thought an off-line email to you would make more of it than I intended.

My dearest fellow Gonerian...

;] :-*
About quoting Joss. I think he's human, and maybe sometimes he can change his mind or forget he said he wouldn't direct it if he didn't write it. Nothing is etched in stone (except stone etchings). Also, directors often rewrite the work of writers to suit their ideas and preferences, so if Joss does direct someone else's script, it's sure to have some of his work pencilled in.

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Also from the In Focus interview:
"And there are entire episodes of “Buffy” that I have written every word of that my name is not on."

So regardless of the writing credit, Joss may have written anywhere between none and all of "Untouched" (btw, no slag on Mere Smith intended whatsoever).
Oh, how I love "Untouched" -- I must have watched it eleventy-million times.
(I think the guest star was excellent, but it's always DB's performance in that pivotal bedroom scene that's blown me away.) It's got that definite Joss-feel, with lots of beautiful little touches throughout, but I don't doubt that together he and Mere brainstormed the hell out of it. I always wanted to see more of that character, but then, I guess that's what fan fic is for. ;)

Huh. Who knew that David Denman (Roy in The Office) played Skip in Angel?

Me did, too. I don't always recognize AtS/BtVS actors in other shows by their normal appearances, especially if they wore heavy makeup or prosthetics, but I remember hearing DD's voice and instantly knowing who it was (I'd just been rewatching S3, which made him fresh in my memory.) I like to fantasize that someday they'll write a Halloween episode where he comes to the office party dressed as Skip. I'm pretty sure Dwight (if nobody else) would be thrilled!

I sincerely hope this rumor's true. The Office is by far my favorite sitcom, and I've got this funny feeling that its mixture of humor and poignancy would suit Joss's talents right down to the ground.
"And there are entire episodes of “Buffy” that I have written every word of that my name is not on."

How would that work? If Joss ended up changing everything another writer had written, did they just still credit them with writing the episode even though all of their material wasn't used?

I know that Conversations With Dead People for instance was written by both Joss and Marti Noxon (who were uncredited) as well as Jane Espenson and Drew Goddard (who were), because each writer took one sets of scenes- Joss the Buffy scenes, Marti the Willow ones, Jane the Dawn scenes and Drew the Jonathan/Andrew scenes.

But in that instance, although Joss wasn't officially credited, the credited writers did have a large input into the episode. Perhaps he was referring to the earlier seasons when there wasn't such a strong writing team, and maybe occasionally the one-off writers didn't grasp the show's ethos and style correctly?
I'm sure I've heard this quote attributed in reference to the episode, "The Witch".

And I believe in the case of "Conversations", the only reason there aren't four names on there is because of a Writer's Guild rule not allowing that many names on one teleplay.

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