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January 08 2007

Serenity in Cake Form. Charm City Cakes, which has a show on the Food Network, features a Serenity-shaped cake on their Web site.

This isn't just a flat cake cut out of a mold, either. It's a fully-realized thing of 3D beauty! No details on whether you can light the candles and make it go for full burn, though. :) You have to scroll down a bit to see the picture, but it's the only one on the page.

Wow.... I wonder if its a protein cake.... but there isnt any chocolaty frosting!!!!
LOL! Very creative (and fun to see).
I was going to say that when I go to Maryland this year, I am getting a Sernity cake- but they are a bit outta my price range!

But how cool!
*whimper* How can anyone bring themselves to eat such a masterpeice? *is very hungry right now*
Holy crap! Even without diabetes, that silver-plated icing doesn't look to healthy!
So what are those edible ball bearings made out of? I didn't know that they make frosting like that too...

That thing looks really pretty but difficult to serve though.
I am friends with the sister of one of the people who works at Charm City Cakes. In December at the Backup Bash, she showed a picture of that cake to Tim Minear. He seemed very amused. It was really quite awesome.

Anything that isn't frosting or fondant is probably molding chocolate. Charm City Cakes really tires to make absolutely everything on their cakes edible.
I bet some of it might be marzipan. They may make it edible but the cake tasting good is another matter -- I'm sure that a lot of it is purely an "art cake" rather than a real functional cake.
Oh. My. God.

My mother keeps saying she's going to make a Serenity cake, but apparently she's been beaten to the punch. I am in LOVE, and I don't eat sweets that often.
Wow - that cake is incredible.

I can't quite make them out in detail, but the ball bearings kinda look like silver dragees (shiny little silver balls that cake decorators use).
Mmmm, I used to love "silver dragees" but I thought they haven't been around since my youth. Local urban legend said they were discontinued because too many younguns choked to death from them, but thanks for letting me know they're still around! Still, this Serenity cake looks dangerous to eat. There could be choking.
I love that show. Cracks me up. The cake looks might fine too.
OMG! Shiny, literally! But, yeah, considering there was a bottle next to it labelled "professional sprayer" -- er, no, please, you taste it first. ;-)
Holy macaroni I would love that cake! But I don't think I could bring myself to eat it...
Wow. That's amazing. I agree - who would have the heart to cut into it, even I would skip ingesting cakey-goodness just to stare at it in wonder. And Browncoat your marzipan comment made me think about the BuffyBots 'that'll put marzipan in your pie plate bingo' quote (I know it went something like that).
My birthday was on the 8th. What an awesome birthday present just to see this cake and know that it exists!

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