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January 08 2007

Firefly online game company post about Firefly. Roughly, it charts their experience of going to the big launch at Flanvention 2, and what actually happened that weekend. Anybody wanting to get involved in the creation of the game can do so.

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[ edited by gossi on 2007-01-09 09:39 ] charts their experience with spending a fortune on the Firefly rights from 20th Century Fox...

Uh, where? That's not in the specific newsletter linked. I assume maybe it's in one of the other ones but I'm not keen on digging.
Well, I'm pretty sure they didn't spend $4 on the licensing rights.
I can't imagine that the rights to a Firefly MMO are among the most highly priced baubles in Fox's repository of intellectual property. They're probably right down there with "the theme song from Dark Angel" and "the rights to print American Dad novels."
I'm just saying that the item description makes it sound as if they were writing about how they spent a fortune. They don't appear to have written any such thing.
True enough, bix. I've changed the wording. You'd be surprised how much these things cost -- a licensed tshirt design alone is normally within 5 figures.
grr...argh. I've been having trouble signing up for the Multiverse boards to discuss the game. I've tried this twice now. I think I entered my e-mail address wrong or something. Anyways, would like to discuss the game over there. There are some interesting threads about how the game "should" or "could" be. Seems to be serious fans/gamers posting and not much whining from what bits I've seen so far. Lots of interesting premeses? proposals over there. Even perfectly tasteful and feasible ways to incorporate Compansions into the mix.
The linked article doesn't talk about their dealings with Fox at all other than saying "When we announced that Multiverse and Fox are partnering..." Regardless of how much they spent, the description makes it sound like there's some more of the behind-the-scenes story about licensing there. Is this linking the correct article?
Okay, I've edited the description again and removed all referencing to the purchasing of the license.
What they modestly don't say is that at FlanB they paid for buses so that we could actually get to where the events were. At least, I believe these were the guys. Any of the BD CA Browncoats want to confirm?
Yes, it was Multiverse who paid for the busses to get us to Pickwick.

I'm looking forward to seeing the live version (beta or otherwise) part of the game.
I didn't see any chart. Is this the right link?

Sounds like developing this game will as much fun (or more) than actually playing it. I can't wait to see what they come up with.
Yes, it was Multiverse who paid for the busses to get us to Pickwick.

Yes indeed they did, but with a twist. Corey wanted to pay for the bus to La Cantina on Saturday night. That ended up a little too complicated in all the dealings with faxing, credit cards, adding a second bus, and so on. So instead he paid the amount of one Saturday night bus towards the 2 days of buses for the Pickwick center. Everything worked out great, and Corey and Multiverse are amazing for doing such an incredible thing.

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