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January 08 2007

BTVSFigs' Ask DST 46 confirms that the Initiative Xander figure will be coming out after all, and the Giles and Faith figures should be in stores within a month, among other things.

Oh dear. I wish I could be happy to hear this, but lord the Xander likeness was just awful! I dearlywanted a good figure of his character, but boy was I dissapointed when they all turned up.

I didn't think much of their Giles either. What is up with DST at the moment. I know they sub-contract to Gentle Giant, but surely they have some form of quality control with these things?

I'll be giving these a miss I think, sadly.
I thought that was more positive than most Ask DSTs, the answers in which usually consist of either "We have no plans for anything like that right now" or "It has been discussed but nothing to announce yet". This one at least gives me something to look forwards to, the Angel statues in particular.

I don't think the Initiative Xander look too bad at all, his facial expression is a little odd, but you can clearly tell it's him unlike some of the Buffy/Angel figures.

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