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January 09 2007

Sean Maher's wonderful independent movie Living 'til the End is finally being released on DVD on January 23rd.It can also be pre-ordered from or

The movie also features Stephen Tobolowsky, the original Principal Flutie from the unaired Buffy pilot.

Sweet! I've been wanting to see this ever since Tzegha saw it in a screening and raved about it.

Also, it's even cheaper if you order it from Best Buy.
I have been waiting to see this.
Yay! I've been wanting to see this for so long!
Why was principal Flutie recast
You know if it comes to the UK, I might seriously think about buying this. It sounds like a good premise and has Sean Maher in it.

And I wicked love the cover as well.
I've been looking forward to seeing this. Had no idea when it came out on DVD. Will have to check it out.

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