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"I wanted to do a show about people who are not 'super,' just working-class people, the people history steps on. (Joss on Firefly)"
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January 09 2007

Joss has written two issues of Runaways so far. In Brian K. Vaughan's latest blog on MySpace he talks (briefly) about his final issue on Runaways and Joss's takeover.

Runaways 23 is out this week. I love the cover!

Don't suppose anyone knows when the third Runaways hardcover is coming out? I ask only cause I want to give BKV and Marvel some more money. That and Runaways is a cracking read.
When do we expect Joss' first Runaways issue to appear? I need time to catch up!
No official release date yet, but I still expect the hardcover to come out alongside with Joss's first issue in April, so that would mean it'll be in the next Previews. (Ha! Two questions answered at once!)

(Play.Com even has it listed for 4/18, but beware--early listings in webshops are notoriously unreliable.)
Can't wait! With Astonishing still going on, Buffy in March, and Runaways in April, it's a good time for Whedon comics. OOH! And the Serenity comics can't be too far off, right?
Hm, wouldn't/couldn't they delay the third hardcover since they've got a primer recap issue with some new art coming out probably around the same time? I'm not sure if they would necessarily put it into the hardcover as a bonus material, but that could be the substitute primer for newcomers to catch up.

Plus don't the digests get released before the hardcover comes out to pull in a bit more money from the really into it? I dunno, I'm just getting anxious and excited. I have no idea if I want to see Whedon's stuff more, or dread BKV leaving.
Yes, while no authority on this, I'm a life-long collector and the hardcover won't be out before the mini-digests or Joss' run begins. Probably.
Well, 'Live Fast,' the last BKV-written digest is out 3/28/07, so that could still work...

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