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January 09 2007

D.B. Woodside on Larry King Live tonight with the cast of "24".

Short video available at the link. As far as I can tell, it is not in fact live tonight, but pretaped from the CTU set. Mere days to go before the season premiere, woohoo!

I love me some DB. I'm rewatching season 7 right now and watched Lies My Parents Told Me last night twice (with commentary and without). James and DB have *amazing* chemistry, and DB had some really nice things to say about the show. He was very thankful for his role.
Well, for a Joss fan, one thing D.B. said sure stood out:
(about Wayne Palmer) "I love the character. He is by far the most interesting, complicated guy I've ever had the fortune to play."

I mean, I understand him saying that out of commitment to the character he's playing right now, out of loyalty to the people he works with (among whom he was sitting), and simply because it's the kind of thing you say when you're promoting a show... but come on, D.B.! Principal Wood was born interesting and complicated!

I'm sure I'm making too much of the rhetoric he was using... Gotta go watch that LMPTM commentary to be reassured that he appreciated the character... =)
[Doing the Happy Dance] '24' is coming back...with D.B.?? As another President Palmer???
Oh.My.Goddes!!!! Can somebody give me a "Squeeeeee!"?

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jam2 - I don't think that he was devaluing Principal Wood, but let's face it, this is a much bigger role for him and he does get to play the POTUS, with all the Kennedyesqueness that implies.

I can't wait.
Whereas Wayne Palmer was born out of the weakest storyline of the weakest season of 24...

Still, last year's presidential storyline was the best thing the show has ever done, so there's hope for him yet.
[Doing the Happy Dance] '24' is coming back...with D.B.?? As another President Palmer???
Oh.My.Goddes!!!! Can somebody give me a "Squeeeeee!"?

And as someone who already watched the first four episodes from the new season, I surely say, that this is going to be a fun season to watch.

Plus David Fury is still in their writing staff, since he joined them late last season and Eric Balfour is also back.
Yeah, I watched the first four episodes of the new season and the last 10 minutes of episode 4 made me go "Oh My Frakkin God" with my jaw on the ground.

Can't wait to see the rest, even though I haven't seen s3-5.
"Oh My Frakkin God"

Don't you mean frakkin' gods, Lyonaz? Or are you a Cylon?

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