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January 09 2007

FOX position Drive as mid-season front runner. A press release states "Drive is scheduled to premiere on Thursday, March 1, 2007 on the FOX Broadcasting Network." ETA: However it has been confirmed that this is not the start date.

*marks calendar, does happy dance*
Somewhere on that site there's a nice wee Drive section but I can't figure out the direct link to it so unfortunately people will have to dig for it themselves.
"Racing to the FOX Broadcasting Network this spring is the intense new drama series Drive from executive producers Tim Minear (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Wonderfalls, The Inside) and Ben Queen."

Tim was never involved with Buffy. This is a common mistake apparently.
*Also marks calendar, does a tiny happy wriggle in her office chair*
Thursday?! Isn't Thursday already crowded enough as it is? At least it'll have American Idol(ugh and also ick) as a lead in but it's still gonna be up against CSI and Greys Anatomy. I'm assuming that they'll still be running in March and that Drive will be at 9 unless American Idol is at 9, then that would make Drive at 10 which I guess would be better. I don't really know what time American Idol airs.
alright! m'cookies! I thought I was the only one doing the happy dance! (wriggle)
flightofserenity, Drive will be on at 9pm, but there's a chance that for the first several weeks of airing both Grey's and CSI will be on hiatus.
At least they know that Tim wasn't with Buffy, in the bio they have:
Tim Minear began making Super-8 movies in his backyard at the age of 9. Minear studied film at Cal State Long Beach and began his professional career as a production assistant, then assistant director, on films such as Re-Animator, The Menís Club and Platoon. After writing spec scripts, he was hired as a script doctor on several feature films before joining the cable series The New Adventures of Zorro as a writer. Minear also served as a writer on several other series, including the syndicated dramas Robinís Hoods for Aaron Spelling and Stephen J. Cannellís Two.

Minear spent two seasons as a co-producer/writer on the action/adventure series High Tide. He was an executive story editor on Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, where he penned several scripts before joining The X-Files in the same capacity. For The X-Files, he wrote the episode "Mindís Eye," for which guest star Lili Taylor was nominated for an Emmyģ Award. Minear was a producer/writer on the sci-fi series Strange World before joining Joss Whedonís Angel as a producer/writer. Minear was elevated to executive producer of the series, in addition to his writing and directing duties. Minear also served as executive producer on the sci-fi adventure series Firefly, the comedy/drama Wonderfalls, and the action-fueled road race drama Drive."

Edited to add, that my first sentence would have been clearer if I had said " At least in their bio of Tim, they know he was not with Buffy".

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"Racing to the FOX Broadcasting Network this spring is the intense new drama series Drive from executive producers Tim Minear (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Wonderfalls, The Inside) and Ben Queen.

The next time youíre cut off by a crazed driver on your way to work, cut him a little slack. He could be racing for his life.

Drive is an action-fueled drama following a diverse group of Americans driving for their lives (or the lives of their loved ones) in a sinister, cross-country road race. Some of them have been coerced into joining The Race; others have sought out The Race themselves, hearing rumors of the $32-million prize. Each has a reason to compete. And each must win.

Among the varied racers are a man thrust into The Race in an effort to find his missing wife; a single mother competing under great strain... or possibly something much more strange; a buttoned-down scientist and his rebellious 15-year-old daughter; two brothers in a stolen, pimped-out Caddy that carries secrets of its own; and a gorgeous and mysterious female stowaway who may well hold the key to the secrets of The Race.

There are other competitors as well, but when no one is told whom theyíre racing against, or even where the finish line is, anything is possible. With each mile clocked, the drivers get closer, not only to the finish line and a critical, life-changing victory, but to understanding the mystery behind The Race itself.

In the U.S., Drive is scheduled to premiere on Thursday, March 1, 2007 on the FOX Broadcasting Network.

Created by Tim Minear and Ben Queen, Drive is a Twentieth Century Fox Television Production. Greg Yaitanes directed the pilot and serves as an executive producer along with Minear and Queen."

Not to be morbid, but when Tim dies - as we all must (long may he live *knocks on wood, spits, and wards off the evil eye*) - they will write something in his obituary like Tim "Buffy" Minear, and Tim will start shouting again from his grave...
flightofserenity, Fox does not show national programming at 10pm. That is when their local news starts. It will definitely be on at 9.
Unfortunately, Drive only gets the benefit of an AI lead-in for two weeks, then they're on their own. Once AI is down to 12 finalists, they'll go back to Tuesday singing/Wednesday results. Hopefully FOX won't punish Drive if they don't produce post-AI results without the AI lead-in.
AWESOME! But i dont have cable :( I might be getting a spare set of antennas so hopefully I will be able to watch it. Man its not on the friday night death slot and not sci fi or western, and lead in from American Idol. So those are great things going for it. I just hope Fox will promote this sucka like crazy.
ETA: Saw cabri's post, well 2 lead ins are better than no Idol lead ins right??

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Yes, at least people will have had the chance to see it. :)

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FOX have already aired at least one advert for Drive, yesterday, which went out to just over 16 million households.

We'll see if this pays off. They're being quite ballsey about this, it has to be said.
I don't get why they're throwing it in the Thursday slot which has already claimed one casualty so far this season. I mean wouldn't Mondays paired with 24 be better? Prison Break is due to finish in March so they have the slot open...
I really hope it isn't up against Grey's. Grey's should compete with AI, then air Drive against that Trees of Men show.
The timeslot is a mixed bag. "Bones" seemed to get a nice post-AI boost last year. But the GA/CSI slot is the one that Studio 60 ran from before ever airing, and then it spelled the end of The O.C.

Ultimately, I think it's a mistake. The audiences for GA and CSI aren't going to stop watching those shows anytime soon, so that seriously limits the number of eyeballs Drive even has a chance to get...
I think it will be huge. Look at the explosive growth of NASCAR. The Fast and Furious race movies do really well and it appeals to *the* most coveted demographic, 18-34 males ....course Drive could prove to be to deep for that crowd.


JUST KIDDING MA! (says Char from race central...North Cakalaki)
MichaelH, the slot launched House big for FOX, I believe.

Thursdays is a 'heavy hitter' day, meaning you normally have American Idol, Greys and CSI, all of which are the 1-2-3 biggest shows on TV. On the first two weeks, it'll have American Idol's lead in, and then Greys and CSI should be not airing new episodes. Hopefully, those people flick about, and end up on FOX.

It's a gamble, but a good one. The audience should be available, and it's right smack in the middle of the slot where they will be looking.

The critical thing is getting anybody to see the first few episodes of Drive. If CSI and Greys affect it when they return, FOX can move it -- at least people will know what it is by then. Hopefully, anyway.
Thank goodness ABC airs GA online too - I work Thursday nights, only have two VCRs, and want to watch all three shows. *sighs at network programming moronicity*
MichaelH, the slot launched House big for FOX, I believe.

I don't think so. I'm pretty sure House has followed AI on Tuesdays which is the performance show and which stays put throughout AIs run. The problem with the Thursday airing is that AI only does a few weeks on Thursdays before going back to it's regular Tuesday and Wednesday slots. Thursday's at 9 is just about the toughest time slot out there and so far FOX has failed to compete in it.

How many of you are boycotting it since Nathan will only be Mal to you? None of you will, it appears. That rule doesn't apply to all the actors, I see.
That rule applies to any actors?
Hunh???? Boycott shows b/c a verse actor is in it? what??? Colour me confused...

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So...TV for me: Monday Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Tuesday Veronica Mars, Wednesday Lost, Thursday Drive. Also American Idol in there somewhere whenever their crazy multitude of episodes happen to air.

Sounds good to me!

And Drive and Buffy S8 within a week of each other? *dies*
I think the time slot shows that Fox is getting behind the show. I LOVE Tim Minear. I hope this succeeds. I still dream of an Angel movie with Tim & Joss at the helm and David Boreanaz back in the flowing coat (especially as he is really in the best shape ever). Yeah I know - I'm dreaming, but please don't wake me.
I think the boycott thing may be about people who don't watch Bones because they can only see DB as Angel (speculating here, sorry, but I think that's what the reference is)...
Wow, I haven't heard that at all. I love DB, Angel, *and* Bones. Weird.

Yes, angelbones2 - he looks better than ever.
The boycotting thing has me mightily confused too. I have watched some pretty bad cable movies to support Whedonverse actors. Why would I boycott a show that promises to actually be good?
Cityof, color me confused, there are people who do not support our BDHs in other projects? That is crazy talk! I have gone out of my way to see Anthony Stewart Head in Scoop, and Adam Busch in American Dreamz, I would go any length to see my Whedonesque actors in any project! And of course Drive has the added value of being created by Tim Minear, who is really brilliant and funny (I got to meet him in Burbank, actually I got to meet Nathan too). I cannot conceive of any fan who would want to have people they admire sitting around unemployed just because a favorite show was cancelled.

Edited to add: what I had originally planned to post is: I've marked my calendar and I'm thrilled about the lead-in! (edited again because my calendar is wrong now...).

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Gosh, I go out of my way to watch 'Verse actors in shows -- FOX or otherwise. Don't see any good reasoning behind not watching, because a few Browncoats boycotting aren't going to hurt the numbers at all, plus they deprive themselves of watching our BDHs.
jam2: "I think the boycott thing may be about people who don't watch Bones because they can only see DB as Angel (speculating here, sorry, but I think that's what the reference is)..."


WTF? Are you frakkin' serious? Such a thing exists?

Oh, my sainted aunt, colour me out of the loop, but I had nae heard of such a thing. What a very peculiar, to say the least, worldview such a boycott expresses.
Crap! Why does it have to be Thurs at 9?? I already have conflicts with that time period (Supernatural, CSI, and Gray's Anatomy all being on at that time). I'm definitely not giving up Supernatural, so I guess I'll have to decide between CSI and Gray's for which show to give up.

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Huh? It's Thurs at 9.

Oh, and ABC is often kind enough to offer GA online.
I must just add:

I sat through"Way Off Broadway" recently just to watch Morena Baccarin emote in a low-budget 2001 film. She was a delight, but it took real dedication to sit through that for just one beloved 'Verse actor. It had its moments, but basically...

I will watch crap to watch my WhedonPeeps.
I enjoyed Way Off Broadway. I thought it was pretty well done if a bit overwrought.
March 1st is not the premiere date. Pass it on.
My lovely Allyson, do you happen to know when the premiere may be? By the way, you look lovely today. Have you lost weight?
I totally forgot to ask.
"Huh? It's Thurs at 9. "
It may a different time zones thing, maybe?

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Would a mod edit before this causes further chicken littling about the date/time? Please? I will send delicious cookies!
March is loaded this year. Drive, then "300" the next week, followed by "Buffy" #1, "Astonishing X-Men" #21, and probably lots more. Oh yeah, Spring Break!

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Um, Allyson, where is the info from? and can you ask that person when? i know i know.... you probably wont be able to... sigh,...and I just told one person already...
Not Allyson, but:

Show will likely debut late March/early April. I'll post it on Tim's official site when I hear more.
In which place it's probably going to miss having AI as a lead in at any point as by that stage AI will have gone back to just airing on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
Unless it won't be on a thursday. And thanx J Monique. My lord, this is sooo exciting. Was cloak and dagger stuff involved in the procurement of the info?
Oh, no, I called over to the Drive office and asked a friend to either confirm or deny, since it seemed sketchy given the shooting schedule.
Hush! Glass half-full, third time the charm. Damn, where's that rabbit's foot....Please give Tim a full season to prove his worth. That's all I ask. Ahem.
J. Monique runs now that our dear friend and former webmaster Kristen Reidel is a writer on Drive. YAY Kristen!

And for the rest, you'll have to read my book. I love saying that. I'm such a whore.
but it's still gonna be up against CSI and Greys Anatomy ...

Oh well. So long Petersen, Hello Fillion!
TamaraC: "I enjoyed Way Off Broadway. I thought it was pretty well done if a bit overwrought."

Oh, I stayed interested for the whole thing, TamaraC, and it did have stuff going for it. I just thought it was pretty formulaic and contrived, and I'd have to agree with overwrought. It felt like what I think it it was - a decent and sincere post-grad movie.

WOB Writer Daniel Kay wrote a horror-thriller titled Timber Falls, which is in post-production - I'll be interested to see how that turns out...
Safari glitch creates double post! Appalling doppelganger edited! Forgive me and my computer!

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Char- *snicker*
It took me all dang day to get back here! I wasn't ignoring you, despite the poke!
Hey, I'm gonna be pitching Drive all over my racing sites once we get a little closer to air.
Would a mod edit before this causes further chicken littling about the date/time?

There we go.

The press release is real but the information is incorrect so with a wave of my Whedonesque wand (yes I'm milking this), the info has been corrected.
That's not the start date? Oh man. Sorry, I did hold off on posting this one as I waited for 'confirmation' from FOX (ie that site). This is a good start.

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*nods knowingly* It's all gossi's fault. If Drive gets cancelled, we can point back to this moment in the history of the series production and chant in chorus: "Gossi's to blame!!"
I'd run the item without a qualm and with a smile in my heart. It was an official press release on a 20th Century Fox site. You can't get much more solid info than that.
Ah, so the sky isn't falling. Actually, I kinda' like these doomslayers speak. We get a chance to look within.

Thank you, Simon. I know your smile is as wide as mine!
So, just to get this straight, Fox announced the premiere date for Drive but they were wrong?

This bodes REALLY well for its schedule...
Yes and no, the production company (linked to) announced the date and got it wrong and from what I gather Fox then confirmed it.
FOX's confirmation was just email, so will be the skivvies who just answer web queries - they probably got the information from the above link at a guess. The actual scheduling people at FOX will know what the date is. Well, one hopes.
our dear friend and former webmaster Kristen Reidel is a writer on Drive. YAY Kristen!

I second that yay! This makes my little fanboy heart happy that someone who has been working hard is now getting their break to get into writing for television! It's nice to read about people succeeding at making a dream come true! :-)

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