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January 10 2007

MSNBC reports 'Buffy's sister' has heated run in with Lindsay Lohan. Can't she 'wake up on fire' too?

Never read anything about this myself before today.

Wow. That'

And, wait. Scary Spice is pregnant with Eddie Murphy's baby? What?
Whedonesque is better than this. I hope a mod deletes this soon.
I have to agree. Michelle is starting to appear in the gossip columns a surprising amount.
What kind of a person yells "I’ll kick her [bleeping] [bleep]!" when they're angry? The whole point of cussing is that it ain't appropriate. :)

[Sadly, I once knew a man who actually would bleep out his own cuss words. He was... an interesting fellow.]
Aside from the gosspiness of this article, there is a larger issue. Which is, MT is a fine actor, and in my opinion is spending way too much time at premiers and hanging with the likes of the glitterati- this is not how to build a serious career. Wherever are parents in this mess?
Bleeps their own swear words? Sounds like that episode of the x-files.

Hey, this is my first post.

I love whedonesque. Best whedonverse site around. Can't wait to post a link.

It'll be a nice, tasteful one I promise.

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Maybe it was a homage to Dawn. You know, "Get out, get out, GET OUT!!!

Lindsay Lohan was at a club yelling at people? Must be Tuesday.
Am I the only one who likes MT more now that we know Lindsay Lohan dislikes her?
May I add my voice to the proposition that mods delete this post? Not only am I tired about hearing ANYTHING about Lohan, who is a very sad individual, but the gossip and fashion reports about MT are becoming all too common here, IMO. I feel very sorry for those young people in Hollywood who have more money than they can count but lack maturity, and constantly find themselves, in their more juvenile, drug-enhanced stupid moments, plastered all over blogs and celebrity magazines, etc. Do we really have to contribute to their humiliation?
I can understand why people would post this here. She was, after all, part of the Jossverse and this is what's happening to her. But I agree, this is just asinine. And we shouldn't have tripe like that here at Whedonesque--it waters down a lot value and credibility.
Where's Simon when we need him? Come on honey, swoop in, you moderating hottie you and get rid of this tripe.
Doesn't the definitive self-bleeping take place in Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels?

Although this is a very silly story and some people may want it deleted, I think there's a potentially interesting angle. IMDB says that Michelle did the voice of Lindsey Lohan in several episodes of Seth Green's "Robot Chicken". I have never seen this show -- can anyone confirm? Could this be why Lindsey Lohan dislikes her? Were the episodes very mocking?
Michelle has definitely made it into the 'in' crowd, because all the cool kids are fighting and feuding these days. If it was Michelle's voice-overs on 'Robot Chicken' which sent Lindsey over the edge? All the better, everyone knows that Seth Green is definitely one of the cool ones.
Now if she could just get into a kurffle with Paris.
What's with everyone using italics? Anyway, I do question the appropriateness of the link, but I also agree that being disliked by Lindsay Lohan only makes me like Michelle more. But I do think that Michelle should perhaps work more on her career (which has a lot of potential) rather than get trapped in the cycle of infamy that surrounds Lohan and her peers.
Are we stuck in italics? I can't even comment on this article, it's sad and disgusting. Whedonverse or not, no young person able to be living that lifestyle needs to be acting like that.
Every so often we get a lightweight gossipy story at Whedonesque. This one's no exception. If it made wild scurious allegations about Michelle then it would be a matter for the Phantom Zone. But As long as posters are civil and respectful. What was interesting to me is that Michelle is still seen as "Buffy's sister".

But rest assured we're not going to turn into E!
Well, yeah, it's a silly thread. But hey, if someone else yells at you, that does not mean you were in a fight. I'm just saying.
Michelle Trachtenberg is 21 years old, so parents can't swoop in and stop her from going out to parties. Equally, just because she goes out regularly, doesn't necessarily mean she's overdoing it.

Setting that aside, this is gossip of the lowest order. Such stories are frequently made up, and even if this particular instance is true, is it really relevant simply because Trachtenberg was in Buffy? There ought to be other criteria for judging relevance, such as credibility, importance, merit and so on.
Yeah well it would be a little fun to share in the gossip, and no I dont meant involving actors and actresses(especially young ones), but churing our own Wonder Woman rumours. Why let IMDB et al. have all the fun?

And so far it seems its doesn't reflect bad on Michelle Trachtenburg, she ws the one yelled at, it was Lindsy Lohan doing the yelling in a less than professional manner(not there is a professional manner to yell...).

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[Sadly, I once knew a man who actually would bleep out his own cuss words. He was... an interesting fellow.]

I do that from time to time. Dunno why.
Because you're interesting is why, Simon!
Pass it on: Lindsey Lohan and Michelle Trachtenberg to fight over Wonder Woman role. In Jello. Winner to play Wonder Woman.
If you have objections to a post, please e-mail us about it instead of telling us to do something about it here in the comments, thanks.
I knew a guy that would Flanderize his cuss words. It was kind of odd actually.
At first glance, the incident, even if it were somewhat enhanced in the telling, seems hardly worth pointing to. Then someone, namely chickenbird, notes something I and many others didn't know, i.e., MT voiced LL in Robot Chicken. See how even gossip and civilized discussion (*See Simon above) can be instructive. So, it's all good people. And thanks to the OP.
I am always hesistant to recommend deletion of a post. Someone who posts here felt this was worthy of posting, and it has already generated more than 20 comments, all of which has been respectful. As a person who has had threads deleted on otherboards- and please, I am not disrespectful ever- I am always disturbed to see that happen. If you've no interest in this story, don't comment. Our mods watch the board like hawks and are quick to end or delete posts that go too far, so why worry here?

As to my comment about parents, Gonnas, the fact she is 21 has no bearing on whether her parents can bring their influence to help direct her. Heck, my older kids are 26 (twins) but I did not swear off giving them advice as they got older. In some ways, people like the Lohans, Spears and Hiltons of this world could do with a bit more guidance and parenting, in my opinion. Me, personally, I think it would do MT better to just get working than to keep appearing in photo shots at various premiers and openings and parties- take a look at over the last few months, you know?

Oh man, I can't believe it! I am sounding like my parents! It's finally happened!
Yes, Drifter, you are welcome. I am waiting eagerly to hear from anyone who has actually watched "Robot Chicken" to tell us what went on in those episodes!

Also, I find it interesting that people say MT should "work harder" on her career. I think she's doing a great job with her career. Her guest-starring roles are always extremely interesting and wise choices (see the stellar episode of "House" in which she starred recently). I hardly think her career is at all suffering just because she also happens to take an interest in fashion and culture. In fact, there was a rather interesting article on Whedonesque recently about how her fashion sense extends purposefully into her roles.
[Deleted accidental second post.]

[ edited by chickenbird on 2007-01-11 01:44 ]
If you delete this post, you'll have to go back and delete the post in which I linked to Summer Glau's appearance on Go Fug Yourself. And that would be a travesty because the post was funny and your comments were ridiculously entertaining.

Come on, people. She's out there in the trenches with LiLo! It's hardly her first appearance in the news (and by news, I mean celebrity gossip reports). Did you cry when MT went out on the town with Paris? When she made out with that dude who was in Freaks & Geeks? DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HARD IT IS TO BE YOUNG AND HOT AND RICH AND CONSISTENTLY WORKING? (This is when you realize that I'm teasing you, Whedonesque.)

Don't go armchair quarterbacking on her career. She'll figure it out, or she won't. I mean, look at Lolhan: she's managed to not figure it out yet, and she's doing just fine!
I liked this link. It's the kind of thing I don't normally see and I found it amusing.

And yeah, I liked not only that Lindsey Lohan spazzed out about her, I think that fact reflects well on Michelle, but that after saying "get her the...out of here" Lohan is the one to ultimately leave.

Yeah Team Dawn! We win!
It still boggles my mind though, that Dawnie is 21. She'll always be a teenager to me. Well, I suppose until I see her in something where she isn't.
I, too, would never have seen this if it hadn't showed up here. Interesting, too, that MT seems to have already learned how to deal with such folk (ignore them!)

I started bleeping myself one day when a very young person was overhearing me. I still do it, mostly when I want to express my anger in a funny way.
My mother teaches junior high special ed, so she's always careful not to curse. This has led to some highly amusing curse replacements, such as ding-a-ling-do-da.
I can't believe I'm commenting on this post, but here goes:

I think this little tidbit is bogus. I understand that Lindsay has some, shall we say, "substance issues" but these guys were attending each other's parties up until a few days ago, so huh? I'm not completely sure who wanted this publicized. And my guess about the "eyewitness" who stated that “those two hate each other" is that, like many eyewitnesses, they wanted to feel important.


Sorry - I promise (myself) I will never comment on something like this again...

Re: the swearing - I swear like a sailor in the flesh, myself, but on whedonesque, I usually either BSG my swearing or do the classic "!@?*&^%?!! from the funny papers, out of respect for those it might offend. This is highly unusual for me, but I deeply appreciate my membership privileges, so tend keep myself reined in. It's challenging.

This does not apply to my MySpace blog, where I allow myself full swearing rights. One has to seek those blogs out to read them, so I figger that's fair...

KAYLEE: "Simon, the whole point of swearing is that it ain't appropriate." - FIREFLY, "Jaynestown"

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2007-01-11 03:09 ]
OT . . .

So, QuoterGal, where is your effing blog? Shall I find the g&*$#d$^@! thing under your nick? ;-)

That is all . . . back to our regularly scheduled eloquent, measured, considerate, balanced, fair and vital discussion.

[ edited by Drifter on 2007-01-10 23:50 ]
Class class class!!!
Drifter, my dear! I'm a highly erratic blogger, in every sense you can think of, but my MySpace blog is Feel free to make merry with it and all...

I haven't sworn in it posted anything there lately.
Dana;from all i hear, Michelle *is* working a decent amount, having a guest shot or two and at least one film due out very "show-biz-soon."

And how big is this club? Is it so small that, even with actorisized egos, it isn't big enough for them to keep out of each toher's way? I grant any number of things to peopel'es fame, but feeling you're able to demand the rpoprietors of a public business remove someone just because of soemthing that (may have) happened another place, another time. That is, on the purely moral level, close cousin to bribery and corruption. Would someone like Clark Gable or Edward G. Robinson have doen that? More relevantly, would someone like *any* of the Jossverse alums make a demand like that? Even Charisma ? There's still some class in the biz, and those bimbos of both sexes who don't have it will never understand it.

PErsonally deleting threads makes me itch;I mean, when MAtt over at hmc psoted that his *previous* post re the next DragonCon had been posted here and gotten a number of comments, iw anted to look at thsoe same comemnts and, well, by then I was stone out of luck.
Not a fan of Dawn but somehow this makes me like Michelle. Although I do love her from her Harriet days.
I think it is nice to see that Michelle T. is getting steady work and, despite hanging out with the spotlight bimbos, the inane gossip tidbits are about other peoples' bad behavior, not hers.

I almost died when I saw her in a plunging neckline in interview with Conan O'Brien! She still has a sweet babyface.

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