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January 10 2007

Details on QMX's Serenity replica. "She'll be approximately 20" long, will feature the blue/grey deco and detailing as seen in Serenity, and will basically rule the display shelf in your home".

The price isn't listed now but I have seen a few QMX employee's on message boards saying it will run around $500 and have a signature edition with possibly Nathan Fillion for $550.

Oh, mommy wants...
I want to see some pictures. It sounds awesome, though.
If you click on the thumbnail you can see the pricing ($499) and some more details!

Guess I'll have to pass on this, though... too expensive :( (Even though I'm sure it's worth it).
$499?!?!? FOR A MODEL?! ACK! *faints*
A 20 inch long model, though. Yummy. Unfortunately, I'm not in an economic group to buy such a thing. One day I'll own one, though. And a fridge freezer.
I'm with Laz and Gossi, unfortunately. Perhaps we could all pool our financial resources to purchase one model and then we can share it around, swapping it to the next person every six months. ;)

It would be interesting to see the actual model, but it's amazing how accurate they can produce models of items such as this (and if I've learned anything from Buffyverse figures- monsters and vampires are no problem, but humans? Much harder to capture the likenesses there!) and I'm sure it will be worth buying.
Wait. Nathan comes included with the $550 signature edition??? No sh*t?

*starts rummaging in sofa cushions for change.*
$499? That's like..three Train Jobs...
"A 20 inch long model, though. Yummy. Unfortunately, I'm not in an economic group to buy such a thing. One day I'll own one, though. And a fridge freezer."

Is that so you can preserve it? Inquiring minds want to know.
Dammit. I was just convincing myself that it's way too much money to spend right now, and then I see that they offer a payment plan!
It sounds like a beautiful piece of work, but $500 is pretty steep. When the price of one item is comparable to the cost of an entire weekend at ComicCon, you know there will be issues. Still, I'm sure they'll make it a limited edtion like they have with their other products, and still sell enough of them to the well-off browncoats to make it worth their while. But for me, I think I'll wait until Dark Horse comes out with a larger equivalent of their ornament, with less detail than the QMX model, but a price point that isn't comparable to an iPhone.
iPhone. *sigh*

It's so stevejobs-esque, and I want it. (Not to veer completely off topic, but, well, I guess I am...)

It's just the One Niftiest Gadget to Rule Them All, right now...
I'm with QG. I'll put lots of Serenity pics on the iPhone and live with that instead.

Besides, I find it hard to imagine that Mal paid more than $500 for the original Serenity! ;-)
When the iPhone actually comes with a big enough drive to completely replace my 60 gig video iPod, I'll consider shelling out for it. But at the moment, 4 (or even 8) gigs just doesn't bloody well cut it. And there's no phone cool enough (and the iPhone IS cool, make no mistake) to justify $500. Period.

This large scale Serenity model however... now THAT I'll drop the cash on without a second thought.

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