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January 10 2007

(SPOILER) "Angel: Auld Lang Syne #3" Is Out Today. The issue with the major smack-down between Spike and Angel.

Cover #1
Cover #2
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3 -- My favorite.
Page 4
Page 5

Well, it's almost 11:00 am here, so I'm off to walk down to my comic store to pick-up this book and then to the cafe to read this comic while sipping a latte. More fun than redrafting that contract I should be working on.

I am excited. I have read the other two already. Can't wait to read it!
Squee. Squee. And yet more squeeeeeeeee!!!

Damn that looks good.

*sniff* I love my boys. :0)
Anyone have an idea when the TPB of this might be out, and also whether the different illustrated covers are usually included? Both versions are cool (I'm betting the one with Spike front-faced will sell out quick), but it weirds me out a little to see Blondie-bear sporting a Japanese sword. Since Angel was the one who lived for a while in the Orient (with Darla, post-ensoulment), and has continued to practice t'ai chi and other Asian disciplines (going to the Sri Lankan monastery after Buffy's death), I sort of associate those type of blades with him. That's just my weirdness, though. ;)

WRT to thoughts raised in the S8 Buffy comic thread, is this considered "canon" by anyone, even if Joss didn't write it, or is it more AU/something else?
Spike was in China with Angel, Darla and Dru. That *was* where he killed his first Slayer...who fought him with a pretty mean looking sword. Just sayin'.

I haven't followed the comics, but didn't they already do this in "Destiny"? No, don't tell me. I'll probably get around to this at some point. Of course that "Destiny" fight was the only fight in all of the Buffyverse that I make it a point to watch carefully and completely...and fairly often. Soooo when does this TPB come out?
I can't wait to pick this up. I love the 2nd cover with Spike, I hope it doesn't sell out before I get one! This is the cliff I have been hanging off of waiting for this face to face confrontation between Spike and Angel. Good stuff!!
WRT to thoughts raised in the S8 Buffy comic thread, is this considered "canon" by anyone, even if Joss didn't write it, or is it more AU/something else?

Not I. If it wasn't part of Joss' plan, or he didn't have a hand in it and officially sign off on it, I don't consider it canon.
Those preview pages look great, especially page 3. I'm going to get this tomorrow (Thursday) on my lunch break.
Angel's holding the Becoming sword on that one cover. Thought I should point that out.
As an "older" woman,I've never had a real personal interest in comic books before. But the recent series of Spike comics have been highly entertaining. Can't wait to get my hands on this one...a good story is a good story.
From what I understand,it's not considered canon.

I just picked up the issue.Spoiler Warning

Great issue

[ edited by Buffyfantic on 2007-01-11 00:27 ]
Read it, loved it. 22 pages of knock-down, drag out ANGEL/SPIKE fight? Yessir. Yes please.

I would say Angel was the winner. Don't want to say why because I don't want to spoil it for those that haven't picked it up yet.
BUffyfantic, don't you think you should give a spoiler label to your post or do inviso-text or something?
Oh,I thought because the spoiler lable was in the header,it was safe.I've never been able to inviso-text before.Let me try that.

ETA Added the inviso-text

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Angel's holding the Becoming sword on that one cover. Thought I should point that out.

I also notice he's wearing what appears to be his claddaugh ring. Haven't seen that in a while. Do you suppose he's still got it tucked away in a drawer somewhere? Ah, memories.

newcj, I did remember Spike killing the Chinese slayer on their Boxer Rebellion rampage, and I bet he picked up some facility with an Asian sword or two while he was there. It's just that I don't recall ever seeing him even holding a Japanese blade in either series, whereas Angel has used them (in his fight with Lindsey, most notably), had them hanging behind him on the wall in his W&H office, and was very particular about Gunn handling Kamaal's sword with the proper respect in "Judgment."

It's not an important issue as far as the story is concerned, but those are the kind of details I notice and wonder about. I guess I figured Spike as more of a bastard sword/broadsword kind of guy, what with him loving the "crunch and the rush" of fighting. And chains? Slinky, lethal and perfectly appropriate for him.
Yes, I tend to think of Spike as fighting with whatever is handy. Where Angel would notice what kind of blade it was and think back to his time in Asia or what have you, Spike would be just as likely to pick up a length of steel pipe just to enjoy the thunk sound it makes on someone's skull.

And Rogue Slayer, you really know how to hurt a guy. Sniff.

Actually, for what it's worth, everything we do is approved by Fox and Mutant Enemy, but I know what you mean. There have been plenty of stories involving my favorite characters that in my mind, "never really happened." (Paging Blue Beetle...)

The way I tend to think of the canon issue is, if I liked the story, I consider it canon. If not, not.

Hope you'll give the issue a look anyway, though.

[ edited by Scott Tipton on 2007-01-11 02:43 ]
How do all of these many other comics fit into what Joss is doing with Season 8? That is the only real canon right?

Will Joss's stories be handcuffed by all these other comics? I dont consider them to be anything since they are not part of Season 8. Am I right?

Do ANY of the comics fit into what Joss is doing? What about that Angel series where he goes to the gypsies? I am not on this site every day anymore so help!!
Actually, there's not that many other ANGEL comics out there, Saskbuffyfan. There's my miniseries, AULD LANG SYNE, and Brian Lynch's SPIKE miniseries ASYLUM.

As for the question of Joss being handcuffed, of course not. These are his creations, and whatever he wants to do with them, he'll do, as well he should. He has said in interviews that Angel and Spike won't be playing a huge part in his series initially, mostly because he wants the focus to remain on the BUFFY cast, and partially out of respect for IDW, who licensed the ANGEL property and has been shepherding it faithfully the past couple of years.
When Joss does include Angel and/or Spike will he be making sure to keep with storylines found in these other comics?

I know Auld Lang Syne and Asylum are out there now, but there have been a handful of other Angel or Spike comics in the past while have there not been?
Saskbuffyfan,there have been other Angel/Spike comics.

Angel:The Curse
Angel:Old Friends
Angel:Auld Lang Syne

These miniseries all take place in a vague post NFA time period.My understanding is IDW can't say how far after NFA they take place and can't directly deal with the alley battle.Officially,IDW can't say they are post NFA but it's very easy to assume and strongly indicated that they are.Also these mini-series follow each other in continuity order listed above.For example,Spike makes mention of events from Asylum in Auld Lang Syne.

There have also been various one-shots that take place before the series ended at various points.

Spike:Old Times
Spike:Old Wounds
Spike:Lost And Found
Angel Spotlight:Illyria
Angel Spotlight:Wesley
Angel Spotlight:Gunn
Angel Spotlight:Doyle
Angel Spotlight:Conner
Angel:Mask Anthology(various short stories)

They all take place at different points during the show's run and in some cases fill in blanks between episodes.

As for when Joss does include Angel/Spike,I don't think he's beholden to anything other then what he want to use and what he does not.Sort of like with George Lucas and the Star Wars expanded universe.At this point we don't have any idea when and how Joss will use the two vampires though.

Hope that helps some.
Finished the issue. Great fight scenes.

Brian, I disagree with you about who won the fight. Is your statement based on knowing what happens in #4? Or is it

Good job, Scott. By the way, when I got to the store, shortly after it opened, I bought the last Auld Lange Syne book there. Lucky for me it was cover B, the one I wanted.
Thank you Buffyfantic, that helps a lot.
This is really great, I like the story a lot. Thanks for taking the time to speak here with us Scott. It means a lot. :)
From what I can tell, this story appears VERY in character and canon like to me. Angel looks great. I will be buying this asap.
Yes, thank you Mr Lynch and Mr Tipton for sharing your thoughts here. I just wanted to say how much I love your stories about Spike and I thank you for helping to keep him alive. Just keep 'em coming and I'll keep buying. Thanks again!!
Hey everybody! Really glad you folks like my cover for this issue, it holds a special place in my own heart too.... as for the swords etc, I just figured Angel held onto his becoming blade(great memories and all), and yes he's wearing his claddagh ring(I just like bringing out the Irish aspects of Liam's personality). As for Spike's katana, that was more just a case of him picking up whatever he could find that he knew how to use. I don't really see him as wielding a large broadsword, Wiseblood, as that is more of a hefty slow weapon, where I see Spike as quick and lethal like a snake. And the chain is just cos its so brutal and suits him down to the ground. Just my thinking...
Luvspike wrote:

"Yes, thank you Mr Lynch and Mr Tipton for sharing your thoughts here. I just wanted to say how much I love your stories about Spike and I thank you for helping to keep him alive. Just keep 'em coming and I'll keep buying. Thanks again!!"

Just like to echo those thoughts....and add my thanks too. I love the Spike series, and actually ALL the Spike comics have been wonderful. Auld Lange Syne is really cool too and I love seeing the 'boys' get down and dirty!!!!! Please keep the Spike comics coming.
Stephen....your cover is excellent and I got the full Spike veiw sent to me so I was very happy with that.
I just finished reading the issue and I really enjoyed it. That was one kick-ass fight. One thing I was suprised by however was that Elena Casagrande was listed as the artist with David Messina only listed as providing an "art assist". This isn't a complaint as the art was still good but I thought David Messina was providing art for the entire mini-series.
Another great issue ! I really enjoyed the 'big fight.'
Going to pick up my copy today (Thursday) and very excited about getting it. My store always gives me whichever cover has Spike on it :-) so I'm looking forward to Stephen Mooney's work, upclose and personal lol. It looks great from the screenshot. And thank you to both Scott Tipton and Brian Lynch, as I have been enjoying all of your works featuring Spike. You both have a really good handle on his character, his thoughts and his manner of speaking, and I really appreciate that!

Even though Joss isn't writing for IDW, I still am thinking of this all as post-NFA canon, and I would suspect that eventually, Joss will tie it together with his Dark Horse BtVS season 8 as well. ::Woot::
Thanks to all for the kind words about the issue. Glad to hear people seemed to like it. I wasn't sure how folks would react to such a long fight scene, but I really wanted to try it.

As for Elena stepping in, as I understand it, David was having some health issues at the time (nothing serious -- my partner's hard at work now on our next project), so he enlisted Elena to fill in under his supervision, and I think she did a marvelous job. Not only did she accomplish everything I wanted in the storytelling, but it matches Messina's style so well, it doesn't disrupt the flow of the story between issues at all. I couldn't be happier with it.

David comes back in a big way in issues 4 and 5 though, including the unveiling of our Big Bad. It's gonna be sweet.
Scott do you know when the mini-series is coming out in tpb format?
I don't have the official word yet, but if I had to make a guess, I would say June.
Cool. Thanks :).
Good point about the slowness of a broadsword, Stephen Mooney. The snake metaphor makes sense, and in that light it makes sense that he'd use something more maneuverable, especially in close quarters.

I'm really looking forward to picking this up in June (let's hope), and I appreciate ya'll taking the time to respond.
No worries, Wiseblood, It's a pleasure to be able to participate in such stimulating discourse. I'm as big a fan of this stuff as the rest of ye, believe me!

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