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January 10 2007

Gail Berman to leave Paramount Pictures. One of the driving forces behind bringing 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' to TV is 'negotiating a separation settlement' to leave her position as the current president of Paramount Pictures. Gail is credited as an exec producer on both Buffy and Angel.

She is pretty much awesome.
Cheers for the good times Gail
Thank you for believing in Buffy and being instrumental in bringing it to us. What an incredible show - ten years after it started and several years after its been off the air, there are still sites where fans meet to discuss the show.

Why write strong women? Because they are out there in the world making a difference, like you. Best of luck in your next adventure.
Okay, a little more mixed in my emotions, myself. For believing in Buffy and helping get it on air, my undying gratitude. For disliking Firefly and being instrumental, if I recall, in getting the Serenity two-parter replaced with The Train Job, my complete incomprehension.

If she'd backed the show the way she did Buffy, who knows what would have happened, but I can't help but believe it would have at least had a better chance.
And at one time, the most important person in the Whedonverse.

If she'd backed the show the way she did Buffy,

She did her best to shop Firefly to other networks once it got cancelled, from what I remember.
She allowed it to be shopped around, but didn't actually shop it herself (she was president of FOX Broadcasting Corp). We owe her Serenity in a way, but her company was responsible for the mistreatment of Firefly.
Is this the person Joss never spoke to again after Firefly was cancelled, even though they'd been good friends for a long time prior to the cancellation (if I'm recalling the timeline from Done the Impossible correctly)?

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According to Done The Impossible, aye.
OK, now I know who she is. Good luck to her in whatever she does next! :-)
'negotiating a separation settlement'

I wish i could negotiate from my job a "separation settlement" like what she's gonna get.
And yes, I believe this is the "Gail" that Joss was refering to when he mentions in DTI how he spoke to Gail about taking "Firefly" somewhere else, she said yes and it was the 'last time we spoke'.

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