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January 10 2007

Runaways 23 Released Today. The penultimate issue by BKV includes a joss whedon/wil wheaton joke in the letters page.

The exact comment: "Yeah, Adrian is pretty much the master of design and... wait, did you say JOSS Whedon? The guy who wrote ROSEANNE? Crap, I told Marvel I wanted Wil Wheaton, beloved STAR TREK child star and celebrity blogger! Somebody's gonna get fired for this...

Keep running (lame Wil Wheaton jokes into the ground), BKV"

Loving Runaways more by the issue, I'd definitely say it's my favourite comic currently (Astonishing comes a close second). 23 wasn't up there with the best but it builds up to what could be an incredible finale to Vaughan's run. Hoping none of them get killed off because I'd love to see what Joss will do with each one (well I wouldn't lose sleep over Xavin, but not the rest!).
This last issue was amazing. It's hard to write an issue so good that it makes you wish that the run by joss was delayed a little bit. I wouldn't mind letting BKV do 12 more issues if joss and cassaday did 12 more on astonishing.
I loved issue #23, especially the scenes with Chase, Nico and Victor. Kudos to BKV for creating a sense of real danger in this series - he certainly isn't afraid to kill his own darlings. I'm both dreading and craving his final issue, and unlike other comic writers who telegraph their every move, I really have no idea how this storyline will play out!

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