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January 10 2007

Magic Shop girl! Michelle's line of jewellery. What did you think Dawnie did with all those pieces she stole from the Magic Shop?

This was mentioned previously in a style profile of the latest "It" girl, but I think it is honestly interesting for content that reflects on the creative side of a young starlet instead of tiresome gossip. And - pretty pictures!

Good for her!

You know, they never did clear up the Dawni clepto issue on Buffy. What was the deal?

I wish I had known she was going to be on Criminal Intent! I missed it. Darn. Darn. Darn.
I didnt know she was on the original Law and order, and nice to see her do something creative. And that I would think is more unique then perfume, and jeans.
Is Noth on Law & Order and Law & Order Criminal Intent?
I guess I could download the eppy on iTunes. Does anyone know the name?

I wish someone from the Jossverse would guest star on Law & Order SVU. I love that show.

You know, they never did clear up the Dawni clepto issue on Buffy. What was the deal?

Dawn sang about it - "Does anybody even notice? Does anybody even care?" - before being kidnapped by giant wooden puppets. Good times, good times.

Meaning, of course, did anyone even notice her, even when she was doing things like that.

Is Noth on Law & Order and Law & Order Criminal Intent?

Noth was on L&O back when it began in 1990. He left five years later. Now he's on Criminal Intent, alternating weeks with Vincent D'Onofrio.

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I like the jewelry - the pieces in the photos are things I would buy if I saw them in the store. Well, if price weren't an issue, that is.

About the clepto issue - after Anya and the others found out that Dawn had been stealing from the Magic Box (in "Older and Far Away"), there were a couple of brief mentions that resolved it. At the end of "Older and Far Away", Anya said "And then we're gonna talk about payment. And Dawnie, there are two words I want you to get used to... Punitive damages." Then a few episodes later in Entropy, there was a scene where Buffy and Dawn couldn't go in any of the stores because Dawn had stolen from them. Buffy said, "It'll pass. You've returned all the stuff that you still had, and we're paying for the rest." I think that was meant to tie it up.
According to IMDB the episode is called "Weeping Willow", season 6, episode 10.

Here in the UK on Freeview TV we've only just begun season 4! So I've got a long wait.
Did anyone else notice the bracelet with the key charm on it? Coincidence? I think, well yeah, it probably is coincidence, but still fun.
I thought the issue of Dawn's kleptomania was resolved fairly well in Buffy.

Older and Far Away was really the big climax where it was revealed to the rest of the gang, and Entropy wrapped it up fairly well with Dawn helping Anya out at The Magic Box to repay her debt and the scene with Buffy and Dawn shopping. I think they got the message across that Dawn had been doing it as a cry for attention and that Buffy was trying to spend more time with Dawn and not becoming so wrapped up in her own issues. Grave of course reiterated that point although it didn't mention the theft specifically.
I loved the fact that her bracelets have a "key" on them. I know someone said it was probably a conincidence but as Buffy once said "There are two things I don't believe in and that is conincidence and leprechauns." (or something to that effect). I mean go with what you are known for and what fans would buy.
Wow. I am bit rusty on my Buffy. It's been awhile so I had pretty much forgotten that they did resolve things.

Leprechauns are real darn it. It's the toothfairy that's fake.
I know little about jewelry (my ex didn't go in for costume-y items for individual outfits) but these look neat. Pretty colors. (I'm 51 years old and I write as a hobby and that's the best I can do? Sheesh!)
Saw her on "Access Hollywood" or "Extra" awhile back talking about her jewelry. She had a nice necklace that she was showing and said it was a gift for SMG.

She was always pretty but she seems to just get more beautiful the older she gets.

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