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January 11 2007

Imposters, iPhones, and Jewel Staite. So even though I am not a member of Nathan's myspace, I click view more on his new blog. Just checking ya know. Well, everybody can read it.

The link is what shows up when you click on view all blogs. Only the public viewable blogs show up.

Also if you check Jewel's public myspace quick enough you will see that Nathan has started a myspace finger war with Jewel. see Nathan Fillion comment dated Jan 10 2007 7:55P on
Jewel's public myspace front page

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Okay, call me pathetic, but I am dying to see Nathan's new Drive haircut! And the "finger" comment was perfection in its simplicity!
That was hilarious. I no longer feel ashamed that I have a myspace account.
Ah. A luddite thanks you.
Hooray! We can comment on his Flan experience. Groping someone's arse is extremely rude. There's a line and it got crossed.
Well, groping a stranger's arse is extremely rude, it's only a bit rude if you do it to someone you know ;).

(but yeah, not cool, especially after he turned up just out of the kindness of his heart)

And I can't see Nathan's comment instigating the finger war. Does this mean i'm gonna have to join MySpace ?

(Jewel has a head start anyway cos her main photo shows her offering a 'two fingered salute' to the entire world ;)
another finger war between Jewel and Nathan? Figures. Good thing I joined MySpace before this happened.
Nathan's comment to Jewel is still on her main page, you just have to scroll down a ways, so if you hurry, Saje, you can see it without having to shake hands with the devil, er, join MySpace. ;-)

This weekend, I read an amazing, very detailed, sad, scary and ultimately very happy account by Kevin Smith about his friend Jason Mewes's long struggle to quit drugs, which finally succeeded. I stole "shake hands with the devil" from Mr. Smith -- so, credit where credit is due. Don't sue me, dude. /quotation explanation
Aha, cheers billz (I was looking in the blog entry comments, d'oh !). I'm now fully up to speed re: fingers ;).

Sounds like 'Jay' may be getting a handle on his issues, good for him ('shake hands with the devil' is a fairly old phrase BTW, not sure where it originates - it's the title of a Jimmy Cagney picture from the 50s for instance - so I think you're on pretty safe ground ;).
"The real deal, folks. I know because I had to beat it out of Morena."

Heh. He's spot on about imposters on MySpace (or online, for that matter.) Give me the creeps.
Myspace is blocked at work so I can't see it. Need to try and remember to dot his when I get home.
Thanks for putting my mind to ease about plagiarism, Saje. I was stressing there for a while. ;-)

BTW, that series of articles about Jay really was quite a read, but, yeah, he seems much better off today. :-)
Nathan is really getting into this blogging thing! He has a new one today!
yeah but its for friends only :(. I hope I cna log in at myspace at school....
I just wanted to say I was able to log in at myspace. But apparently Jewel made a little joke on Nathan's myspace. LOL. Just check out nathan's main page. "I saw you in Arrested Development!"
Okay...Nathan posted another new blog today, and I posted a message about it on here, but it seems to have disappeared. WTF?

[ edited by Zeppo on 2007-01-12 00:25 ]
I think the moderator had to remove it because the new blog entry wasn't public.

So you can blame that Fillion guy.

[ edited by kerfuffle on 2007-01-12 00:39 ]
Ah, in that case I retract my WTF, and apologize for my outburst :)
But I thought it was Gossi's fault? :P
Yeah just to re-iterate what I've said before: if Nathan (and Jewel's) blog entries are public then it's not a problem* linking to them but they are "friends only" then no.

*Assuming they don't blog every day or every other day otherwise some sort of deleting discretion will be used.
Myspace is blocked at work so I can't see it.

I read that kids in school use those web page translation pages to view MySpace and other sites blocked by schools. I don't have the one I heard about bookmarked here at home (can't remember the name) but it's worth a quick try, or just fyi, for future reference. Hope that helps. There's a lot of interesting info over at Yahoo Answers.
I actually didn't realize that it was a friends only blog when I posted it. My bad.

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