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January 11 2007

Happy Birthday To Marc Blucas who is 35 today.

Happy birthday, Mr. Blucas! I thought you did a great job as Riley. It's also the birthday of someone else incredibly special today. ;-)
It is? Who? Spill!

Today is also my husband's birthday and one of my sister-in-law's, too...but I'm thinking the only celebrating I'll be doing is if they take my cast off.

And I made my first post so yay!
Is Blucas seeing Mary Parent of Universal fame (responsible for Serenity and Goners)? I read that in an entertainment magazine.
If that's true, gossi, good for them! Mary was so supportive about helping Joss get Serenity made, I hope Marc is a most excellent boyfriend! :-)

menomegirl, I'll just say your husband and I have something in common with Mr. Blucas. ;-)
Happy Birthday Billz!!!
Happy Birthday Marc.

And billz too. :)
Happy Birthday to Marc.

(and blizz)
billz - happy birthday! According to, "Dating status: Dating Mary Parent, Executive VP of Production at Universal Studios; together for over three years". This makes Mary declaring herself a "Whedon stalker" even more amusing to me.
Happy Birthday, Marc! I loved season 4.
Thanks, Lioness, gossi and maje! I was gonna keep it quiet, but, hey, it's someone else's birthday, too, so why not confess! *very happy* :-D
happy birthday to you billz! And there is nothing wrong with acknowledging the day you came into this world!
Happy birthday, Marc Blucas and billz .

Fun Whedonverse connection billz. No reason not to give us a shout about it.

Welcome menomegirl.
I heard Mary Parent and Marc were married last year...they are for sure dating if not.There are tons of pics out there of them together. Happy Birthday Marc! I loved Riley!

And Happy Birthday BILLZ! Whoot!
Very happy birthday, billz!

Thanks for the welcome, newcj.
Happy birthday Marc, you took the 'other guy' and made him just 'the guy', Riley would've been an impossible character to like without your down-to-Earth portrayal.

(and happy birthday billz ! Hope your day's been great up to now and just gets better. In short, I hope it rocks ;-)
Happy rockin' birthday, billz! Goners needs you!
My birthday offering to Our Favourite Billz.

(And I second that emotion about Goners, billz-y.)
Many happy returns of the day on your birthday, Marc and billz!
Hmmm, I'd heard about a year ago they'd gone kaputnik and he was dating Lauren Grahame. Oh well, hope it was agood one, Marc;I always liked Riley, as a character.
OMG, OMG, OMG!! Thank you, feigenbaum 7, kurya, newcj, Charmuse, menomegirl, Saje, jlv, QG and Tonya J -- you all ROCK, lmao!! And thanks again to Lioness, gossi and maje, who got it started today. Thanks, QG, for the card, too -- but that band, hmmm, what a bunch of d***s, lol! ;-)

I'm having a great birthday today, not just because there was beer (actually, like, 1 bottle was quite enough, ewww, there must be better booze than this, lol!), but mostly because of all the great greetings I'm getting here and on my MySpace. This smile will stay on my face for quite some time! :-)

Thanks for the very tempty invitation to come to the Goners board. I'm just scared because my grades are already sucking because I am wasting all my time carefully educating myself all day here on Whedonesque and now on MySpace. (Hey -- James Gunn, Nathan, Jewel, and not a small number of us are blogging there -- I gots to represent, yo.) If I join Goners, I might as well start living in a cardboard box, because I will never graduate, lol. Mercy, people, mercy -- but know that I am totally feelin' the love! *sniffles* I guess I still have my cold, because *sniffles* I'm all watery-eyed and stuff. *group-hugs Whedonesque* :-D
And then I double-posted. Yay beer -- er, beer BAD! ;-)

Also, just to confirm -- there has been much rocking. A rockin' amount of rocking. My bizirth-day rocked, yo. Yes, it's another living tribute to my fantastic and varied vocabulary. ;-)

[ edited by billz on 2007-01-12 08:16 ]
Happy Birthday, Marc and billz!! In my time zone, it is still [barely] your birthday, but in Whedonesque time, it's now mine! (I'm a poet!) (Well, not really.)

Hippy hic Happy Birthday to all us great Cac hic! Crapi hic, hic! Capricorns!!! hic.

(Yeah, QuoterGal, I'm stealing plagiarizing borrowing your clever idea from your New Years Eve post. Thanks, BTW. And Happy New Year, if I didn't mention it before.)

So keep on rockin', birthday billz! Just don't forget to get back to studyin'. Eventually.
Cool, happy Whedonesque birthday SangChaud !

(and in a few hours, Hau'oli La Hanau ! - hopefully, unless the website's having a laugh and that's actually deeply insulting ;)

I wonder if we have enough members to guarantee a birthday every day (given that there'll be clusters and so on) ?

(oh and billz, the taste of beer grows on you, trust me. Beer foamy ;)
Happy Birthday Marc and billz!
Yes, Saje, beer foamy. Also, Hau`oli Makahiki Hou ('cause I didn't get to say it on New Year's)! And mahalo for the birthday wishes--you got 'em right.

So, as for the foamy beer--okole maluna!

I love Whedonesque.
Happy birthday right back to YOU, SangChaud! It's your birthday by now in my time zone and even in yours! I hope you have as much fun as I did. :-)

Thanks also, ameer, for the birthday wish! :-)

And, Saje and SangChaud, foamy beer is supposed to be a good thing? Wouldn't that be a burpy thing, ewww? ;-)
Happy birthday SangChaud!

"I wonder if we have enough members to guarantee a birthday every day (given that there'll be clusters and so on) ?"

I'm sure we have enough members for that , though I don't know if we have enough *posting* members for that.

"(oh and billz, the taste of beer grows on you, trust me. Beer foamy ;)"

...but it does not grow on all of us. If it does not grow on you billz, don't worry, you can come over here and sit by me. There are lots of other tasty treats in this wide world. Beer has the hype and the mass appeal, and the availability and...yeah, foamy...but many other things are actually yummy. ;-)
True, there are plenty of nice drinks besides beer in this world, i've read about them in books ;).

And yep billz, foamy, as with beer itself has to be taken in moderation. UK beer would probably be seen as flat to the rest of the world but ideally you want just enough bubbles so that you can belch the national anthem (on account of how that really impresses the ladies. In my head ;).

(and if you don't fancy one then carry on not having one, it's all about finding your own tune to follow in this life I reckon)
I'm late. Happy late Birthday Marc and billz! Happy Birthday SangChaud (hope it still is)!

If foamy is objectionable, there's no foam at all in my favorite, whiskey. Caveat - it might not help your grades.
If foamy is objectionable, there's no foam at all in my favorite, whiskey. Caveat - it might not help your grades.

Wise advice, dreamlogic. I'm guessing enough whiskey, and I won't care as much about the grades, either -- which, er, maybe not a good thing. ;-)

I'll probably be sitting with newcj for a while, not drinking of the beer, nor even belching The Star-Spangled Banner (despite Saje's sage advice, er, I don't think the ladies I know would go for that -- they're very fussy that way!), till, as newcj and Saje said, I find my own particular, er -- idiom, sir? -- idiom! ;-)
I don't drink for religious/ control issue reasons(I am embarassing enough sober, me tipsy/drunk bad idea), but I have tried various alcohols, and baileys is quite good. Goes great with coffee!
Thanks, everyone, for all the birthday wishes! I had a great one, and I hope billz and Marc (remember him? He started this whole thread. Well, not really started, but you know. . . .) had celebrations as fine as what I had.

QG, mahalo nui loa for the really lovely "birthday card" and sentiments! You are a woman of many talents and great learning!

Must go. Not supposed to be here or at my other addiction favorite haunt, the Goners site. But I'm having a hard time staying away from either. Absolutely no self control. . . .

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