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January 11 2007

The Serenity DVD needs your vote at DVD Reviewer! In the category of "best disc of the year".

I think any positive attention Serenity can gain which might encourage more people to check it out can only be a good thing, so I thought I'd point it out to you. The Veronica Mars Season 2 DVD also appears in the TV section if you were inclined to vote for it.

I don't understand why Serenity is eligible for 2006.
Cause it's a UK site and the DVD came out in dear old Blighty last year.
I voted for Serenity, and Veronica Mars, I loved the second season so much.
I was a little disappointed to realize I couldn't see the results of the poll right away. Instant gratification, y'know. But Serenity is definitely one of the best (with maybe a vote for the it crowd in there somewhere)
Did my voting as asked, but I must say that I didn't know that Greenwing had a second series. I will have to try and find that somewhere.
Err, are they taking the piss ? Best Region ? Best Distributor ? Whaaa ? Bit random IMO.

(I still voted for 'Serenity' though. And for Christian Bale in Munich. Guy is so talented he submerged himself in the part to such an extent that he wasn't actually in the film. Bravo ;)
Spencer Tracy was even better at not being in Munich. It's a shame he wasn't up. :)

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