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January 12 2007

Eliza Dushku in IMDB poll today. Vote for more big screen appearances for Eliza in today's poll (which is now closed btw).

IMDB's daily poll today has a list of "funny women" that viewers would like to see get more time on the big screen. So far, Eliza Dushku is leading the list in a close vote. You will have to register as a user on IMDB to place your vote.

I recognize that the IMDB has got a lot more credibility than the average polling site but really, do you think this would in any way shape or for help Eliza Dushku ? Isn't it more a way to get fans over to IMDB to vote ?
For those of us who're already registered on IMDB, no biggie. I've been an IMDB member for several years now, and my biggest complaint is the 'rich' content. Given how many more abusive sites there are out there, I'm comfortable with IMDB. It's owned by Amazon now, FWIW.

I voted for Eliza, but there are some really good other choices there. The good news is that IMDB polls tend to draw close to 10k votes in one day, so 1) we're not likely to be accused of "rigging" or "stuffing" if 100+ of us vote, and 2) the fact that she was ahead slightly BEFORE the link was posted here speaks well for the general public's familiarity with and appreciation of Ms. Dushku.
I vote in the IMDb polls every day, so had already voted before it was posted here, go Eliza! :)
She seems to have a lot of films coming up anyway. I voted for Mena Suvari, because I really liked her in American Beauty and Six Feet Under, and her career seems to have dried up inexplicably.
Many of those women I'd like to see again on the screen. But I voted for Eliza. (I vote almost every day on IMdB. I love to vote.)
Placed my vote and couldn't believe in it more, I hope this poll turns at least a few heads. She's currently in the lead. Never really thought of Eliza as a 'funny' woman though.
I agree, "funny woman" definitely isn't the first phrase to come to mind when thinking of Eliza. Although of course she can be.
I love Eliza. I'd vote for Eliza as Supreme Brunette of the World if I could. Funny Woman, not so much.
I had never thought of her as a funny person either until I saw this survey. Then I started thinking about her comedic timing on BtVS, and she is funny! It would be interesting to see her in more comedic roles. Some of the other actresses in the survey aren't "funny" by reputation, but they have been in comedies in the past--Mena Suvari is a great example as noted in a previous posting. Don't know if voting will help Eliza Dushku get more notice, but it certainly can't hurt!
I've changed the link to the results page seeings as the voting for that particular poll is now closed.
Well, she won, for what it's worth, and I agree Is eriously doubt that the various deciders in the biz pay attention to things like this. (Or to anthing else real;producers and directors I think live bya rtisitc fnatasy and executives not by the real bottom line but by various types of fiscal fantasies.)
Interesting that Chrisitna Applegate came in second...I thinks he's talented and she's not by any real standards getting old but she is, methinks, somewhat past her prime for "this type of role," by the standards of Babylon-on-the-PAcific, that is.

My personal fantasy (other than Bye Bye Love 2 focussing on "E&A" as adult women) is to see ELiza as Roxanne in a remake of Cyrano.
Somehow Joss and his casting people seem to find really good actors able to play every emotion under the sun. Think of Faith breaking down begging Angel to kill her and then Faith telling Scott Hope "There you are, honey! Hey, good news. The doctor says that the itching and the swelling and the burning should clear up, but we gotta keep using the ointment."

When is "True Lies II: Dana The Spy" going to greenlight?

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